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Best Everyday Sneakers For Flat Feet

Best Shoes For Flat Feet Standing All Day

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (and Overpronation) 2020

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If you have flat feet or fallen arches, it might be difficult to work at a job that requires a lot of standing. It might even be difficult to enjoy fun activities with your friends and family that involve standing and walking. If you have to stay on your feet, try some of the best shoes for flat feet standing all day.

Since you do not have the arch support that other people can rely upon, you might need to purchase good shoes that can provide that support. In general, shoes that provide that support and cushioning are right choices. If you can find the right pair of shoes, they might be so comfortable that you will never want to take them off!

The people with flat feet leave a full imprint of the foot when you stand on sand. The flat feet are often associated with overpronation and are very are very common foot problems. The overpronation is inward turning of the foot at the ankle joint. We typically need a normal pronation to absorb shock. When pronation is excessive, it can lead to foot pain, knee pain, back pain, bunions and other foot problems over time. You can prevent developing these foot problems by wearing right shoes that. The best shoes for flat feet standing all day will prevent injury by providing you good arch support, cushioning, deep heel cup and medial support.

Best For Hiking: Keen Targhee Hiking Shoe

Whether you’re an avid hiker or someone who’s looking to explore more of the outdoors, this waterproof hiking shoe will aid your adventures while ensuring your feet are comfortable and secure.

They feature a rubber outsole that has high-traction alongside a dual-density and compression-molded inside that gives your foot the security you need to handle all-terrain without the pressure that can often lead to pain.

The shoe has a torsional-stability ESS shank in the midsole that helps stabilize your foot as you move and a waterproof protective inner and outer layer that won’t compromise support due to inclement weather.

ââBuy it:â â , ââPrice:ââ $92.65 to $255.90

Why Should I Use Specialized Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Running on all surfaces, and especially on concrete, puts immense strain on ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles.

The arch of the foot serves to absorb the stress of impact that comes from each step. For this reason, lack of an arch causes far more stress on the heels and toes than those who have the support and flexibility of an arch.

This can lead to pain that radiates to multiple areas of the body, including the shins, ankles, Achilles tendon, arch, outer foot, calves, knees, hips, back and beyond.

We highly suggest going to a doctor or podiatrist if your feet remain painful, despite wearing supportive shoes like the ones we have suggested here at ShoeGuide. Remember, excessive over-exertion from those with flat feet can eventually lead to things such as Achilles tendonitis, bunions, and shin splints. We cannot recommend enough, if you still feel pain after changing up your shoe game, go see a professional.

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Favorite Shoes And Brands For Flat Feet

Are you among those dealing with flat feet and need help finding shoes? Perhaps youve done the wet test and you saw most of your arch filled in . Or maybe, you notice that the insides of your soles get worn out faster than the outer edges? This post has shoe ideas from our reviews and our readers, orthotic and insert recommendations, and some background on what causes flat feet including PTTD.

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How To Shop For The Right Pair Of Shoes For Flat Feet According To Podiatrists

40 Best Shoes For Overpronation (and Flat Feet)

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Shopping for shoes is a bit like finding the right skin care products for your unique complexion. Since no two feet are created equally, certain shoe styles work better depending on your foot care needs, and flat feet are no exception.

In an effort to discover what unique challenges flat feet can pose, Shop TODAY recently consulted two podiatrists to gain their insight on how to nip them in the bud with the right footwear. We also took their guidance and rounded up 13 pairs of supportive, stylish shoes you’ll be thrilled to add to your collection.

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Best Sandals: Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

This specific Birkenstock is a go-to recommendation for Dr. Perkins, especially for those with a flexible flat foot. “The straps are adjustable, which is great for wider feet,” Dr. Perkins said. “Also, the footbed sweetly contours to your foot over time, basically creating a custom shoe just for you.” This classic sandal is supremely comfortable with its soft oiled leather upper, raised toe bar, and deep heel cup. It’s not hard to see why it has so many five-star ratings on Zappos.

“I have very flat feet and a standing desk at work,” one reviewer said. “Because of this, I was constantly heel, leg, and hip pain and needed something comfy. These fit the bill.” They also shared, “I started by wearing them around the house, then out to run errands and soon I was able to wear them for several hours/on long walks with my dog. I have to say I absolutely love them, they’re the first shoes I’ve ever worn that don’t give me heel pain.”

Best For Rheumatoid Arthritis: Orthofeet Quincy Stretch

One of the most common types of arthritis next to osteoarthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory type that can still affect the feet, notes Jackie Sutera, DPM, podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab Member.

Because rheumatoid arthritis often affects other joints, including the wrists, hands and knees, people with the condition may have trouble bending over and putting on their shoes. For this reason, a slip-on shoe like this one from OrthoFeet can come in handy.

