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Where Can I Trade Sneakers

Where To Trade Shoes Online

I Bought A Sneaker From EVERY Sneaker App…. EXPOSED??

Weve compiled a list of the most popular sites, shops, and methods for reselling your shoes for your convenience. We want you to be well-informed, so weve gathered all the relevant facts and information and provided it to you so you can come to your own conclusions. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

Scaling Up The Sneaker Flipping Operation

I kept reselling pairs in that range until I had enough money saved to buy a pair of shoes for $900. After a few anxious days of waiting, I was able to flip them at $1200 for a profit of about $200. I also began to learn how to secure these $1000 shoes at retail for insane profit margins of over $500 per shoe.

I started as an absolute outsider and 4 months in I cleared $10,000 for the month.

Once you know what youre doing and you take the time to build your reputation and stay on top with sneaker news, the consistency and ease of selling aftermarket sneakers amazes me to this day.

Stockx To Tie Nfts To Physical Sneakers For New Type Of Trading

Kim Bhasin, Bloomberg News

— Sneaker resale marketplace StockX LLC is starting a service that allows users to trade sneakers without ever taking possession of them.

The service, set to be unveiled Tuesday under the name Vault NFTs, uses non-fungible tokens tied to physical products that sneaker traders can buy and sell instantly using blockchain technology to ensure authenticity. Buyers will own the token and the corresponding sneakers and may have them delivered at any time. All the products will be warehoused in one place until final delivery, eliminating intermediary shipping costs and transit times that would otherwise delay transactions for several days.

To date, unlike traditional stock exchanges, the millions of orders executed on StockX involve physical products moving from sellers to StockX for authentication, and then ultimately to buyers to be worn, collected, resold, or simply held as an alternative investment, StockX Chief Executive Officer Scott Cutler said in a statement. We’ve always known that this was just the beginning.

Alternative asset marketplaces for everything from sports collectibles to fine art are facing new competition from digital upstarts that use tokens for trading tangible goods. In sneakers, fully digital items are starting to attract interest too. In December, Adidas AG sold millions of dollars in NFTs, and Nike Inc. acquired virtual sneaker maker RTFKT for an undisclosed sum.

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However What If A Sneakerhead Wanted To Trade One Sneaker For Another Via This Buying And Selling Process

Assuming a shoe is authentic, deadstock and valuable, the user would have to list the shoe on a popular marketplace, find a committed buyer, complete the entire transaction, wait for the online payment to process and then find a seller for the desired shoe, purchase the shoe through a safe online marketplace and wait for the shoe to arrive.

An estimated timeline for all of these processes can take anywhere from 35 weeksin the ideal case. This, however, can be delayed by a number of factors:

  • Optimized Value. In the process of selling a shoe to buy another, value may be lost in order to find the first-possible sale. Marketplace fees further reduce value because owners see true value as the total payout received. Therefore, selling-to-buy is never the best-case scenario.
  • The process of finding a specific shoe for a specific price might take months or years. The pursuit of a grail is a rite of passage that many sneakerheads are willing to wait for. Spending $100200 more for a specific color or size is seen as a major deterrent for purchasing, especially with the transparency of modern sneaker marketplaces.

Where To Sell Your Shoes In Your Area

Should I just sell these?

One of the easiest ways to sell your shoes is to connect with buyers in your local area. Typically, a local buyer will be able to speed up the process. The faster they buy your shoes, the faster youll get your hands on some cash.

Selling to someone locally also means you wont have to worry about getting to the post office or paying for shipping.

Remember to be safe when meeting up with a local buyer. Although it is great that they want to buy your shoes, you should use caution when setting up a meeting spot.

Try to choose a well-lit, public place during the day to arrange the swap. It is also a good idea to bring a friend along.

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Some Common And Costly Mistakes

Although I had done my research, I was still in over my head and had a lot to learn. After my biggest month, I made some preventable mistakes that nearly caused me to lose everything I had earned.

First, I ended up with some fakes and it was a mess trying to get my money back from the seller or PayPal.

Nicks Notes: As you might expect with shoes that sell for $1000, theres a thriving black market for counterfeit sneakers.

The other issue I ran into was with my PayPal account itself. They werent used to me taking in such large amounts of money per month, so PayPal put a hold on my money. Since I relied on reinvesting that income into more inventory, that hold took me several months to recover from.

I think I could have avoided that if Id warned them in advance that I would be taking in as much money in a month that I used to take in in a year, but then again I had no idea that I would make so much money so quickly!

Fortunately, I made a recovery and have gathered more knowledge than if it had been smooth sailing from the very start.

Reselling Shoes: How I Make $10000 A Month Flipping Sneakers

Side Hustle Nation is dedicated to improving your personal profitability. To do this, we often partner with companies that share that mission. If you sign up or make a purchase through one of our partners links, we may receive compensationat no extra cost to you. Learn more.

