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Best Leather Sneakers For Work

For An Athletic Edge Rubirosa Odile Low 002 Taupe

Altra Torin 5 Leather Review – The Best Work Shoes I’ve Found Yet

Theres a slight sportiness to this pair of sneakers from Rubirosa. In a neutral taupe colour, theyre subtle without being too casual and the textured suede uppers elevates them above your normal, knock-around pair of kicks.

Wed recommend lacing up this pair if youre a returning commuter, as theyll offer you all the support and comfort you need to run for the train, bus or tube.

Our Top Unisex Pick For Standing:

Sometimes, the simplest things are the best! Thats why we love these Boston Professionals from Birkenstock. The normal Boston clogs are insanely comfortable, and these Professionals pack all that comfort into something thats ideal for a restaurant kitchen or medical facility. Theyre perfect for both men and women.

Theyre loaded with the typical Birkenstock cork footbed, which gives you plenty of arch support, metatarsal comfort, and heel cupping. Youll stay cool, thanks to the open-back clog design, and the wide, soft leather upper gives you some space to expand as your feet swell through the shift. We love the special smooth leather finishes on these Professionals, since they look sleek and classy without being hard to clean or sanitize as necessary. Theyre also equipped with a certified slip-resistant sole, so traction will never be an issue for you.

Check them out!

Converse Jack Purcell Classic Low Top

The best mens sneakers for the office should have a simple design so that it wont garner too much attention from the bosses. But it should also be cool enough to get rave reviews from your officemates. These classic sneakers from Converse fit the bill perfectly.

This pair of sneakers were originally designed and worn by Jack Purcell, a badminton legend, way back in 1935. The modern version now features extra cushioning for support and comfort. It also features the familiar smile branding on its toe cap and a rubber sole. And for extra comfort, this low-top leather sneaker features multi-cushioning with a wedge for extra support.

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Common Projects Bball Leather Sneakers

When it first landed on the scene in 2004, the Common Projects Achilles Low felt revolutionary: a simple, streamlined tennis shoe crafted by hand in Italy from fine Napa leather. In 2021, the luxury sneaker market is flooded with riffs on minimalist low-top sneakersbut CP still does em better than anybody. Our favorite model these days is the BBall, which marries the labels signature no-frills aesthetic and high-quality construction with hallmarks from timeless classics like the Air Force 1 and Stan Smith. Still clean and supple and built to last, but a little less stark and plain than its predecessor.

Comfortable White Walking Shoes: Skechers


Were big fans of Skechers shoes, and these are no exception. The slip-on style is a great alternative for when you dont want to wear a shoe with laces. The FitKnit structure and breathable mesh make them so breathable and add texture and dimension to a classic and sporty slip-on style.

This style has a generously cushioned footbed and a grippy traction sole, so your feet stay comfortable and in place while walking. As one reader says, Skechers has a pair of walking white sneakers Ive had my eye on. The most comfortable shoes Ive ever worn are from Skechers.

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Merrell Mens Freewheel Lace Shoes

The Freewheel Lace shoes from Merrell are comfortable, breathable, durable, and lightweight. It has a flexible and water-repellent design. This is the pair of shoes that you will want to wear in the office, particularly on casual Fridays.

These sneakers are designed and built for active individuals, like bicyclers. The outsole was constructed with M-Select grip technology that enables it to provide traction on almost any surface. While there is minimal padding on the sneakers, it does offer a stylish, pig-suede upper that is breathable and comfortable. It has a roomy toe box, too. It is also lightweight, checking in at around 10 ounces.

Our Recommendations For Comfy Mens Work Shoes:

Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford

The Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford is one of our favorite mens dress shoes, period. It looks great, feels great, and it also happens to be an excellent choice for when youre on your feet for hours! We like its synthetic sole, which has all the bounce and traction of rubber without the clunky weight. Wearers love the way the sole keeps them feeling energetic. The elastic side gores and breathable construction of the upper material also make this one of the coolest, comfiest dress options in the second half of your shift. The Tildens leave some room for natural foot swelling, and keep sweat from causing you major discomfort. Oh, and the upper is still made from real leather, so you dont have to compromise your classiness for the extra comfort factor! We think theyre the best compromise between classiness and comfort for guys in professional settings. They do get narrow toward the toe, though, so make sure to size up if thats a problem for you!

Birkenstock London

Nike Mens Flex Running Shoe

Birkenstock Harris

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots

See full reviews of all these options on our Best Mens Shoes for Standing page!

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Koio Capri Castagna: Best Casual Shoes To Wear With Jeans

We absolutely love the Capri Castagna by Koio as our every day sneakers. These simple yet elegant brown leather sneakers are perfect to match with jeans when dressing casually. Koio is a fast-growing online sneaker brand created by two passionate sneakerheads. They design their shoes in the USA and produce them in Italy.

Another excellent casual sneaker option to wear daily are these classic Adidas Campus in blue suede. Many other colour combinations are available, including timeless white and black.


