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Do Golden Goose Sneakers Run True To Size

How Golden Goose Sneakers Are Made

GOLDEN GOOSE REVIEW//Are they really worth it? how to tie laces, P448 comparison, sizing

On any given pair, the right shoe may not match the left shoe perfectly, and this is intentional. They are usually similar in terms of marks and distressing , but the patterns are not always identical. See the photos above and below for more detail.

Keep in mind that the presentation and storage box is sometimes distressed as well and varies by model. This is important to note because this is not a defect or damage from shipping and handling.

Youll also notice the interior lining, which is not smooth leather or unvarnished suede leather, but rather a loopback cotton toweling material, which makes the shoes warm in the winter and cool in the summer for your feet. This is also a purposeful design feature so your sneakers are pleasant to wear year-round.

These are all subtle design cues that make Golden Goose sneakers so special.

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Golden Goose Sneakers Review

About a year ago, I put a pair of golden goose sneakers on my wishlist, but felt like I could never justify a pair of sneakers that cost anywhere between $400 and $500 But, I loved how they looked and how they could go with so many different outfits. So, after crushing hard on them for almost a year, I decided to pull the trigger. I ordered my pair online and decided if I didnt absolutely LOVE them then I would return. Clearly, I fell in love! So today I want share my honest golden goose sneaker review with yall today why I love them and think theyre worth the money, sizing, and more!

First, Ill tell yall why golden goose sneakers have been worth the money . I love that these are shoes you can wear year round, no matter how hot or cold it is, and no matter where you live. I have worn these shoes in both summer and winter now and love them for BOTH. If youre going to spend $500 on a pair of sneakers, you better be able to wear them year round and you definitely can with golden goose!

How To Clean Common Projects Sneakers

I dont mind the look of worn in Common Projects, but its always good to give them TLC, especially if theyre scuffed or scratched.

Usually I just use a clean cloth to wipe down my Common Projects shoes.

If Im going to give them a deep clean, I use a towel, shoe cleaner, and a brush. To clean:

  • Start by removing the laces to make cleaning the leather upper easier.
  • Wipe them down with the towel to remove any loose dirt.
  • Apply this cleaner to a brush, and clean the shoe, starting with the outsoles, working up to the upper, then to the tongue.
  • Wipe them down with the towel and leave them out to dry overnight.
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    How Do Golden Goose Sneakers Run Find Out What Size You Should Get

    The next time you scroll through your Instagram, take a second to count how many pairs of Golden Goose sneakers you see. Theyve become a staple in the world of streetwear, adding character to any look. Golden Goose sneakers have brought a little controversy with them. These celebrity-approved sneakers look distressed, as though theyve been sitting around in your closet for years. Everyone from Michelle Obama to Selena Gomez and Megan Fox has a pair.

    If youre thinking of making the splurge, youre probably wondering how do Golden Goose run. Were going to take a look at the brands sneakers and give you an overview of their sizing chart, so you know whether they run true to size or if you need to size up.

    Photo courtesy of

    Taos Star Sneaker $7995

    Golden Goose Starter Sneakers In Total Black Leather

    Introduction:Taos is a brand of comfort shoes out of New Mexico. Signature touches include natural stones, metal ornaments, and playful embroidery all referencing the areas natural heritage. Ive worn Taos brand sandals before so I knew they made a good quality shoe, but I associate them with comfort shoes and didnt expect to like these sneakers as much as I do. These were a reader recommendation, and Im so glad they were brought to my attention!

    Pros: For a canvas sneaker these are really cute. And they are also extremely comfortable and lightweight They have a really good arch support for such a low profile sneaker, so if you need that, definitely try these. I also like the contrast stitching, and they have a flattering shape to them.

    Cons: Honestly, I dont have much in the con department. Theyre not leather, which is what I was looking for, but otherwise, Im definitely tempted to keep these.

    These are a good bang for your buck since youre getting arch support and some modest padding, and the styling is surprisingly good for a comfort sneaker. Theyre not really what I was looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised with these, and theyre definitely a contender. I also think they would be perfect for my Disney World trip in March because they have support but are also lightweight and breathable. They will also pair well with shorts. Theyre also true to size I have the 8.5.

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    Do Golden Goose Shoes Run Big Or Small

    Shop Steve Madden Sneakers Here. I actually saw them at a boutique while visiting Telluride and after thinking about them for a few days I just had to have themI wore them almost every day for the next week and couldnt believe how comfortable they were.