This contribution comes from JV Ortiz, who found side hustle success in the world of buying and selling sneakers. Hes been at this business for two years and actually quit his job to pursue this venture full-time.

JV lives in Brooklyn, New York and when hes not out hunting for shoe deals you can find him running, surfing, and working on self development.

At his site,, hes written a 100-page guide on how to break into the sneaker flipping game. You can use code SIDEHUSTLENATION to take 40% off.

Take it away, JV!

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How Much Can You Make Reselling Shoes

The short answer? Millions.

JV is a guy making six figures a year reselling shoes. He got his start flipping sneakers as a side gig while working retail. After 4 months in, he was clearing over $10,000 per month.

He’ll teach you how to do the same thing he does, clear the big bucks, in his online course. If you add the code NICHEMONEY, you can get an extra 10% off.

Reselling shoes isn’t a rare phenomenon. People are making life-changing amounts of money fully focused on reselling shoes.

However, this isn’t easy to do. Arguably the most successful sneaker reseller is Benjamin Kapelushnik. Also known as Benjamin Kickz and owner of the sneaker marketplace Sneaker Don, he started in the business at 13 in 2013 and made it big two years after.

He rose to fame as the shoe supplier to DJ Khaled who referred him to his friends in the music and entertainment industry. He made his first million in 2016 and had been reselling rare and expensive shoes and sneakers to high-ticket clients ever since.

Sneaker collecting is very much a thing. And for individuals who can get a good deal on rare sneakers like a limited-released pair of Nike Air Jordan 2 Just Don or the Nike SB Dunk, the reselling sneaker business can be ridiculously profitable.

You can work your way to generating higher margins if you get better sneakers to resell, potentially up to $500 per pair.

This is not a bad way to make money, and you’ll learn the exact process later on.

The Shoe Reselling Industry

I Bought A Sneaker From EVERY Sneaker App In 2022… EXPOSED??

Forbes estimates that the resale market for sneakers is estimated to be over $1 billion annually.

Nicks Notes: By carefully and expertly hyping each new product launch, the manufacturers cater to loyal fans and strategically never quite make enough to fully satisfy the demand. Its that constant shortfall on the supply side that fuels the resale market.

This is also trend that doesnt appear to be slowing anytime soon. That same Forbes article notes that the international sneaker market is up 40% since 2004.

Even though only an estimated 4% of sneakers end up being purchased for immediate resale, the market has attracted side hustlers and entrepreneurs. At the top of the heap, some resellers are moving more than $2 million in inventory a year.

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Most Popular Expensive Shoes To Resell

  • Air Jordan 12 Michael Jordan needs no introduction. Aside from his accomplishments as a basketball player, he established the Jordan brand that comprises his line of Nike shoes.
  • In fact, you can quickly make a list of the most expensive sneakers based on his shoes alone.
  • The most affordable pair of Jordan shoes could go for $4,500 on resale.
  • However, the Jordan 12 collection is easily the most expensive pair of shoes in the Jordan line.
  • In particular, the Jordan 12 Flu Game shoes, where he willed his body to score 38 points in a pivotal game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, tops the list at a whopping $104,000.
  • Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October Kanye West is one of the most popular artists to date. His fame prompted Nike to launch their first non-athlete collaboration pair of sneakers.
  • Released in 2009, Red October was initially sold for $250. Their resale value is now between $5,600 to $6,400.
  • West also collaborated with other footwear such as Louis Vuitton, BAPE, and Adidas. The latter started their partnership with West that ended up being the Adidas Yeezy Boost line.
  • In fact, a pair of Yeezys is some of the most coveted shoes in the market outside of Jordans.
  • Nike Air Mag Back to the Future Inspired by the sneakers worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2, there are only 1,500 pairs manufactured by Nike.
  • However, none of them made over to stores as all pairs were sold through auction. Proceeds went to Fox’s foundation for Parkinson’s disease research.
  • How To Trade Sneakers

    Starting with a consignment shop like StockX is a good place to begin. Both sites act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions. To sell your shoes, you must deal directly with either website. Once youve decided on the winning bid, simply ship the sneakers to them and theyll take care of the rest.

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    Looking For More Side Hustle Help

    The award-winning Side Hustle Show is aTop 10 Entrepreneurship podcast

    Get Paid To Recycle Sneakers

    How Can I Sell Shoes on Instagram?

    At GotSneakers, were making it socially and financially rewarding to contribute to a circular economy with our FREE sneaker recycling programs for individual sellers and organizations of all types and sizes. When you join our sneaker recycling community, you will be making a global impact AND you will earn money for every pair of sneakers you contribute.

