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Shoe Rack For High Top Sneakers

Finish And Install The Doors

Build [a NOT SO FANCY] Shoe Rack for Work Shoes.
  • The top groove was cut a little deeper than the bottom groove. To install the doors of the shoe rack, slide one door into the top rear groove.
  • Push it all the way to the top, which will give the bottom clearance to swing to the bottom groove.
  • Lower the door into the bottom groove. Follow the same procedure with the other door in the front groove.
  • Check to see that the doors slide easily. If they dont, remove the doors and sand the edges to smooth them. Floor wax can be used on the edges if they need polishing or lubrication.
  • Close both doors and decide how the grain pattern looks best. Put a piece of painters tape in the approximate location where you want the holes to go.
  • Remove the doors and measure to get the hole placement the same on each door. Use a 1-inch forstner or spade bit to drill the holes. Go slowly and use a piece of scrap as a backer to prevent tear out.
  • Use sandpaper or a router with a 1/4-inch roundover bit to smooth the edges of the holes.

Why You Should Trust Us

For this guide, we interviewed six professional organizers to help us understand the biggest difficulties most people face when it comes to shoe storage: Naeemah Ford Goldson, professional organizer and founder of the National Association of Black Professional Organizers Katrina Green, professional organizer and board member of NABPO Rebekah Bashorun, professional organizer and founder of Organize for Love Beth Penn, author of The Little Book of Tidying and founder of Bneato Bar Abbey Claire Keusch, owner of Abbey Claire Professional Organizing and Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom. We also spoke to sales associate Bonnie Williams about her nearly 20 years of experience in the shoe department at Prada in New York City.

Before becoming Wirecutters senior editor covering apparel, accessories, and pets, Jennifer Hunter was the editor of Wirecutters home-goods coverage. She spent nine years writing about decor, home organization, and furniture for media companies such as NBC and Apartment Therapy. She also owns a lot of shoes, which shes had to wrangle into some very small apartments in both Los Angeles and New York City. For the 2022 update, Katie Okamotoa staff writer and reformed architectural designer covering home goods, who has also lived in apartments in New York and LA with minimal storagespent about a year researching, testing, and speaking with experts.

The Container Store 2

Meck prefers a classic shoe shelf: She feels its a no-fuss fix for lining up shoes easily, efficiently and neatly. Even better, you can find shoe shelves in many different flavors, from custom builds to those that have been repurposed or ready-made. For those who dont want to spend the time or money on customized builds, Meck recommended this stackable shoe shelf from The Container Store. Its made from bamboo, which the brand says is easily renewable, so its an environmentally friendly material. It has two shelves that can typically hold around eight pairs of womens shoes or six pairs of mens shoes, according to The Container Store.

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Simple Houseware Over The Door Organizer

Capacity:Type:REASONS TO BUY

The Simple Houseware Over The Door Organizer is one of the least expensive shoe organizers on the market. Like other over-the-door models, this set of pockets is great for its ability to clear up floor space and can be used in many areas of the home. Set up time is minimal simply hang the hooks on top of a door, hang the sheet of pockets on the hooks, and get to organizing. The 24 pockets are designed to hold 12 pairs of shoes, but the capacity can be increased slightly by fitting pairs of slippers or flats into one pocket. This organizer also has some versatility and can be used to hold a wide variety of small items. Using it to store supplies in an art studio or toys in a kid’s room may be just as useful as shoe storage, as the clear pockets allow one to view the contents inside. This product comes in three color options: white, pink, and brown, all of which have clear pockets.

Ebern Designs Cubbie Shoe Storage Bench

AUGKUN Sneakers Storage Box Basketball High Top Sneakers Wall ...

This shoe storage bench provide adjustable cubbies to fit up to 10 pairs of shoes, and yes, you can comfortably sit on it, too. With 4.6 out of 5 stars on Wayfair, it also comes in espresso and a rustic brown finish.

What reviewers say:It fits perfectly in my space and feels sturdy for my household members to put their full weight on the bench. The two shelves at either end can be adjusted to three different heights. The instructions were easy to follow and the holes and screws were all well aligned.

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A Functional Organizer That Makes Room For All Your Otk And Knee

Holds six pair of boots comfortably, but some reviewers say it can fit more!

Promising review: “I really love how much space this has saved me as well as how tidy it is to have all your boots stacked up in a neat, orderly fashion. This is a very lightweight rack so I have it up on top of a taller cupboard where it’s out of the way but easy to access. My boots fit perfectly into the individual spaces and are held straight up for nice aesthetic. I will most likely purchase another one since, well, I have a ton of boots!” syvchick

Get it from Amazon for $37.99 .

