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How to get designer shoes on sale my Louboutin sale haul

That feeling of indecision when you look into your wardrobe everyone’s experienced that at some point in time especially when you see those designer items that you haven’t worn in ages or bad buys that you’ve never even worn. But perhaps this gem is exactly the one someone else has been yearning for? At REBELLE, you will find a suitable platform for selling your designer items at a reasonable price. We’re offering you a way to make space in your wardrobe and to make a tidy sum while you’re at it!

This Is How To Get High

FIRST THINGS FIRST: As a true #menswear enthusiast, Im all-in for todays luxurious designer sneakers. Seriously, just look around: Its as if we all collectively blinked, and guys everywhere traded in their ratty, decades-old running shoes for sleek pairs with suede swooshes, tonal laces, and eye-popping color schemes. Frankly, the only problem with all of this fabulous new footwear is actually purchasing a pair: No one ever knows when certain models are going to drop, how many pairs the manufacturer will be selling, or even where you can get them.

This summer, Adidas Originals may or may not release a collaboration with the musician Pharrell. Nikes unlimited stream of limited-edition Jordans is rumored to include a Wu-Tang Clandesigned pair, as well as ultra-exclusive one-off models produced alongside New Yorkbased designer-shoe meccas KITH and Extra Butter.

But dont worry if youre dying for a pair that is guaranteed to sell out. Just follow these three steps.

Spot your new kicks

The Hottest Trend in Training Sneakers: Mid-Tops > > >

Close the deal on your new kicks

Once you see a pair of shoes drop that you cant live without, now its time to buy them. Or at least try. Most retailers, whether brick-and-mortar or online, now sell the limited-edition kicks through a raffle system.

The Best Do-Everything Sneakers > > >

Try to buy those new kicks

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Best Places To Sell Designer Sneakers Online

May 10, 2022

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Sell Designer Sneakers and Shoes Online and Near You for Cash

Are you looking to sell shoes online for a side hustle, for fun or to get rid of some of your sneakers and shoes in the closet?

Turning your passion for sneakers collecting into profits is fairly straightforward, specially if you have an eye for vintage and have your pulse on the Hip culture.

The Urban lifestyle culture is the space to look for making money with designer shoes and sneakers.

Popular designer brands like Nikes, Adidas, Gucci, Chanel and others can hold some value even after used.

Also, categories like Tennis, Gym and eco-friendly shoes are being traded for cash.

The secondary market for shoes and sneakers is a place to make money reselling new or used items.

There is also a growing collectible market for Urban hobbyists

So, if youre looking to sell your designer shoes collection or want to try a legitimate business of reselling new shoes, there are many platforms facilitating this.

These platforms connect buyers and sellers from around the world looking for vintage and designer shoes and sneakers.

If your designers shoes are collectors items, youll want to sell them to the higher end consignment and auction sites.

Check this list of best places to sell, trade and resell shoes and sneakers. Review the platforms and select the ones where your styles and brands will have better chances of selling.

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Your Marketplace For Second Hand Bags Shoes And Accessories

At REBELLE, you will not only find luxury clothes, but also the latest second hand designer bags, rare vintage bags, and even the it-piece of the season! Have you been searching for a classic Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga or Hermès handbag for some time now? Accessories and shoes make any outfit pop at REBELLE, you will find a variety of exclusive brands that are just waiting to show up at your doorstep: Acne boots, Louboutin pumps or Jimmy Choo stilettos? Our vision: We want to give treasured items a new home.

Sell Your Own Shoe Designs

New Luxury Designer Mens Shoes Womens Shoes Couple Sneakers Removable ...

You are creative, and youre looking for ways to market your shoe designs. But you have no idea where to sell shoes online. Well, worry no more. Our hints below will guide you to victory!

  • Advertise by using selling tricks. Give discounts, coupon codes, make promotions.
  • Try selling your designs on several websites. The more places you list your shoes, the more potential buyers will see them. Some of the most popular sites include Etsy, Storenvy, and Zazzle.
  • Sell both offline and online. This way, youll soon realize where your target customers are mostly concentrated. Hence, you wont waste time and energy on spots that dont attract buyers for your designs.
  • Exploit social networks. Make sure youre present everywhere. Ask your friends and family to share your designs and give you positive reviews on several sites.

