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Best Sneakers For High Arches And Wide Feet

Running Shoe For High Arches

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet And High Arches? | Merrell Men’s Moab 2

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is known for its legendary performance and premium technology in creating the cushioned and shock absorbent classic running shoe.

Top Features:

  • The lightweight and durable mesh uppers of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 will ensure an easy running experience with cool and dry comfort.
  • A durable rubber sole is used to improve grip and traction.
  • The cushioned midsole of the Pegasus 33 provides plush comfort and supportive shock absorption.
  • The Nike Zoom Air units enhance deflection impact and further cushions the foot giving the feeling of running on air.

Best Walking Shoes For High Arches Reviewed

Now that you know the basics of high arch shoes, you’re probably wondering if consumer brands are even offering such features.

Because most of the time, they provide general support and shock absorber, which may not be what you are looking for when you have such a disease.

If there are, you may also wonder if they cost more than regular shoes because of their distinctive features. Here are the best walking shoes for high arches, in terms of functionality and cost.

What Are High Arches

A tall arch is also called a pes cavus or a foot cavus. As the height of each person’s arches usually changes, this may not be a problem. They can be hereditary. A tall arch can be more prone to causing injuries when you’re playing or running.

High arches do not attack the shock or provide as much support as walking. You can benefit from cushioned shoes and custom molded shoe inserts to aid shock absorption.

The high arch of the foot is associated with supination. If you have already checked your foot’s movement by recording a run or studying the foot arch’s height with the sole imprint and are sure that you are a supinator, you have already made an essential step in choosing the proper footwear.

If you are still unsure, perform a simple test. Press the wet foot on a paper or cardboard surface to make the trace visible. If the part between the toes and heel is broken, your foot arch is high, which causes supination.

If you have a supination foot, you can also check based on the consumption of popular walking shoes. It is likely supination if the sole is most worn on the outside.

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Spenco Siesta Slide Mules $2398 $7999 At Amazon And Zappos

This slide combines casual kick-in/kick-off style with a weathered canvas upper. the soft linings and side gore will help with breathability and fit.

I have high arches and the insoles provide excellent support. I suppose those with flat feet may find these uncomfortable. The metatarsal support in the center of the insole also provides great stimulation for tired feet with each step.

I have a wide foot, so I ordered the mens and the womens to make sure I had the best chance of having one that fit. The mens is the shoe that fit my wide foot. It is indistinguishable from the womens. The shoe is very comfortable. Great, not super high arch support.

Most Comfortable: Hoka One One Clifton 8 Knit Running Shoe

Best running shoes for high arches  Solereview

What Youll Love: The breathable and lightweight shoe has a wide toe box to prevent toe scrunching.

What You Need to Know: The upper knit can stretch out over time, impacting the fit of the shoe.

A trifecta of breathability, comfort, and stability, this running shoe has a thin sock-lock collar construction and a cute knit design that youll actually want to sport outside of the gym. The lightweight frame molds to your foot with an adaptive forefront that makes every step smoother than the last. The shoe is constructed to give you full-ground contact on every step for an extra boost of stability, while the brands signature Hoka One One midsole offers a dose of cushioning that doubles as shock absorption.

Rave Review: Hoka has won my heart! I’ve worn Clifton 6 7 and Bondi’s models, and none of them has nailed it like the newly released Clifton 8 model has. Super supportive, stable, and the toe box is perfect for me to wiggle my toes when they burnClifton 8 is my favorite, I’ve purchased a second pair!

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Best Shoes For High Arches And Supinators Men

Orthofeet’s Lava men’s athletic shoes for high arches offer a balance of comfort and stability. These shoes provide orthotic support, making them ideal for people who have flat feet or suffer from plantar fasciitis.

The Orthofeet Lava has an ergonomic design that is perfect for those with high arches looking to reduce the impact on their spine when walking or running. You can’t go wrong with these great features by choosing the Orthofeet Lava as your next pair of athletic shoes!

These best walking shoes with arch support are engineered with all the special features you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. The innovative stretch uppers provide superior comfort while allowing for a natural range of motion that keeps pressure points at bay.

So no matter how intense or demanding your workout is today, these OrthoFeet will have you feeling as if it were just an easy walk in the park!

Orthofeet footwear has always been explicitly designed to meet various foot needs, whether sensitive toes need protection from shoe seams or bunions seeking relief from high heels.

These specially designed comfy kicks don’t stop there, though their signature soft padded foam insoles offer additional protection against hammertoes and other foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

The wide-toe-box design offers extra room for toes which will help reduce friction during long walks that can lead to blisters and corns while providing an overall relaxing fit without any unnecessary pressure points!

What Are The Best High Arch Running Shoes

There are some strong contenders for running shoes with excellent foot and knee support on todays list, many of them from reputable fitness footwear brands.