    Golden Goose Size 9 Platform Golden Goose Size 9 Run Big They Are In Good Condition They Just Have Dirt Stains On The In 2020 Golden Goose Shoes Women Shoes Leather

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    Golden Goose Sneakers: Sizing Sales & 10 Best Golden Goose Dupes

    Golden Goose Sneakers: Sizing, Sales & 10 Best Golden Goose Dupes

    Denim Jacket | | Sneakers

    Golden Goose sneakers are all the rage these days, and I totally get it! They are so easy to slide on and go. Style them with a dress or a t-shirt and jeans. They have that effortlessly cool factor to them, and will quickly become the most worn item in your closet.

    For this look, I threw on a pair of black denim, a snakeskin blouse, and another fall wardrobe capsule item, this denim jacket. Easy peasy!

    Now, I know they are an investment. For me, I am in sneakers the majority of the time. I can have a toddler on each hip, slip them on, and still leave the house feeling stylish.

    Golden Goose is an Italian brand founded by Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo in 2000. They considered themselves outsiders in the fashion world, and never played by the rules. Perhaps thats why they have become such a cult favorite their authenticity and boldness paved their own way.


    Since they are an Italian brand, the sizing is in the Italian standard. For reference, I am a standard US 8.5. I wear a 38 in Golden Goose. A general good rule of thumb with Golden Goose is to order a 1/2 size down. So a 38 would be an 8 which is 1/2 size down from my typical 8.5.


    A few of the places that I have found to have GREAT selections of Golden Goose sneakers are:

    * Intermix – They always get a unique selection, and occasionally will go on sale as well.



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    Does The Distressing Bother You

    It does not, in fact, I prefer it! I know people that dont like the sneaker joke you spend hundreds on dirty shoes- it reminds me of a sweet dad joke that would say, You paid what for jeans with holes in them?! when youd walk out of Abercrombie & Fitch back in the day. Each scuff is handmade, so the moment you slip the sneaker on its like putting on your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right. Because they are distressed a bit, they also dont require you to break them in. Ive actually never had a blister from a pair of GG sneakers, and while I cant speak for everyone, the general consensus on forums is that the distressing helps them already be broken in.

    Im pretty Type A and wash my kids sneakers 24/7 because scuffs on them bother me. But with these being made to be distressed, well, its like trying to mend distressed denim. There is no need!

    The Biggest Problem With Golden Goose Sneakers


    I had shared on Instagram Stories that I saved up to get a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. I have been drooling over them for months and have read SO MANY blog posts about the pros and cons.

    I researched, scoured and finally found the perfect pair I wanted- one that was season-less and versatile- because at this price point- they had better be! I stalked them on the UPS site and watched them travel their way to my doorstep. Opened the box and put them on. My glass slippers except

    They werent comfy. WHAT?!

    My heart sunk and I packed them back up to think on it. Luckily I had a few people share some things with me- and when I took their advice- everything changed- and I may have just found my soulmate sneaker.

    Read on to see why I didnt return them! There are so many times I am thankful for the Sunset Squad community, but this is one I wont forget. You saved me from returning my new favorite sneakers. These are life-changing moments here.Ive been in love Golden Goose sneakers for so long and saved up so I could get a pair. If youre unfamiliar, here is what makes them so special:

    • They are Italian made and no two pair are the same
    • They have a platform inside that elongates legs, they are the stilettos of sneakers, if you will.
    • They come in tons of colors and styles
    • Once they sell out, they are gone

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    What Is Golden Goose

    Golden Goose is a brand that was founded in Venice, Italy , 20 years ago. I read that theyre named after Aesops tale The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, and they launched their first pair of sneakers in 2007. They are designed with a now iconic lived-in signature look that includes scruffs and worn looking marks. Each sneaker is handcrafted from leather to achieve this already broken in look, and theyre also made in very small batches , which definitely contributes to their higher priceand exceptional quality. No two are the same which truly makes them one-of-a-kind and unique. Theyve been worn by a number of celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kanye to Taylor Swift and have gained mainstream popularity in the past five-ish years Id say!

    Is It Time To Get A New Fake Golden Goose Sneakers

    Youre looking for a new fake golden goose sneakers. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

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    Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable

    Yes, Golden Goose Superstar sneakers are comfortable! As long as you order the correct size , theres practically no break-in time with these sneakers.

    I wore them once or twice around the house, but overall, they were comfortable right out of the box. Ive never gotten a blister or sore spots with these shoes.

    The leather insole is higher than most sneakers, so they have some added cushion.

    Theyre wearable all day if youre commuting to an office, running errands, or working from a coffee shop, but I wouldnt walk in them consecutively for more than 2 or 3 hours.

    Golden Goose Pricing: 5/10

    Golden Goose Slide Sneakers With Upper In Laminated Leather And Silver ...