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We Place Great Importance On Quality And Authenticity

Our quality assurance pays close attention to the condition and authenticity of all second hand items, ensuring that you have a pleasant shopping experience. No nasty surprises REBELLE checks each designer item for you and delivers it to your doorstep in premium packaging. This quality check also justifies the sale price the buyer pays. We, the REBELLE team, are united by our love for fashion and design. We are thrilled to be able to share our passion for second hand fashion with you!

We look forward to working with you and hearing the stories behind your treasured designer pieces.

Cécile Wickmann, Max Schönemann

Final Thoughts On Where To Sell Your Shoes For Cash

As luck would have it, there are tons of Internet-based and local stores where to sell used shoes. More space for your new shoes and extra money is always a good idea. Its a win-win you cannot resist.

Did this article just hit the bullseye right when you needed it the most? Well, we have tons of other guides coming right up. Make sure not to miss them by subscribing to our ProMoneySavings Newsletter!

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Designer Brands We Buy

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Common Projects, Maison Margiela, Gold Goose Deluxe Brand, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Raf Simons, Visvim, Saint Laurent Paris, Hender Scheme, Rick Owens, y-3, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Givenchy, Valentiono, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, John Varvatos Collection, Versace Collection, Giuseppe Zanotti, Christian Louboutin and Many More!

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Got A Spare $1850 Buy These Filthy Torn Balenciaga Designer Sneakers

Super Fire Designer Shoes On Sale! Shoe Haul

The “full destroyed” shoes look like someone ran them through a mud-filled shredder.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

CNET freelancer Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, a journalist and pop-culture junkie, is co-author of “Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops? The Lost Toys, Tastes and Trends of the ’70s and ’80s,” as well as “The Totally Sweet ’90s.” If Marathon candy bars ever come back, she’ll be first in line.

Most people prefer to buy shoes clean and undamaged, then mess them up in the course of everyday wear. But life in the designer world is different. Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga is now selling a line of “full destroyed” shoes, and you’ll pay extra for the privilege of wearing a sneaker that looks like it’s already been run through a muddy shredder.

The designer sells a regular shoe called the Paris High Top Sneaker for $625 — out of most people’s shoe price range, anyway. But on Monday, Balenciaga released a limited-edition “full destroyed” version of the shoe. These shoes appear to be caked with dirt and to be torn and scuffed. And you’re going to pay extra for the, uh, broken-in version of the shoe: These sell for $1,850 .

“Rippings all over the fabric,” the website notes.

One version of the shoe, the one shown above, seems to have been taken out into a muddy field or sunk into a swamp, though the site does not note if that’s real dirt or some kind of artificial coating.

Social media enjoyed messing around with the messy shoes.

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Rebelle Your Online Second Hand Shop For Pre

REBELLE is your online platform for high-quality luxury goods. You can buy and sell popular branded items. We offer you a wide range of high-quality ladies’ fashion, popular vintage items, and items from exclusive collections which all have one thing in common: They are looking for a new home. From Isabel Marant to Prada if you dislike wading through crowded flea markets or complicated purchasing processes, REBELLE is perfect for you.

More about REBELLE

Online Shop For Second Hand Shoes

Youre looking for a specific model such as trainers, ankle-boots or wedges? Or maybe youre looking for pumps, peep toes or other high heels for a glamorous event? We have what youre looking for at REBELLE! Weve got sandals and ballerinas for those summer days. Weve got a wide range of boots from Fiorentini & Baker and Hunter for those stormy autumn days. REBELLE is the online store for you, offering you round-the-clock bargains for fashion label shoes. A paradise which inspires you to follow the current trends of the season. Or have you seen a celebrity wearing a specific pair of shoes recently? Find them at REBELLE! You will find luxurious designer shoes at affordable prices. Second hand Chloé wedges, Miu Miu pumps with glitter soles, Chanel espadrilles or even Isabel Marant Dicker Boots – to name but a few. Before sending you your purchased items, we check them for quality and authenticity. Do you also have shoes from a well-known designer, which you would also be interested in selling? The use the REBELLE online marketplace to sell second hand designer shoes.