It comes with premium insoles that provide ample cushioning, arch support and heel-pain relief.

ââââBuy it:â â ââââPrice:âââ âFrom $109.95

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Best Nike Sneakers For Flat Feet

Nike React Element 55 sneakers utilize Nikes React foam which was developed to compete with Adidas Boost technology. The React Element 55 is a comfortable sneaker with a lot of support. You can find information on these shoes everywhere, try looking them up on some sneaker blogs.

These sneakers were designed by Nike to be made for running and everyday life. They dont have much ankle support in them, like most running shoes, but the React foam technology is a different feeling on your foot than Adidas Boost. Instead of your flat foot being on a cushion, its a firm feeling that responds better on the bottom of your foot when you walk.

The Nike React Element 55 was created as a sneaker thats inclusive to all types of feet. The upper bends and stretches while the foam material in the insole remains comfortably firm. You can easily find React Element 55 sneakers at websites like Foot Locker and Nike.

Specific Brands And Shoes For Flat Feet

Flat Foot Correction, Learn Best Footwear, Purchase to Stop Pain

Spenco Kholo slide

Spenco footwear: Features deep heel cup, good arch support to keep foot aligned and control pronation. Arch support isnt so aggressive that it pushes into arch uncomfortably. Enjoy a variety of styles from slides to flip-flops to closed toe footwear. Our current favorite is the floral Spenco Kholo featured here!

Brooks Ariel: sneaker for flat feet!

Brooks Ariel sneaker: This particular style by Brooks comes recommended by with flat feet! The Ariel features GuideRails technology that keeps excess pronation under control plus its available in sizes up to 13 and three widths.

Taos Trophy 2

Taos Trophy 2 sandal: Were huge fans of Taos footwearexperts in designing supportive footwear that looks great. The Trophy 2 is a flat-footed customer favorite for its just-right arch support and cushioning, adjustable straps and minimalist style.

Oofos Luxe Slide

Oofos sandals and clogs: Heavenly cushion and support for your flat feet! Originally billed as sports recovery footwear, Oofos are gaining in popularity from the flat-footed populationtake it from this happy Zappos customer, These are the most amazing sandals. I am not a runner but have flat feet and these have such great arch support that it is like I am walking on cushions!! Just love love these!

Keen Rose sandal

SAS Bliss loafer

I have wide, flat, hard to fit feet and was in terrible pain. These shoes have been the answer to my prayers.

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Gym Shoes Versus Running Shoes

There are countless differences between gym shoes and running shoes. Plus, within each shoe category, there are endless variations of running shoes and gym shoes designed for different individuals performance wants, needs, and preferences.

For the sake of brevity and to not overwhelm you, Im going to discuss a few key differences that differentiate gym shoes from running shoes. These differences can heavily influence each type of shoes performance as you get more specific with your training.

Gym shoes will typically have midsoles and outsoles that are more firm and flatter in nature. This is to promote stability when lifting weights and doing other forms of versatile training where balance is important.

Additionally, the upper construction of gym shoes is often heavier than whats used in running shoes. This is to promote durability from abrasion and stress rips that can come from multi-directional training.

Running shoes will have midsoles often thicker in nature and biased towards running, AKA forward movement so theyll be less flat and will lack the same amount of stability as gym shoes when lifting and workout. This is also why I dont recommend lifting in running shoes.

Adidas Ultraboost 22 Running Shoe

In addition, the upper materials used in running shoes are often less heavy and layered compared to gym shoes and have a larger bias towards breathability. This is to limit the shoes overall weight for running.

Best Shoes For Men With Flat Feet

  • 13 Best Shoes for Men
  • Whether its walking, jogging, or running, everything you do can be painful when you have flat feet. Thats because your feet have little to no arch. Whats worse is that many people who suffer from this foot condition dont even give much thought to the type of shoes they should be wearing! Yes, in some cases, flat feet dont cause any pain. However, wearing the wrong shoes could lead to other issues like bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and others! Thats why were here to tell you to stop wearing your regular shoes and start looking for the best shoes for flat foot. Dont worry there are many best shoes for men with flat feet on the market that can help you comfortably do your daily activities. If you dont want to spend hours looking for the perfect pair, weve narrowed down the options for you, so keep reading!

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    Tsukihoshi Youth 20 Speed Sneaker

    Youre probably starting to see a trend, right? Because of the design and construction, sneakers are going to provide your child with the right amount of support and comfort. And while the name might not be familiar to you, these sneakers by Tsukihoshi are a great choice.

    The Tsukihoshi Youth 20 sneakers are super lightweight and flexible, allowing kids feet to move naturally and not be weighed down. The molded cup insole in this shoe provides support for childrens unique arches.