While ASICSs most prominent feature is the gel-cushioning tech with lightweight features, Brooks mainly focuses on heavy exercise support. Nikes products bring many all-encompassing options to the table.

If youd like to know more, below is a quick look at the 18 best running shoes:

Best for Men: Brooks Ghost 12

Secure fit and free movement, sturdy but lightweight feeling, smooth gait transition.

Best Running Shoes with High Instep: ASICS T800N.9001 Mens Gel Nimbus 20

High-density foam sole, great shock-absorbing properties, midsole with bounce return.

Durable mesh and synthetic upper, exciting design and colors, convenient rear pull tab.

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Which Is Worse: Flat Feet Or High Arches

Much more research needs to be done regarding whether or not high arches or low arches are better or worse for running. Low-arched runners also carry their own set of problems affecting the soft tissues, like Achilles tendinopathy and runners knee. Both arch types cause an abnormal load on different parts of the foot leading to excess pressure, which can cause pain and inflammation.

Altra Footwear Escalante Running Shoes $8900 $13995 At Amazon And Zappos

Best Shoes For High Arch Feet | Saucony Omni 19 Shoe Unboxing & First Look Review

This sneaker provides a perfect balance between energy-returning push-off power and a plush, springy cushion. It features an outsole technology that maps the bones and tendons of your foot to help it bend and move naturally.

I wear a size 10 and have high arches and occasional plantar fasciitis in one foot. These allowed me to run for an hour without hurting at all and no pain later in the day. Ive never had a pair of Altras, but I think the neutral stride and zero heel work really well for me.

OMG, these are the MOST comfortable shoes Ive ever put on my hard to fit feet! Received 2 days ago and have gone trotting in these and spent the whole day actively working in them .

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What To Look For In A Supportive Sneaker

Regardless of your sense of style or profession, Brenner lists arch support as the most important factor to consider when shopping for supportive sneakers to stand in all day. “You can look for this in the thickness in the arch,” she says. “The thicker the arch, the more supportive.” From there, she notes that you’ll want to ensure your chosen sneaker has a wide toe box with a mesh material and a thick chunky heel: “If the toe box is too narrow, there isn’t support in the arch of the shoe this is also true if the heel is too thin.” Also worth noting: To ensure all-day comfort, Brenner recommends investing in orthotics for extra support and cushion. Her favorite insoles are the Superfeet Orthotic Insert and the Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Insoles.

As for what not to buy, Brenner adds, “Avoid a shoe with a hard material that goes over bony prominences. Make sure the shoe is semi-rigid and not too flexible.” Instead, you’ll want to check for an arch that is thick, a wide chunky heel, and make sure you can’t bend the shoe in half, she adds. To really ensure a perfect fit, Brenner recommends trying on the shoe towards the end of the day “when your feet are true to size” and having feet measured for width and size.

Ready to upgrade your footwear to something that will actually provide all-day support? Below, shop the best sneakers that come recommended by podiatrists for people who are on their feet all day.

Best Low Drop: New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3 Running Shoe

What Youll Love: The lightweight design has a low-drop construction that makes feet stronger as you run.

What You Need to Know: High arches may feel unsupported by the low drop and minimal cushioning.

While most low-drop shoes offer limited stability and arch support, this minimalist sneaker defies the norm with an innovative midsole crafted from a single piece of foam. The lightweight material cushions your foot for the duration of your run but still gives critical arch support for an extra boost of stability . And since the smart design has a low heel drop, the natural result is even weight distribution across the shoe .

Rave Review: I’m an advanced runnerformer collegiate track cross country runneraveraging between 50-60 miles per week and race 5k up to ultramarathons. I say this just to try to enforce that I like to think I know my running shoes. It’s now been about two months that I’ve been wearing these for just about every single run, and oh my gosh, I feel like I’ve hit the . I recently ordered a second pair to have on standby for when my current pair is worn down and am tempted to stock up on like 100 more pairs, just so I know I’ll have them for the rest of my life.

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Best Stilettos: Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 85

Unlike other heels that can run narrow, this pair of pumps has an expanded toe box to accommodate wider feet. Plus, this shoe will stretch in width with wear over time for the perfect. If that hasnt sold you, the footbed of the shoe is extra padded for even more comfort, bolstering the insole that is shaped to support the natural arch of the foot. Now, these are a pair of heels you could go all day in.

Upper: Varies | Outsole: Leather, full rubber forepart | Size: 4-13 | Heel Height: 3.3 inches | Fit: True to size

Best Boots: Ugg Classic Mini Ii

The 9 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet of 2019

These boots are bestsellers for good reason. UGGs are the quintessential fall and winter boots. Theres not much else that can be said about them. Though, they now come pre-treated for stain and water resistance so you dont have to worry about the snow soaking through. Many reviewers note that these ankle boots fit their feet super comfortably, thanks to the wide footbed and roomy interior.