*You can redeem your voucher in the last step of the order process. The voucher has a minimum order value of 200 and is valid until 31/01/2022. Only one voucher may be redeemed per customer and cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers.


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Les Baskets Pour Femme Des Chaussures Entre Sport Et Chic Dcal

Cela fait bien longtemps que les baskets pour femme s’aventurent en dehors des salles de sport. Elles ont même fait leur chemin jusqu’aux podiums, revisitées par les créateurs les plus prestigieux. Chics et sophistiquées, les baskets se glissent d’ailleurs de plus en plus là où on ne les attend pas, associées à une jupe par exemple.

Cette section rassemble à la fois des « high tops », ou baskets montantes, et des sneakers à six trous. Si l’on trouve bien évidemment des baskets blanches classiques, l’originalité est également de mise. Certains modèles stylisés sont ainsi rehaussés de couleurs vives et d’imprimés, comme le vichy ou le zèbre. Les baskets pour femme s’habillent de cuir et de toile, mais aussi de matières plus audacieuses, telles que les paillettes et le velours. Que l’on cherche à faire de l’exercice ou que l’on soit en quête de chaussures originales, les baskets pour femme répondent à toutes les attentes.

Tips For Selling Your Used Shoes

Snake Designer Men Women Casual Shoes Low Flat Leather Sneakers Ace Bee ...

Selling shoes online can be a daunting job if you havent done it before. Apart from considering the suggested sites above, take account of the following tips to boost your selling process.

  • Set a reasonable price. Before you insert the final amount, think if youd buy the pair for that amount. Consider the real cost of a new pair. Also, prices must be proportionate to the condition the shoes are in. Decide if youll allow space for some minor haggling.
  • Your description should be detailed and precise. Apart from photographs from all angles, give as many details as possible. Inform potential buyers of color, size, and material.
  • Make use of some marketing strategies. If you have many pairs to sell or if you sell shoes often, some techniques can come handy. For example, buy two pairs, get the third for free. Or give buyers discounts on the second pair of shoes.
  • Be punctual, honest, and fair to all buyers. Be accurate when communicating with potential buyers. Present things as they are in reality. You dont want to get negative reviews that will hinder your next sales. And you certainly dont want any items returned.

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Where To Sell Shoes For Cash Near You

In addition to online consignment shops, you might want to consider selling your shoes through local marketplaces. This can be a faster way to sell shoes, and you receive cash instantly instead of waiting for funds to transfer to your account.

Plus, theres no chance of you having to refund a customer because they didnt like the shoes.

Here are some of the best local places to sell shoes for cash.

Second Hand Shoes Online

You have always wanted a pair of trendy designer shoes? At REBELLE you will find designer treasures in all shapes and sizes. REBELLE is your online shop in the luxury segment for well-kept second hand shoes from the top designer brands. We offer a 24/7 shopping experience for high-quality second hand shoes for every season and occasion. At REBELLE you will find the right shoes for you – whether luxury shoes, vintage shoes, handmade shoes, fashion shoes or trend shoes. We stock luxury brands such as Céline, Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Miu Miu and Prada just for you.

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Whats The Best Way To Resell Your Sneakers A Definitive Guide

Big money can be made if you land the right sneaker or sell a ton of pairs. But whats the best way to flip your inventory?

There are many ways to resell your shoes. You can flip them hand-to-hand to people you know, drop them off at big consignment retailers such as Flight Club or Stadium Goods, list them on eBay, or sell them through websites such as StockX and apps like GOAT.

But you need to be mindful of a lot when youre reselling your shoes. What are the fees? How long will it take to sell the sneakers or get paid? How will you get paid? How much effort do you need to put in on your end? Will anyone save you if you get scammed?

To break it down, here is a roundup of the most popular sites, stores, and ways to resell your shoes. We want you to be informed, so weve taken the who, what, where, when, and whys into consideration and presented it here so you can make up your own mind. Here are the pros and cons:

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