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    Sell Sneakers For Cash Nyc

    Selling Sneakers for Cash in New York City has never been easier!
    Ask our many thousands of clients and they’ll tell you what’s up.

    We’ve bought it all, from the highest end designer sneakers to the flyest sneakers on the court. Yeezys, Jordans, Off-White, Nike VaporMax, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Ysl, Chanel, Gucci, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton are all welcome here. Whether you’ve got a pair or a collection don’t hesitate to check us out by following the simple process below:

    Give us a Call

    Let us know what you are looking to sell and what quantity, we will provide you with an appointment to come in.

    Visit and Authenticate

    We only buy products that are authentic, our staff will authenticate your products in a few mins and provide you with a quote.

    Get Paid in Cash or Check!

    We will then pay you in cash or check, it really is that simple, 1,2,3!

    How To Resell Sneakers: Your Simple Guide To Big Profits Flipping Shoes

    By Shane Dayton

    When you buy something through one of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    The process for how to resell sneakers is pretty simple. You find used or new sneakers with a high resale value. You then buy multiple pairs at a competitive price. And then seek out the best place to resell them to sneaker enthusiasts for a healthy profit.

    Reselling sneakers can be a pretty great way to make money.

    In this article, you’ll learn how to go about this. Plus you’ll learn important information like:

    • How much money is being exchanged between sneakerheads in this niche? And how much you can make if you dive in.
    • The most expensive and sought-after shoes and sneakers in the secondary market
    • How to find the best shoes to buy and where to sell them
    • The pitfalls of reselling shoes
    • Additional tips to help you make the most out of reselling shoes

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    How Do Sneaker Resellers Get So Many Shoes

    These days, instead of lining up for hours in front of a mall, many shoe flippers are using technology to help. This means to compete you’ll likely need to use a sneaker bot.

    This is software designed to help you snatch up limited availability stock in fractions of a second.

    There are a ton of these options to help automate the process of finding the shoes that you want to purchase and flip. But one you can check out is AIO Bot.

    Once you install it on your computer, you can choose which shops you want to buy from. Enter the shoe you’re looking for, the size, and color and the bot will take care of searching the sites for you.

    This is one of many bots designed to help you efficiently find shoes for you to increase your chances of finding one without having to look for it personally.

    However, before you get help from a bot, you may want to roll up your sleeves and also check manually. A quick search on eBay for Air Jordan 12 yield these results:

    There’s a chance you will see shoes way below market reseller price and sell them more than 10x you bought for them. Between the AIO Bot, checking the price on StockX and buying/flipping on eBay, you can get started right now.

    So your sneaker reselling journey has begun. But how do you know that those aren’t fake sneakers?

    How To Buy & Sell The Most Expensive And Sought

    Trying To Sell Unreleased Sneakers To Sneaker Stores…

    Ever since the 70s, there are only two brands that mattered to most sneakerheads: Nike and Adidas.

    Both brands have produced lines of sneakers and shoes for athletes and artists. Some of those lines withstood the test of time and exponentially increased their value since their release.

    Below are some of the most hyped sneakers in the resale market pioneered by the two big brands:

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    Where To Sell Shoes For Cash Near You

    In addition to online consignment shops, you might want to consider selling your shoes through local marketplaces. This can be a faster way to sell shoes, and you receive cash instantly instead of waiting for funds to transfer to your account.

    Plus, theres no chance of you having to refund a customer because they didnt like the shoes.

    Here are some of the best local places to sell shoes for cash.

    Criteria To Determine If Shoes Are Fakes

    • Ask for tagged photos The price should normally be enough to persuade you whether to purchase an item. However, you need to consider other factors that go into the sale of the sneakers.
    • Tagged, hi-res pictures of the item are one way to check if the kicks are legit or not.
    • Ask the seller to take multiple photos of the sneakers with the latest edition of the newspaper to see if it’s for real.
    • You can then cross-reference the pictures with the actual version of the shoes on their official site.
    • Also you can refer to Fake Education on Instagram to find more tips and information on how to spot fake ones.
  • Ask for the receipts For new purchases, you must request the receipt of the item to verify the authenticity of the sneakers.
  • The receipt proves that the shoes were acquired from the official stores.
  • It’ll also help you sell the sneakers since you have tangible proof that the shoes are indeed real.
  • Do your research For Amazon and eBay sellers you can check their seller rating on their profile. Anything lower than 95% should be avoided.
  • Also, read the comments and reviews of other buyers. Some may just be complaining about relatively trivial stuff like slow delivery time and those that have nothing to do with the actual shoes.
  • Lastly, check if the reviews were from real buyers and not profiles that were created to help hike up the seller’s rating. Or perhaps negative reviews created by competitors.
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