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24 Hour Fitness Silver Sneakers Classes

Silversneakers Classes From Easiest To Hardest

20 Minute Total Body Workout | SilverSneakers

You want to try SilverSneakers classes but arent sure which one is right for you. Let us tell you a little bit about each of the SilverSneakers signature and SilverSneakers BOOMTM classes and list them from lowest to highest intensity. SilverSneakers BOOM is shorter and designed for the more-active older adult, but all SilverSneakers classes can be modified to most comfort levels.

A Sample Of Silversneakers Fitness Classes

The SilverSneakers Medicare program offers over 70 types of fitness classes for all fitness levels, and each one is taught by a certified instructor. You can choose a class to help you meet a specific fitness goalfrom mobility to building muscle.

Here is a sample of what you might find:

SilverSneakers Classic

This is where it all started. With SilverSneakers Classic, the class adapts to your fitness level, using a chair for support if you need it and exercises can be modified to your ability as well. Overall, SilverSneakers Classic is a good way to help increase range of motion and muscle strength to make daily activities easier and improve overall well-being.

SilverSneakers Circuit

The SilverSneakers Circuit class is a choreographed routine set to music that incorporates movement with standing exercises that use rubber tubing and dumbbells. The class can be adapted to suit your fitness level, and chairs are available for support during the exercises.

SilverSneakers Cardiofit

A more rigorous workout than SilverSneakers Classic or Circuit, SilverSneakers Cardiofit is an aerobics-type class to build core strength, upper body strength, and cardio health. However, all of the exercises are low-impact.

SilverSneakers Yoga

SilverSneakers EnerChi

SilverSneakers Splash

SilverSneakers Stability

Best Gyms That Accept Silver Sneakers

A perfect way to improve your strength and fitness is surely the Silver Sneaker program. It may be targeted at older adults, but people above 30 years can also enroll. The program also offers access to various gyms and fitness centers.

Many gyms in the country will provide access to their clubs if you are in the Silber Sneakers. Some of the best gyms are Planet Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Golds Gym, Anytime Fitness, YMCA, and many more.

Gym Name Do They Provide Access To All Amenities?
Planet Fitness
Fitness 19 Yes

At some gyms, there may be charges for silver sneaker members. On the other hand, some gyms charge no fee. Here is a complete guide to help you out.

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Does Medicare Cover Silversneakers

It can! Some Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plans cover SilverSneakers.

Unfortunately, Original Medicare does not offer or include SilverSneakers.

Additionally, you cant buy a SilverSneakers membership outside of a health insurance plan from a private insurance companyyou can only enroll through a qualifying MA or Medicare Supplement plan.

How To Qualify For Silversneakers


Unfortunately, Original Medicare plans dont cover a SilverSneakers membership. SilverSneakers is considered a gym membership or fitness program, and the Medicare website explicitly says it wont cover those.

You can check if your Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan covers SilverSneakers on the programs website.

However, there is the chance that a Medicare Advantage plan will cover it. A supplemental plan could also cover the SneakerSilvers program. The SilverSneakers website says the program is covered by one in four Medicare programs, though the organization doesnt specify if this is 25 percent of Medicare Advantage plans or 25 percent of all Medicare plans.

You can check if your Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan covers SilverSneakers on the programs website. You can visit that same link if youre in the market for a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan and want to find one that include SilverSneakers in its coverage.

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How To Get A Silversneakers Membership

If you have Original Medicare and youd like a SilverSneakers membership, you can see if theres a Medicare Supplement plan available in your area that includes the program. Medicare Supplement plans are supplemental health insurance plans that help cover costs like coinsurance, copays, or deductibles associated with your Medicare Coverage. Some plans even come with out-of-pocket limits, which Original Medicare doesnt offer.

You can learn more about Medicare Supplement plans, or, if youd like to see if theres a plan with SilverSneakers available in your area, call the number below.

You can also get SilverSneakers through a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Advantage is another way to receive Medicare benefits by bundling everything Part A and Part B offers, and often gaining access to extra benefits such as vision, dental, hearing, or even SilverSneakers. Keep in mind, however, that you can only switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage if you have an enrollment period .