How Can You Keep White Sneakers Clean

Work Shoes: Best Work Shoes (Buying Guide)

Keeping white sneakers clean depends on the material. For canvas sneakers, Sean McDowell, Vice President of Design and Product Development at Sperry, says to reach for a little bleach. “I use a spray bottle mixed with water and bleach,” he explains. For this process, you’ll want to remove the laces and then use a strong bristled brush “to get in all of the recesses of the canvas and rubber sidewalls,” McDowell notes. Once you’ve scrubbed them clean, place them in the sun for a few hours to dry and brighten them up. With that said, bleach is a harsh chemical, so it’s best to use this method on white canvas sneakers that are inexpensive. For more expensive pairs, it’s best to protect them ahead of time with a stain-resistant coating and spot clean as needed.

To clean white leather sneakers, McDowell recommends using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. “I use an old toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies,” he explains. “It’s gentler than bleach and, with smooth leather, you don’t need to go as deep as canvas,” he adds.

As far as laces are concerned, you can easily remove them from your sneakers and toss them in the wash with your whites for a fresh scrub. And, if they get to a point where they are too far gone, purchasing a new pair of shoelaces is an inexpensive and quick way to freshen up your soles.

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The 19 Best Sneakers For Men To Add To Their Wardrobe

Sneakers are the ideal combination of comfort, style, and function that almost everybody includes in their shoe lineup. Although sneakers are classified as a mens athletic shoe, they have evolved into something much more stylish and essential. Case in point: Well-established workout brands like Adidas, Nike, and Jordans constantly partner up with heritage and fashion-centric labels to produce stylish everyday iterations of the footwear staple, bringing a variety of trends from vintage, Y2K throwback, and minimal crossover styles.

The best sneakers elevate any outfit, from the best mens suits to your outdoorsy OOTDs. With plenty of great options and limited-edition releases on the market, finding the perfect kicks can be tough. Thats why we checked out our favorite trendy clothing brands and shoe stores and curated the best sneakers for men. Our 2021 roundup includes a variety of sneaker options, including gym-ready trainers and luxury white kicks that add an extra flair to any casual fit.

New Balance Mens Mw411v2

New Balance has a lot of experience in this industry, and it really shows. They come up with good-quality shoes that are really comfortable. These have a distinctive design that combines textured leather and perforations.

The end result is a good-looking pair of shoes that breathe really well. The shoes are lace-up and available in four different colors. The black pair could pass as a smarter shoe to the casual observer.

On to the important bits. The sole is rubber and flexible. It provides excellent support and will help cushion your feet from the impact of standing all day. It features a stability bar for additional support.

That said, we would have liked more in the arch support department. We did feel that the arch could have been built up a little more. There is space to add in a custom orthotic if you need one.

Working in retail is difficult enough without contending with aching feet when you get home. The shoes we looked at above will help to keep your feet nice and comfortable all day long.

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How To Choose The Best Shoes For Working Retail

There are many features and factors you need to consider when youre looking for the best shoe as a retail worker. You need to consider how long your shifts are, how often you will need to wear them, how many days you work, and what your top priorities are in a shoe. Since everyone has different requirements, we have created a list of different features for you to consider so you can choose the right pair for you.

Proper Shoe Fit

It may sound obvious, but you might be surprised to know that many people wear the incorrect size shoe for their foot. The reason your shoes need to fit well is because a well fitting shoe will improve the overall comfort and reduce any chance of injury in the long term. When it comes to how well the shoe fits you, there will be variance from person to person, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration that apply to everyone.

First of all, try it on and see how it feels. Does it feel snug, or does it feel loose? You will want a shoe that feels snug around your foot, but with enough space so that it doesnt feel too tight. Tight shoes may feel like a good fit, but it will eventually start to hurt your feet, especially after a long day. Another consideration you need to think about when looking at the fit of your shoe is how well the heel fits on your foot, and whether there is plenty of space in the toe area to prevent your toes from feeling crushed.

Good Arch Support

Proper Cushioning


Breathable Material

Low Heel

Reebok Work Athletic Shoes

Own Shoe

I like this Reebok model because it has many great features that every warehouse worker could surely benefit from!

Having a synthetic mesh feature makes the entire shoes incredibly soft to wear. It adds comfort and relaxation, making the pair among the most comfortable shoes for warehouse work.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking lining is another way of providing extra comfort by keeping your feet cool and dry. It is perfect for extreme cold and hot weather conditions. It allows air to flow in, minimizing the built-up moisture that often causes bad smell.

Not to mention, the Memory Tech cushion footbed is a superior cushioning solution for workers who are suffering from foot-related problems. Through this, users can properly stabilize their feet.

The work shoe also comes with an alloy toe feature, making the shoes lightweight and comfortable, especially for the toes. It gives more room for the toes to move and flex. Since it has a rubber outsole that resists slipping, you can be sure that your warehouse shoe will be safe to wear for a long time.