    The antibacterial insoles wick sweat away from feet and keep odors at bay. And to make these shoes even better, the Youth 20 sneakers are machine washable.


    Looking for something a little fancier? For the flat-footed little lady who needs something for special occasions, the Pediped Becky Mary Jane has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association to keep kids growing feet happy and healthy.

    This shoe features Pedipeds Flex Fit System which are special inserts that can be inserted or removed in order to provide your child with the correct fit she needs as well as allow the shoe to last a little longer with her ever-growing feet. These shoes also have cushioned arch support and a rubber sole, both of which are flexible and keep feet super comfy.

    Need something for everyday wear? These will work great too! These shoes were built to last for years








    Best Neutral: Saucony Cohesion 14

    FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for Men Women Wide Width Sneakers for ...


    • No option for narrow feet

    For people who don’t need any special features from their shoe other than optimal support, this practical and affordable option is a solid choice without any bells and whistles. Offering both regular and wide options for the width of the shoe, the Cohesion 14s will make every step feel smooth as you go about your daysupporting not just your feet but your whole body.

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    New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Evare V1 Running Shoes

    The New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Evare V1 Running Shoes are arguably the best choice for those looking for a budget option. These comfortable but cutting-edge shoes deliver soft support with Fresh Foam midsole cushioning. They also offer a stack height that delivers more cushioning underfoot, which is needed for those who suffer from flat feet.

    Designed with durability in mind, the ground contact EVA outsole offers long-lasting support to help you run with comfort and confidence on various surfaces, even the slippy ones! Meanwhile, the mesh upper with no-sew overlays adds a breathable fit. Plus, the molded sock liner adds a luxuriously soft feel. Lastly, sizes come in an extensive range and widths.

    • What We Love:
    • An incredibly affordable option that can compete head to head with best shoes for men with flat feet that cost more.

    Running Shoes For Flat Feet Standing All Day

    Running shoes provide additional shock absorption over walking shoes. Even if you do not run, you might appreciate this is you tend to have achy feet at the end of a long day. Brooks running shoes are also very popular with athletes, especially those who were born with flat feet or developed foot problems from wearing inferior shoes.

    Motion Control Running Shoes for Flat Feet Severe Overpronation

    The motion control shoes provide a lot of support to correct severe overpronation that is usually associated with flat feet. They have some shoes built on a linear platform that is suitable for heavy runners. Below we will discuss few of the best motion control running shoes for both men and women.

    Brooks Beast 18 Motion Control Shoes for overweight and Severe Overpronator Men

    This is a sturdy pair of shoes that offer a lot of support, and they will protect you from pain from heel to toe. Brooks Beast for men is a motion control running shoe that blends stability and comfort to make it one of the best options for people who have flat feet. It comes with a segmented crash pad that is designed to provide flexibility. The midsole a stability web that enhances the integrity of the upper part of the shoe. It also comes with full-length Brooks DNA to offer customized cushioning to meet the unique needs of every runner.They give you not only the perfect fit but also breathability.

    Brooks Ariel Motion Control Shoes for overweight and Severe Overpronator women

    ASICS GT-2000 5 Running Shoes

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    Best For Flat Feet: Orthofeet

    Having flat feet is an inherited condition and one that can actually lead to the formation of bunions, says Dr. Pliskin, chief of podiatry at North Shore University in the Northwell Health System. “A supportive shoe that holds up the arch and decreases the flattening of the medial column limiting pronation will reduce the progression of the deformity,” he says.

    A great pick for those who are flat-footed with bunions is Orthofeet, which are designed specifically for a wide range of pesky foot conditions, including flat feet, bunions, back pain, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, Morton’s neuroma and more.

    In addition to their stretchable upper material, they have a wide toe box to accommodate large bunion growths. They also have arch support, which can provide significant comfort for those with flat feet.

    ââBuy it:â â , ââPrice:ââ $114.95 , ââPrice:ââ $119.95

    Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

    The Big Lie About Flat Feet & Custom Arch Support! (Updated)

    Available for Men at

    Having flat feet and suffering from over pronation should not hinder your ability to enjoy a nice run. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 hits all the high notes, designed for both men and women to assist with flat footedness. The Wave Inspire are notorious for their stability benefits, light weight and low profile.

    The Mizuno Wave Inspire has U4iC boards, as well as double fan wave technology made common with Mizuno shoes. This technology assists in absorbing shock that the body and feet experience when running, and offer durability without the additional weight.

    The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 boast less weight than any other shoe on our list. The technologies apparent in the Mizuno brand provide more cushion, reducing the wear on your feet, extending running longevity. The insoles can be removed on these shoes, allowing users to insert their own orthotics as needed.

    The Wave Inspire are a great option for those with over pronation and flat feet looking for a great option to keep the weight down. There are choices for women and men, and have multiple colors and styles.

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