Upper: Sheepskin suede | Outsole: Rubber | Size: 5-12 | Heel Height: 1 inch | Weight: 10 ounces | Fit: True to size

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Best For Trail Running: Salomon Sense Ride 2

What Youll Love: The dirt-resistant mesh upper and tractioned midsole keep feet clean and steady during trail runs.

What You Need to Know: Theres less cushioning in the forefoot than the sole, which may make the shoe feel unbalancedand a few reviewers complain theyre noisy.

These durable running shoes are specifically created for trail running with a stabilizing design that prevents painful over-rotation. The structured outsole protects your feet and ankles from twisting on rocks and other uneven surfaces while simultaneously adapting to the foots natural movements to give an extra boost of support wherever its needed. You can quickly adjust the fit of the stitch-free upper with the quick-lace system, which uses one-pull adjustments to tighten and loosen the fit.

Rave Review: The trails around our city are pretty modest but full of scree at the steeper points, and regular running shoes just won’t cut it. We need shoes with a big grip to stay on our feet if we want to maintain any kind of speed, and the Contagrip outsole does the trick. Now there’s nothing all that special about this outsolein fact it’s a fairly simple sole with firm rubber diamonds that kinda work like spikes to hold you in placebut my favourite thing about them is that they’re spaced wide enough apart that it’s pretty much impossible to get anything caught in the treads to gum them up.

Why Do You Need Arch Support

You might not think that your feet need arch support, but when you are standing or walking for long periods, the muscles in your foot become strained. This can lead to pain and discomfort, and injury if left untreated. Arch supports help keep the arches of your foot aligned, so they don’t have to work too hard to stay up on their own.

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Hoka One One Clifton 7

Heavier than most


Hoka One One is known for its great stability trains, and the Clifton 7 is the ideal choice for those high arches. What we love most about this shoe is that it boasts a super responsive midsole that cushions your foot as well as guides it through an even gait cycle. It comes in at a slightly expensive price tag, but the primo cushioning and heightened durability make it an excellent value.

What makes this design ideal for arch support is the construction of the midsole. It is composed of a super plush EVA foam that really contours to the shape of your foot as you wear it. Previous users of this design that suffer from high arches found that it is super comfortable enough to wear all day long.

We also like that this design boasts a soft and breathable mesh upper. While many Hokas are weighed down by heavy mesh uppers with a lot of easy cushioning in the collar and tongue, the Clifton 7 keeps the upper lightweight and incredibly breathable.

If you are in the market for something that comes from a trusted brand that is made from premium materials that really hug your feet and provide the ultimate support, this design from Hoka One One is a great choice. It may cost a little bit more than most, but we feel that it is worth every penny.

Best For Overpronation: Brooks Adrenaline Gts 21

Choosing Shoes – High Arch Feet

What Youll Love: Firm construction and guided rail support prevent feet from rolling inward.

What You Need to Know: The narrow shoe may be uncomfortable for wide feet, and this sole offers less traction than older models.

Overpronationmeaning your foot rolls inward when runningis more likely to occur in people with flat feet, but it can still happen for people with high arches, too. To avoid issues like shin splints, opt for a shoe thats firm and packed with support. This cushioned style from Brooks is a great option: It not only has crash pad cushioning, but also comes with a unique construction that guides your feet and keeps them aligned to prevent any unwanted rolling.

Rave Review: I have tendinitis in my feet and these shoes are so comfortable. I have tried several other brands that make my feet ache after a couple hours but I can wear these all day with no pain. I would probably sleep in them if I could, they feel that good.

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Hoka One One Clifton 8

The sixth iteration of Hoka One Ones Clifton has been updated to provide a softer, more cushioned ride. The mesh is still tight and durable, while allowing your foot to breathe. And despite tons of cushioning the shoe manages to still be very responsive and lightweight.

Lots of cushioning provides a soft landing for high arches. The shoe has a high stack height , but does look odd compared to a traditional running shoe. But this translates to maximum support and a soft landing. When youre struggling with pain from high arches, that extra cushion will help minimize any pain you might feel.

The stiffness of this shoe can also be a help to people who need extra ankle support due to weak arches. Reviewers report that the cushion feels faster than prior versions and helps to provide a consistent ride. The new Clifton remains durable the original version didnt last long, especially for heavier runners. But it stays soft for runners who didnt care for the firmness of the last two versions.


  • Appropriate for short or high tempo runs as well as long runs
  • Very lightweight
  • One of the few Hoka shoes that comes in widths


  • Wears out quicker for heavy runners

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