  • Features a synthetic mesh feature for optimum comfort and relaxation
  • Features a Moisture Wicking Lining for keeping the feet cool and dry
  • Has Memory Tech Cushion Footbed for protecting the feet from impacts
  • Alloy toe for allowing the toes to move freely and comfortably
  • Rubber and oil and slip-resistant outsoles for longer durability
  • Might run smaller than usual size

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Skechers Mens Flex Advantage Sr Most Comfortable Work Shoes For Wide Feet

Now to another pair of walking shoes. The Skechers Mens Flex Advantage Sr shoes dont look dissimilar to the Reebok Mens Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoes. Both are attractive, versatile, black walking shoes.

But, let me tell you a little more about what makes the Skechers Mens Flex Advantage Sr shoes special.

Superior softness

Constructed of durable, black leather, these shoes also incorporate mesh panels at the sides, heel, and tongue. This mesh paneling is designed to keep your feet cool and ventilated and the padded collar and tongue are also designed for superior comfort.

And thats not all. The inside lining of these shoes is incredibly soft. Add to this a memory foam cushion insole, and you have all the makings of a soft cloud for your feet!

Its all about the flex

Sketchers have incorporated FlexSole technology into these shoes. FlexSole is designed to be a lightweight midsole that absorbs shock while youre walking.

As another nod to comfort, Skechers has designed these shoes as a Relaxed Fit. This fact alone makes the Flex Advantage Sr shoes the most comfortable mens work shoes for wide feet that weve looked at.

Great safety features too

These shoes, like most that weve reviewed, are slip-resistant. The best part? These shoes are also an Electrical Hazard Safe design, making these a great choice for people working in maintenance, electrical and engineering professionals, and many others.

Our rating:

  • Memory foam insoles arent removable.

Can You Wear White Sneakers With Work Pants

“You can absolutely wear white sneakers with work pants,” Sullivan explains, adding that the “line between professional and comfortable at work has certainly blurred” over the last few years. “With more and more people heading back into the office but not wanting to sacrifice the comfort of working from home, a pair of white sneakers can instantly bring that feel while still looking professional,” she adds. Additionally, McDowell notes that a white leather sneaker is a great choice for office attire, as it adds a touch of personality while still looking professional and buttoned up.

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Fila Memory Workshift Shoes

Fila is a well-recognized sportswear brand that started many years ago! So whenever people hear about their products, what usually comes to mind are quality and design. That is why I consider this Fila work pair as one of the right shoes for warehouse work.

I genuinely love this product because it is robust, able to meet workplace demands. It has rubber soles to keep warehouse workers safe from slips and falls. Due to such a toe design, you can do a wide range of motion and be productive at work. This feature also protects the shoes from wear and tear and offers optimum comfort for the feet.

The shoe is made of high-quality leather to increase durability. Plus, such material requires minimal maintenance. Having all these benefits will surely give you confidence and peace of mind when working in a challenging and fast-paced environment!

I am mostly interested in the memory foam added in the sockliner and modsoles because it provides excellent arch support. If you have sensitive feet or just had surgery, this memory foam can improve your posture and balance.

The design, on the other hand, isnt just attractive, but also very functional. It has a breathable mesh that acts as a cooling system. This cooling effect will relax the muscles and bones in your lower extremities, like a free massage on the go.

  • Not enough space in the toe box

Classic Mens Work Shoes

Best Men’s Leather Work Boots Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Picks

A more buttoned-up work environment calls for polished classics.

Cole Haan Original Grand Wingtip Derby

A subtle hybrid style, Cole Haans Original Grand Wingtip Derby sports a grooved rubber sole for ease of mobility.

Clarks Atticus Plain Toe Derby

Another long-trusted brand in mens footwear, Clarks delivers a solid take on the derby, with a streamlined silhouette in hearty black leather.

Dockers Mens Gordon Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

Dockers proves that reliable mens staples dont have to break the bank. This classic pair of oxfords has garnered thousands of top ratings.

Johnston & Murphy Mens Dobson Cap Oxford

Johnston & Murphy has been shodding mens feet since 1850, including those of every president since No. 13, Millard Fillmore. These cap oxfords are a versatile addition to any shoe closet.

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The Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete:

We know the pains of standing and walking all day on concrete floors, trust us! So, weve come up with a whole guide specifically to help with those workplaces! You can check it out here:

One of our top picks is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus. Its available for both men and women, and it comes in all sorts of color combos.

The Pegasus 33 is the latest in a long line of great shoes, with an incredibly loyal following among the running community. We love this style for standing on concrete because it has such responsive, durable cushioning. Its made for pounding the pavement, so it has no problem standing up to all-day work on your feet. The Zoom air cells in the sole give you lightweight but effective cushioning, and theres some pretty great traction on the outsole which keeps you walking securely on painted or smoothed concrete floors. You can run in them after work, and theyre snazzy enough to wear out on the town as well!

See our full review of the Pegasus, and check out the rest of our choices for conquering concrete here!

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