You can learn more about Medicare Advantage, or, if youd like to switch to a Medicare Advantage plan that includes SilverSneakers, call a qualified agent with the number below.

Q: Which Locations Can I Use

There are over 13,000 participating SilverSneakers locations across the country. Youre not limited to one locationyou can sign up at as many as you like.

For example, if there are three fitness centers participating in the SilverSneakers program in your neighborhood, you can use weights or exercise machines at one location, swim in the pool at another location and take a SilverSneakers or FLEX class at the third location.

To find a location near you, visit the SilverSneakers website.

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What Do I Do If My Plan Drops Silversneakers

There seems to have been a recent trend of companies dropping coverage for SilverSneakers. Recently, several YMCAs across the country have discontinued their partnership with SilverSneakers, no longer allowing people with a SilverSneakers membership into the popular recreation center. Just last fall, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee dropped its contract with SilverSneakers entirely according to a story from the Nashville Post.

Luckily, Medicare beneficiaries aren’t necessarily out of luck. If your plan drops SilverSneakers, your plan may replace it with a similar program such as Silver& Fitwhich was the case for BCBS of Tennessee. Or, if you want only SilverSneakers, you may be able to switch to a plan that offers it. If you need help, consider speaking to a licensed agent.

The 5 Best Gyms With Silversneakers Explained

Standing Silver Sneakers Class | Metro Physical Therapy | June 2020

Its critical for all of us to remain active into old age, and luckily, the SilverSneakers program can make it a lot easier.

SilverSneakers is a fitness and health program covered by some Medicare plans. Note the use of the word some.

The program has received complaints over the years as a result of eligibility issues. As such, its important for you to check with your individual plan before canceling any current gym memberships you have.

SilverSneakers has said they are looking to rectify any discrepancies, but its unclear if thats actually happened yet.

In the event you qualify for SilverSneakers, youll need to find a nearby gym where you can access all of the benefits in addition to using the app from home.

So what are the best gyms with SilverSneakers?

Here are the 5 best gym memberships to get if youre looking to enroll in SilverSneakers.

  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Staying active in old age has a host of benefits like improving fitness and balance to reduce falls. It helps ward off a host of diseases, like cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

    And the benefits go on and on.

    Lets take a closer look at how SilverSneakers can help seniors stay active and what gyms are your best bet for taking full advantage of the program.

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    Silver & Fit Fitness Is Timeless

    The Silver& Fit program is designed for older adults! By exercising regularly and meeting new people, you can be Silver, Fit, and Fabulous® too!

    Fitness 1440 Buford is proud to be a part of the Silver & Fit program. We offer a number of classes and program just for those seeking to feel young again.

    For more information please click here


    Top 86 Houston Silversneakers Locations

  • 24 Hour Fitness Bingle
  • 24 Hour Fitness Campbell
  • 24 Hour Fitness Dairy Ashford
  • 24 Hour Fitness Elgin & Louisiana
  • 24 Hour Fitness Galleria
  • 24 Hour Fitness Gulf Freeway
  • 24 Hour Fitness Houston Rice Village
  • 24 Hour Fitness Meyerland
  • 24 Hour Fitness NASA
  • 24 Hour Fitness Pasadena East
  • 24 Hour Fitness Richmond
  • 24 Hour Fitness San Jacinto
  • 24 Hour Fitness Sugarland
  • 24 Hour Fitness Voss
  • 24 Hour Fitness Westheimer
  • Alief Family YMCA
  • Anytime Fitness: Deer Park, TX
  • Anytime Fitness: Houston, TX
  • Anytime Fitness: Houston, TX
  • Anytime Fitness: Houston, TX
  • Anytime Fitness: Missouri City
  • Anytime Fitness: Pearland, TX
  • Brenda and John Duncan YMCA
  • Central Care Integrated Health Services
  • Clear Lake City Recreation Center
  • Coppinger Family YMCA
  • Cossaboom Family YMCA
  • Curves-Houston, TX-Memorial
  • Curves-Spring Valley, TX
  • DropZone Fitness
  • Edgar A. Smith Family YMCA
  • Emancipation Community Center
  • Fitness Connection: Bissonnet
  • Fitness Connection: Houston/Almeda
  • Fitness Connection: Houston/Federal
  • Fitness Connection: Houston/Westheimer
  • Fitness Connection: Pasadena
  • Fitness Connection: Sugarland
  • FitnessFX-Houston
  • Fonde Recreation Center
  • Gigglin Marlin Dive & Swim
  • Hackberry Community Center
  • Houston Texans YMCA
  • Judson Robinson Jr. Community Center
  • LA Fitness: Eldridge Pkwy.-Briar Forest
  • LA Fitness: Houston Greenway
  • LA Fitness: Houston-Gressner/Kempwood Dr
  • LA Fitness: Houston, TX-N. Shepherd Dr.
  • LA Fitness: Yale and Katy Fwy
  • LA Fitness: Marq*E
  • LA Fitness: Medical Center
  • LA Fitness: Missouri City
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    Can I Join Silversneakers If My Medicare Plan Doesnt Cover It

