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Which Veja Sneakers To Buy

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VEJA TRAINERS – ARE THEY WORTH THE HYPE?? In-Depth Review, Which Veja Sneakers To Buy

Parisian brand Veja was founded in 2005 and has since carved out a niche for itself in the sustainable footwear market. Its strong eco-credentials mean its a certified B Corp: a company that meets the highest stands of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Chances are, if you cast your mind back to 2017, you hadnt heard of the brand. But after being seen on the likes of Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski, the seemingly simple lace-ups have reached cult status.

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With the distinctive V logo in varying colours and styles, Veja sneakers quickly became a wardrobe staple.

The brand was established with the mission to create a shoe that would stand the test of time because, despite being one of the most-worn items in the world, trainer production and distribution is home to myriad unsustainable practices.

Refusing to choose between design and sustainability, founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion took matters into their own hands and began producing a collection of shoes using the most ecological materials and ethical suppliers they could find.

Veja Esplar Leather Trainers: 95 Thewhitecompanycom

As with most of Vejas trainers, these offer the brands signature minimalist design and feature the classic V logo. With a slimmer sole and fit compared to the campo, the esplar trainers are a great choice for those with narrow feet. Wear with your favourite pair of jeans and a linen shirt the perfect spring-ready outfit.

Campo Leather And Suede Veja Sneakers

One pair of sneakers from the brand to buy this year is the above white leather sneakers. They are made from durable Chromefree leather and have panels of suede too which gives the sneaker an interesting look. Also, the rubber soles are sourced from the Amazon rainforest which is awesome because we love brands that use natural materials in their products.

Wear these casual sneakers with your favorite dress as white sneakers look great with skater dresses. Also, you can wear these with an all cream or white ensemble to continue with the color scheme.

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Womens Roraima Suede Mid

A really cool pair of shoes from Veja are these olive green mi-top sneakers. These are the right sneakers for you if you want something more sporty looking as well as ones that cover your foot more. Mid-to-high tops are never a bad idea and can help the sneaker and our foot stand out when were walking in them as well. Wearing these with an all-black ensemble would be the right idea as the camel and orange will pop out as you walk.

Are Veja Sneakers Worth Buying

Veja Sneakers Canada

The sneakers come in tons of pretty colors.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a quality pair of casual shoes, then yes, I recommend Veja sneakers. To be totally honest, I think they’re worth the $120 for the brand recognition alonei.e. unlike some shoes that you can easily buy knock-off versions of, there is no alternative to the unique design and branding of the Veja sneaks. They’re also decently comfortable and very versatile, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

I wouldn’t recommend Veja sneakers for those who want to specifically use them for walking. I can happily wear my Vejas for running errands, shopping, or general everyday life, but if you’re walking miles and miles every single day, you might want to look elsewhere for a shoe that’s a little heavier duty and flexible, like the very popular Allbirds, which some of our staff own and love.

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Veja Sneakers Sizing: Do Vejas Run Big Or Small

All my Veja sneakers run true to size. For reference, Im a size 10 and have purchased all my Veja sneakers in EU size 40.

However, many retailers and fashion bloggers suggest sizing down a half size to a full size in Vejas.

I recommend reading sizing reviews for the Veja style you plan to purchase.

What Is The Performance Of Veja Sneakers For Women

The shoe brand ensures that the midsole gives you a bouncy feel with every step you make. The collar and tongue are padded to ease the lace pressure. Natural and synthetic latex are used to promote cushioning. The outsole has multi-directional threads for traction. Synthetic and wild rubber improve the durability of the shoes.

Veja shoes are not true to size since they run large. When purchasing the shoes, go down half a size. See the manufacturer?s site for details. Moreover, the upper is flexible, making the shoe ideal for people with wide feet. The durable laces help keep your feet locked in. Additionally, the toe box provides enough space to accommodate natural swelling. The flat outsole improves stability, while the heel counter offers support to your feet. The padded collar and tongue also enhance support.

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What Are The Styles Of Veja Sneakers For Women

The brand focuses on low-top fashion sneakers and casual athletic shoes. The main styles are the Esplar, V-10, and the V-12. The V-10 is made from ecological and viable materials with a genuine leather upper. The shoe is fitted with blind eyelets on the upper for lace closures. Additionally, the toe box is rounded with perforations to increase breathability. It comes in black, extra white leather, extra black white leather, olive, and rust colorways.

The V-12, on the other hand, is engineered to offer arch support and comfort. Additionally, the padded heel and collar provide support and flexibility. The primary colorways include pink, leather extra white Cyprus, black, extra white, and Oxford grey. Further, the Esplar is no different from the other two models. The shoes are vegan, with all materials coming from either cotton or rubber. White, white Emeraude, black, and olive are the primary colorways.