    I am saying 5/10 because they are SUPER expensive. They are definitely well made but I feel like $500 is just out of touch for most people. Not because you cant afford it but because theyre tennis shoes- meant to get dirty and not have to be careful in so people usually arent willing to fork out $500+ for shoes that are meant for play. Which brings me to a contradictory point, they are already broken in a bit in terms of dirty. . . Which ultimately made me buy them. I felt like I didnt have to be super careful in them because they already have marks and natural wear.

    Golden Goose on sale .

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    How To Break In Your Golden Goose Sneakers

    So on the off-chance you experience a heartbreak over Golden Goose sneakers- I wanted to share some tips to break them in.

  • Run your blow dry inside them for a few seconds. Warm them up.
  • Put on thicker socks and walk around a bit while they are still warm.
  • Then switch to either bare feet or cutoff socks, and walk around some more. By this time the shoe actually softens and begins to mold to you foot! I didnt think it was going to happen but then it DID!
  • Cry happy tears!
  • Everyone is right when they say these sneakers go with everything. Now I WILL be watching for insane sales to grab a second pair SOMEDAY. Until then Ive rounded up some favorites, but Ive also found some AMAZING dupes if these will never be in the budget!

    SIZING INFO: I am a size 6 in shoes so I get a size 36 in Golden Goose and wear a small ped sock. I have a narrow foot and they fit perfectly. Golden Goose sneakers run wide so keep that in mind if you are in between sizes! I always tie mine!

    Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers Comfort And You

    Heres the #1 thing that retailers dont tell you: the Superstar sneakers have a hidden wedge.

    The hidden wedge inside is ~1.25.

    This is a good thing if you want a little extra height or the support that a wedge can offer.

    The wedge heel is comfortable to walk in. Its also removable, so you can easily swap it out for a flat one from Dr. Scholls if youd prefer.

    The backs of these sneakers have a little cushion, which stops them from digging into the back of your ankle .

    Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers weigh 654 grams or 1.44 lbs vs. Adidas Stan Smiths weigh 649 grams or 1.43 lbs basically, theyre super light for sneakers.

    My Golden Goose Superstar sneakers didnt require any break in time because they are all ready pre-distressed.

    They are perfectly comfortable walking in straight out of the box.

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    Why Do Golden Goose Sneakers Look Dirty

    Golden Goose sneakers look dirty and scuffed because an unkempt aesthetic is part of the Italian brands look.

    Theyre made to appear worn, and scuffs and small marks are added to each pair to give them an authentic, lived in feel. If youre looking for a non-distressed pair, try the Pure Star sneakers.

    All About Golden Goose Sneakers

    GOLDEN GOOSE VS VEJA TRAINERS: Price, Quality, Sizing, Styles Comparison Review

    The first, and most frequently asked, question I get about Golden Goose sneakers is, Are they worth the price? A little unknown fact about Golden Goose sneakers is that they are extremely comfortable. Theyre made with a hidden heel or lift inside of them, making the arch support awesome, but also elongating your legs, making them appear longer and leaner.

    In addition to the comfort and hidden lift, I personally love the unique styles. Modern with a vintage feel. My personal favorites are my Slides I wear these the most. Second place is my newest pair, the black ones below! There are tons of new styles each season and, for the most part, change frequently. Meaning, you wont be able to purchase the same style every year. There are a few that are easy to purchase anytime, but for example, you wont find my pink glitter slides in stock. I bought them back in 2017, and this exact style has never been made again!

    Which brings me to my next point Golden Goose sneakers are gaining popularity With the growing popularity each year, new style drops typically sell out fast. For example, I just got this new pair and they are already pretty much sold out. So, if you see something cool that you love, I recommend purchasing before they are gone. Like I said, the same exact style typically does not come back.

    Where to find Golden Goose

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    What To Wear Them With

    The Golden Goose Superstars are some of the most versatile sneakers in my wardrobe. The worn-in look makes them super easy to style. I typically wear mine with denim, faux leather leggings, or workout sets. However, Ive also paired them with casual knit dresses and found that to be a chic combination. While I love wearing them when Im traveling or running errands, they also look great for casual outings when you want to be comfortable but look stylish.

    Golden Goose Shoe Size Chart

    Envisioned as a luxurious lifestyle brand from its inception in 2000, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is the result of merging the creative spirits of two Venetian designers. At the time of the launching of Golden Goose shoes and apparel, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo were fashion world outsiders.

    Today the company offers artisan-spirited products, with innovative designs that speak to the lifestyle and philosophy of the company. Golden Goose shoes and accessories are an easy combination of a refined contemporary style, with a hint of vintage charm that offers the elegances of Italian tradition.

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