Ideas For Storing Shoes

Product Care

Finding the best way to store your shoes not only reduces clutter and keeps you organized it can also help you take better care of your beloved footwear.

While it may be easiest to keep your shoes wherever you kick them off at the end of the day, how you put your sneakers away makes a difference. Its a part of caring for your shoes that will help them last as long as possible.When it comes to shoe care, shoe storage is right up there with properly cleaning them, and youve got plenty of options. From the more traditional shoe boxes and shoe trees to redesigning your closet with shoe shelves or shoe racks, there are a lot of shoe storage ideas that’ll help get your footwear out of the way and reduce their chances of getting scuffed, creased, or damaged prematurely.

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Ironland Sneaker Storage Boxes

Ironland Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes come in a package of 12 with clear foldable plastic doors that suit up to a womens size 10.5 or a mens size 9.5 shoe.

They come in a variety of colors, are dust and waterproof, and have a front cutout that allows the shoes to breathe.

Where to buy?

  • Retail Price: $60

Seseno Sneaker Storage Boxes

How to Build Simple DIY Shoe Rack Shelves!

These plastic shoe storage boxes are ideal for closets and can help you expand the size of your closet to accommodate more shoes and keep things organized.

For odor control and air circulation, this sturdy box features back ventilation holes, so its best to make sure there is some room behind these boxes in order for your shoes to breathe and not collect bad odor.

Its offered in a 12-pack with front openings for easy access.

Where to buy?

  • Retail Price: $40

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A Shoe Rack Organizer To Make The Shoe Clutter In Your Closet Disappear Literally

Promising Review: “This is an amazing shoe organizer, don’t hesitate to get it. It took my husband and I no more than 30 minutes to put together from beginning to end. It is super sturdy and very stable. All my shoes, sandals, flip flops and 2 ankle high boots fit perfectly well on one of the sides. My husband’s shoes took up half of the other side, so I used the empty shelves for my purses. On the top I placed our backpacks and a basket with all our caps. We could barely walk in to the closet before, now we can literally dance in there! Great product, I am so happy with it!!” Barbara H.

Get it from Amazon for 31.99+ .

Upgrade Pick: Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack

Durable and minimalist, compact yet capacious, the Yamazaki Home Tower Shoe Rack looks more like a piece of furniture than your average shoe rack, due to its powder-coated steel design and ash veneer top. Its far from being a budget solution, but if youre able to make the investment, this is a shoe rack that wont end up as a curbside donation. Its five shelves, plus space on the floor beneath, will comfortably hold 18 to 24 shoes, depending on their size and style. And the wood top makes an attractive shelf for belts, wallets, and other items. It also has two hooks on the side for hanging things like keys or umbrella.

The rack assembles quickly but will require using a screwdriver. Weve been testing this for more than two years, and it never feels rickety or unstable, despite the steels slenderness. The open design is space-efficientyour shoes straddle two lateral steel bars for each shelf this means the rack can also double as a hanger. In our tests, we have used it for more than shoes, draping jeans and bulky sweaters for easy access. However, due to this racks design, you wont be able to use this in a childs closet, since tiny shoes will tumble through.

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The Container Store Large Drop

McGreevy said this Large Drop-Front Shoe Box Case from The Container Store made organization a breeze. Part of the appeal of a box like this one is that you can keep your shoes safe from external forces while also letting you see them. (And if this particular profile or aesthetic doesnt fit your closet, The Container Store has lots of other options, too: check out its Tall Side Profile Drop-Front Shoe Box and the Cambridge Drop-Front Shoe Box in Linen. No matter which you buy, the store doesnt recommend stacking more than seven or eight boxes on top of each other for stability.

How To Build A Shoe Rack : Buy Sneakers Storage Box Assembly Drawer Shoe Box ...



Over 1 day

Building a shoe rack can help you store your favorite pairs so theyre easy to find. Add a bench to your DIY shoe rack and you have a piece that can help you organize a mudroom or entranceway. Bench seating also gives you a place to sit and lace up your sneakers or pull on your boots.

This guide will teach you how to build a shoe rack with a bench.

To build a shoe rack with a bench, you will need:

  • Five 5/8- x 16- x 48-inch edge glued panels
  • One 24- x 48 x 1/4-inch plywood project panel
  • Four tapered bun molding feet
  • Four T-nuts that match the threads on the feet, usually 5/16-inch x 18 TPI
  • 1-inch pocket hole screws
  • Wood conditioner and polyurethane, if staining
  • Stain or paint and primer

Youll also need these tools:

  • Circular saw with cutting guide or track saw
  • Router with 1/4-inch straight bit and 1/4-inch roundover bit
  • Random orbital sander
  • Drill with 1-inch forstner bit and 5/16-inch drill bit
  • Pocket hole kit with drill bit and driver bit
  • 1/4-inch chisel

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Which Type Of Shoe Rack Is Best

Our top pick overall is the Red Barrel Studio 20 Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet, which stores shoes and keeps them hiddena win-win for anyone whos short on space . It also offers enough room for a whopping 21 pairs. That said, wed stand by any of the organizers on our list, each of which feature different design elements and features that make them worth your while.