What Is Vejas Return Policy


Veja products are eligible for return within 28 days after delivery. They must be in new condition, with the original packaging, and accompanied by the completed Return Request.

For more information, go to the Returns and Refunds section of the Veja site.

Returns should be sent to:


91100 Villabé


In France, returns are free for orders of $79 or more. European orders of $97 or more are also eligible for free returns.

Veja doesnt offer regular exchanges via the site. If you need a different size or another style, you will need to place a new order. Visit the Returns and Refunds section of the Veja site for more information.

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Review: Veja Campo Sneaker Vs Veja V

Veja. Its a sustainable French sneaker brand that caught my attention this past fall when shopping for my five-year-old daughters back-to-school shoes. We were just looking for gold sneakers and ordered Vejas simply because they looked the nicest. And then they arrived, and Emma and I adored them. Fast forward a few weeks later, and my two cousins came to visit from New York Cityand both walked in the door wearing Vejas. So I obviously took a deep dive and decided to test out a couple of adult styles: the Campo and the V-10. You know: For the sake of this blog.

How To Clean Veja Sneakers

I wipe down my sneakers with a damp cloth every week or two. If there is a tough grass stain on them, a magic eraser does the trick. I

When it comes to cleaning Veja sneakers then it is not that a tiring task for me at all. If my sneakers have slight dirt on them, I just simply remove the shoelaces, and with the wet cloth I just wipe out the dirt. In case of heavy dirt on the sneaker, I introduce an additional step in the cleaning process which is sneaker cleaner and then use a microfiber towel to wipe the dirt and then keep them aside to let dry completely.

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Veja V10 Trainers: 11499 Zalandocouk

This is the pair of trainers that Meghan Markle wore during her trip to Australia, catapulting the brand from start-up business to fashion staple. The V10 style is a classic that will go with everything in your wardrobe and comes in a range of colours, from pink and black to gold.

These featured in our guide to the best womens shoes for spring, so you can trust that they are a worthy investment, with our writer noting that these distinctive kicks are the perfect transitional shoe.

Mens Veja Sneakers Review

Veja Sneakers Are on Sale at Rue La La This Weekend

Runners are an everyday go-to for men because of their comfort, durability, and the pop of personality they give. From the slick black Veja Condor Mesh Black White to the rugged Rio Branco Ripstop Kaki Pearl, the Veja mens category doesnt disappoint.

Check out some of the brands bestsellers in the Veja sneakers review below.

Veja Esplar Leather White Orange-Fluo

The combination of classic simplicity with trendy but subtle detailing is what makes the Esplar Leather White Orange-Fluo a must-have in any shoe collection. The contrast of the pure white against the vibrant orange of the logo and back tab gives these a visual pop that is sure to garner attention without being ostentatious.

Try wearing these with a pair of shorts for a summery look, or just toss them on with a pair of jeans to run some errandswhatever you get up to, these shoes go with anything and everything and will last you a long time. The Esplar Leather White Orange-Fluoare $120.

Veja V-12 Leather White Cyprus

The V-12 Leather White Cyprus will become your favorite pair of varsity sneakers. The white leather exterior with green velvet accents gives these a clean-cut, preppy aesthetic thats versatile enough to go with shorts, skinny jeans, or even chinos.

Bring these versatile sneakers along for a weekend away, or throw them on for a day on the town. Wherever you take them, theyre sure to become your go-to shoe for day or night. Upgrade your shoe game with the V-12 Leather White Cyprusfor $150.

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The Styles + What I Own

While browsing, it became very clear that the most popular Veja styles are the Campo, Esplar and V-10, with the V-Lock getting an honorable mention. Just going off appearance, I was drawn to the Campo and V-10 styles, probably because those were the shoes my cool cousins were wearing and recommended. So I ordered those. I think all four styles, however, are fantastic choices. You really cant go wrong!

Veja Campo Leather Trainers: 115 Net

Another classic pair of treads, the campo design featured in our guide to the best womens white trainers. While our writer reviewed the vegan alternatives, she noted the retro-inspired design and the fact its a supportive and smart shoe thats office worthy make them ideal for when we have to return to commuting. Coming in a range of colours, theres a style available for every taste.

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Womens Veja Sneakers Review

Whether youre running, walking, jogging, or just kicking back and inviting admiring looks at your kicks, Veja women shoes offer both function and fashion. This Veja sneakers review will now take a look at some of the bestselling items in this category.

Veja Urca CWL White Oxford-Grey Rouille

The Urca CWL White Oxford-Grey Rouille is a tennis shoe-inspired sneaker. Although this environmentally friendly shoe is straightforward in design, the grey Veja logo emerging from the base of the shoe, the pop of red offsetting the white exterior, and the cream-colored platform give it a youthful, playful vibe.