    No, this is a program that partners with Medicare plans only. SilverSneakers is funded through Medicare providers, and there is no membership fee you can pay in order to take part in the classes.

    If you want to join a Medicare Advantage plan that covers SilverSneakers, you can switch from Original Medicare or your current Advantage plan during the Open Enrollment Period, which lasts from October 15 to December 7 every year. And if youre interested in getting physically active in your community but dont want to switch to a Medicare plan that covers SilverSneakers, contact a local gym or fitness center and inquire about the classes they offer for elderly people and their rates.

    Where Is Silversneakers Offered

    What We Offer

    SilverSneakers has more than 15,000 locations at participating gyms, community centers, and fitness centers around the country. This includes some of the countrys largest chains, like LA Fitness, the YMCA, and Planet Fitness.

    In order to find the SilverSneakers classes that are available in your community, visit the SilverSneakers website, enter your zip code on the map, and discover all your fitness opportunities.

    If you have any questions regarding the SilverSneakers program, how to enroll in it and have it covered by Medicare, and where you can attend a class, visit the SilverSneakers website or contact your Medicare Advantage provider.

    AgingInPlace.org keeps our resources free by working as an affiliate partnerwith some companies mentioned on our site. We may earn a commission when you click on certain product links.

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    Q: Is Silversneakers A Gym

    SilverSneakers isnt a gym. It offers classes for older adults and access to thousands of participating gyms throughout the country. In fact, you may already belong to a gym with the SilverSneakers program be sure to ask a gym staff member.

    To find a SilverSneakers location, visit the Silver Sneakers website.

    How Does The Silversneakers Medicare Program Work

    The SilverSneakers Medicare program is available only through select Medicare Advantage plans or a few Medicare Supplement plans. Once you get on a qualifying Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan, youll sign up for the SilverSneakers program and receive a card with a 16-digit number. This number will give you immediate entry to all the classes and equipment the SilverSneakers Medicare program offers.

    To see if your current Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan grants you SilverSneakers eligibility, you can use the instant SilverSneakers eligibility checker.

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    What Kinds Of Fitness Classes Does Silversneakers Offer

    SilverSneakers has a lot of classes available for every physical activity level. Whether its a stability class to improve balance and prevent falls, a water exercise class for low-impact aerobic workouts, a yoga class to increase flexibility, or an athletic, upper-body conditioning class to build strength, SilverSneakers offers quite a few options.

    If youd rather work out from home, there are also SilverSneakers on-demand videos, and an app called SilverSneakers GO that includes exercise videos.

    If you want the community and the classes but dont care for the gym environment, the SilverSneakers program offers more than 70 kinds of classes through its FLEX networkin churches, community centers, or recreation centers.2 In addition to being outside a gym , FLEX classes are typically smaller than gym offerings, and the instructors personal contact info is available for students to call and ask questionsor just get to know them. You can see what FLEX classes are available in your area with their FLEX locator tool.

    What Does A Silversneakers Membership Include

    In-Home Silver Sneakers Class!

    A SilverSneakers membership comes with access to over 17,000 fitness locations nationwidethats right, with the SilverSneakers program, you can use gyms and all its included amenities in SilverSneakers huge, national network.