What Were Looking For

Storage space: This might be an obvious point, but most organizers will list how many shoes they can actually accommodate. Thats important for two reasons: Youll know if your current collection will fit and whether youll have any space left over to add to it down the road. The official number is important, but there can be an unofficial number: Some of the experts we spoke to let us in on their tricks to make a rack hold even more shoes, which weve detailed whenever possible. If you go for a full-on furniture piece that doubles as an organizer, weve included an approximate tally or range instead. Its important to take stock of your collection before buying an organizer: Depending on the type of shoes youre storing, you may need to be especially thoughtful about how many pairs a given organizer will hold a ballet flat takes up decidedly less space than an ankle boot. And theres a difference between mens and womens pairs, as the former usually takes up more room.

Form and functionality: Is an organizer stackable? Does it have shelves? If its meant to go over the door, are there plastic partitions between each pair? When it comes to shoe storage, its important to considerhow an organizer is designed. An open rack wont be as protective against dust if thats a top concern. An in-closet option might mean each shoe in a pair is pressed tightly together. Weve noted any standout design features in each recommendation from our experts.

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Wayfair Basics 24 Pair Shoe Rack

Delivering a space-saving design, Wayfair Basics understated 24-Pair Shoe Rack made of durable steel stands at 49 inches tall and has four tiers of hooks that can hold a variety of styles. Its offered in three finishes and conveniently rotates, too, for easy grab-and-go access at every angle. Its best for storing womens shoes and smaller mens sizes.

What reviewers say: This is marvelous. Not too big, not too tall. And yes, I have way too many shoes. Easy to put together, easily movable rack.

A Modern Cabinet For Anyone Who Prefers Enclosed Storage For Their Kicks And Clogs Along With A Super Clean Look

Build bench chair shoe rack using kerf bending

Here’s a great list of even more clutter-concealing furniture!

Promising review: This is EXACTLY what we needed! Our shoes tend to clutter downstairs and look junky. This piece of furniture really fit the bill for us. We easily got eight pairs of shoes inside. I wear size 12 shoes, which have to be angled in, but the product fits perfectly in our entryway. VERY pleased with this item!” KMann2

Get it from Amazon for $77.71.

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Manhattan Comfort Rockefeller Shoe Storage Rack

Available to shop at Macys, the Manhattan Comforts Rockefeller Shoe Storage Rack offers a mid-century modern look and six open display shelves. Its built on strong, functional wire metal legs and fits approximately 12 pairs. The luxe-style unit made of engineered wood also comes in four colors.

What reviewers say: Love love love this shoe organizer. I can put 18 pairs of shoes on it! Its very elegant for a shoe organizer and is very well made. Its a little pricey but 100% worth it!

Top 10 Best Sneaker Storage Boxes

Top 10 sneaker storage boxes that you can own to store and showcase your kicks.

While your shoes are not in use, the best shoe storage boxes can assist organize your footwear collection while also protecting your favorite pairs from dust and residue buildup, which can cause fading or warping.

The best option is to invest in a shoe organizer because having all of your kicks in one place allows you to spend more time wearing them and less time looking for them. However, the ideal option for you is highly dependent on the size of your collection and available space.

Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

Below we have compiled a list of the best and most suitable sneaker storage boxes.We also post videos about this on our and TikTok, check it out!

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A Minimalist Shoe Rack With A Convenient Top Handle So You Can Easily Move It Around Plus It’s Just A Delight To Look At

Promising review: “I had a tall narrow space near my front door and wanted to store shoes without them being too obvious. This is perfect the design lets you carry the rack away easily if necessary. About as minimal as you can get and still hold five pairs of shoes nicely, in a small amount of floor space.Yours Truly

Get it from Amazon for $65 .

A Hanging Shoe Shelf To Transfer Part Of Your Footwear Collection From The Crowded Foyer Into The Closet

AJ shoe box high top basketball shoes dustproof storage box with hard ...

It has 30 sections.

Promising review: “I installed a closet system, which meant I had to replace the shoe cubbies I had been using for 25 years. I had exactly 18″ of space to store 30 pairs of shoes. I found this! It’s perfect! It holds my shoes more compactly than I did before. It seems sturdy enough to last a long time, and it looks attractive when I open my closet door. I would definitely buy this again.” JCS

Get it from Amazon for $17.51.

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