Pair these shoes with any outfit for everyday street style, or take them out for a hikewherever you take them, this simple but super-chic shoe can go the distance with you. You can pick up the Urca CWL White Oxford-Grey Rouille for $150.

Is Veja Worth It

Veja V-12 (Sable) Sneaker Unboxing & First Impressions

So, what is the verdict? Are Veja sneakers worth it? Ultimately, this Veja sneakers review thinks that the brand is worth buying from.

Veja is a brand that offers an alternate vision of what footwear fashion should be. Its manufacturing process factors in fair trade and ecological considerations by way of ethically sourced materials and non-exploitative labor practices. For its accomplishments in this area, Veja has been recognized as a Certified B Corporation brand.

When you factor that in along with the classic and timeless design of the shoes themselves, you have a company that shows it cares about the planet as much as it cares about the consumer. And that, in the opinion of this Veja sneakers review, is a killer combination.

Veja sneakers may take time to break in and can be uncomfortable at first, but the same goes for shoes from many other brands. After a couple of days of wearing them, your feet, and your fashion sense, will thank you.

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The Hunt For The Perfect Sneaker:

Maybe youre also looking for the perfect sneaker. Something versatile that could be worn regularly with jeans but also thrown on with a casual dress?

I am not very easy on shoes and they tend to get dirty very quickly so I was hoping to find something that would hide that.

Most of my time in sneakers is spent walking kids to and from school and hanging out with my kids at the playground so I loved the idea of a real leather shoe that could be wiped clean.

Id seen Vejas on a few friends and floating around the internet for awhile and ordered two pairs last spring. 10 months in, here are my thoughts:

Which Style Of Veja Sneakers Should I Get

It completely depends on your choice and style. If you love to wear jeans and dresses then I suggest going with V-10 leather sneakers or if you are in a hunt for sneakers that go with everything then you must go for Esplar. For a 90s inspired look you should try V- lock Velcro sneakers .

Veja sneakers are available in 10 different styles and among those designs, the most popular designs are V-10, V-12, Esplar, Camp, and Recife styles.

V-10 is perfect for support lovers. V-10 Veja sneakers are a combination of leather and organic cotton.

Veja sneakers V-20

If youre looking for a sneaker with a bit of a chunkier sole, the V-20 is perfect. Still a great, versatile, neutral , these sneakers are supportive and stylish.

Classic, versatile, low-top sneakers, the Esplars go with everything. They come in lots of different colorways. Esplar sneakers mostly run true to size .


Are you looking for an eco-friendly sneaker? Try the Campo . It is made from chrome-free leather, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and has a significant V-shaped logon on it. This pair is comfortable right out of the box but they do run a tiny bit small so order up one size if youre in between sizes.

Recife Logo

These velcro sneakers are cute, comfortable, stylish and I love that they are a bit different and a step up for a basic sneaker. They remind me a lot of these Isabel Marant sneakers.

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Are Veja Sneakers Worth It

I have two Veja sneakers pairs and I can say that they are 100% worth it. Theyre comfortable, great quality, sustainable, and trendy . If you are looking for comfortable, stylish, and easy-to-wear sneakers then I highly recommend you to go with Veja sneakers.

I ordered the Esplar Sneaker and the velcro Recife Logo sneakers. I love both of them but I wear the velco sneakers significantly more often in part because I like the style but mostly because the velcro makes them easier to put on.

Are Veja Shoes Good For Running

Veja Sneakers Canada

The French brand released its condor tainers in 2019, setting a benchmark for sustainable running shoes they are made from 53 per cent recycled materials. This is particularly pertinent considering 99 per cent of running shoes on the market are made from plastic.

Veja has since expanded its range to include the condor 2 trainers , which are made from 58 per cent bio-based and recycled materials, and the lining, laces, backloop and cords are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles.

But is this Veja shoe good for running? Well, considering the fact it landed a spot in our review of the best womens running shoes, we think so! Great for short runs, the outsole has excellent traction and feels like it will have good durability, important when so many trainers go to landfill too quickly, noted our writer.

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What Does Veja Mean

Veja means look in Portuguese-Brazilian, which the founders chose to inspire customers to look beyond the sneakers to how they are made, according to an interview with French founder François Morillion.

I hope this Veja sneakers review was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on . I love chatting with you!

Veja Urca Bicolor Leather Low

You might not notice a lot of differences with the design of the Veja Urca when compared to other styles. The Urca designation actually means that the shoe is made from corn waste. The fact that Veja is able to create something beautiful out of any waste materials is just remarkable and more reason to buy this shoe. The Urca is the more updated version of Vejas classic V-12s, and its completely vegan.

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