    But SilverSneakers is probably even better known for its group exercise classes run by qualified instructors which includes equipment available to use in the classes. The SilverSneakers program also offers social events, a fitness app , online resources for home workouts, and more.

    Additionally, SilverSneakers repeatedly states that it does not sell shoessilver or otherwiseto anyone. It doesn’t give you a free pair of shoes when you become a member either. So you’ll need to BYOS to bring to SilverSneakers classes.

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    Silver& fit Group Exercise Classes

    A total body workout for older adults, regardless of fitness level. The exercises are designed to increase flexibility, joint stability, balance, coordination, agility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. The workout is a combination of aerobic, flexibility and resistance training, all done in a fun-filled environment!

    Silversneakers Boom Move It

    MOVE IT is a high-intensity dance workout that helps burn the calories and gets your heart pumping. Dont worry about getting every step perfect, just have fun and improve your cardio endurance and strength during this 30-minute workout.

    SilverSneakers classes offer a wide array of options for all fitness levels. Click the button below for a free eBook highlighting 10 Must-Try SilverSneakers Group Exercise Classes.

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    Find The Right Classes For You

    Jump into any class and experience support as you sweat!

    Stands for Low-Impact Functional Training, a 12-week program which uses complex movements to increase strength, power, conditioning and mobility.

    is a 30-minute cycling workout consists of a period of high intensity followed by periods of recovery and rest.

    is a high-intensity interval training class that combines weights and cardio to give you an intense workout.

    is a fun, empowering cardio workout where you will undergo an energetic and martial arts influenced class.

    is a yoga-based class that leaves students feeling centered and calm.

    is a fitness program in which interval training alternates fast and slow rhythms to improve cardiovascular fitness.

    is a 30-minute workout that works your core muscles using weight and resistance.

    is a physical and mental practice that aims to improve posture, balance, and coordination.

    is a higher intensity dance workout class that improves cardio endurance and burns calories.

    is a fusion of yoga and Pilates that focuses on core muscle strength, balance, and relaxation.

    is a fusion of yoga and Pilates that focuses on core muscle strength, balance, and relaxation.

    focuses on strengthening muscle and increasing range of movement for daily life activities.

    Learn the benefits of exercising in water, it creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.

    Silversneakers Muscular Strength & Range Of Movement


    Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

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    Guide To The Silversneakers Program Near Me

    AgingInPlace.org keeps our resources free by working as an affiliate partner with some companies mentioned on our site. These partnerships or the commission we may earn do not affect our opinions or evaluations of the products we mention. Our reviews are solely based on our research methodology and from input from our AgingInPlace.org Advisory Board. Learn more about our ad policies.

    Guide To The SilverSneakers Program Near Me

    Your physical health is a primary concern at any age, but it becomes especially important as you transition into your elderly years where health concerns, doctors visits, and prescriptions can pile up. All of these factors can inhibit your ability to stay active, but its as important as ever to remain physically active and engaged as you age.

    In fact, your doctors will likely encourage you to be more active, because exercise and healthy eating can help as part of the treatment plans for many of the most common conditions found in elderly people.

    SilverSneakers does not sell sneakers, nor does it provide you with sneakers to use.

    These conditions include:

    As a way of encouraging physical activity in the elderly, the program called SilverSneakers was created in the early 1990s. Well now discuss this free program and its benefits in addition to how you can qualify and enroll in it.

    Q: How Does Silversneakers Work

    Once your SCAN membership starts, youll have access to thousands of SilverSneakers-participating gyms all over the country. To find a SilverSneakers location, visit the SilverSneakers website.

    Once youre at the gym, youll have full use of the equipment and facilities, including locker rooms, weights, cardio machines, pools, hot tubs and saunas, depending on the location.

    You can take part in special SilverSneakers fitness classes, like circuit training, yoga, cardio-fit and water aerobics.

    Your membership includes standard fitness facility services. Any services that typically require an additional fee aren’t included.

    Youll also have access to the SilverSneakers FLEX program that offers over 70 types of fitness classes in locations outside of the gym.

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