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Best Sneakers For Big Guys

Best Running Shoes For Heavy Men 2022



Finding the best running shoes for heavy men doesnt have to be a difficult task. If your a heavy man you wear any brand of shoe, however, you might want to buy something more durable as your shoes can wear down quickly. There are some brands that have created shoes with extra widths for people with bigger feet. Heavier people can use more shock absorption and extra cushion especially for those who are just starting to run. It is also important to know your gait you can get a gait analysis at a running store.

Running is a safe sport that attracts people of all shapes and sizes. People run as a fun activity to pass the time, for competition, and to lose weight and get in shape. Finding the very best running shoes will allow your feet to remain comfortable and it also prevents injuries. Fortunately, we have done all of the research already and present you with the best choices currently available on the market.

The Importance Of Good Running Form

Proper running form is important for all runners, but focusing on running efficiently is vital for heavier runners, not only to improve performance but also to help stave off injury. Proper running form distributes shock more evenly, which minimizes damage to the joints and tendons.

General strength and conditioning are also key for healthy, efficient running. Strong legs, core, and back will help improve running form and also help prevent injury. For tips on strength training, see Randys list of considerations.

For tips on proper running form, take a look at Randys overview. James also has an excellent round up of the top five most important habits for efficient running.

Here is a brief overview of running form to get you started:

  • Head look directly in front of you
  • Shoulders pull back and dont hunch over
  • Arms 90-degree angle, elbows at side
  • Hands relaxed dont squeeze
  • Torso/Core strength train this area, keep core tight
  • Hips lean slightly into the run
  • Knees middle of feet so when the foot hits the ground right under the knee
  • Legs 90-degree angle when you land to absorb shock
  • Feet aim to hit the surface with the ball of your feet

Athletic Walking Shoes In Leather Suede And Synthetic

New Balance walking shoes are about more than just function â theyâre unique, stylish, and adaptable for everyday life. From shoes for standing in an office to hiking shoes to walk on your favorite trail, New Balance sneakers are fresh, functional and fashionable. Materials like leather and suede grant you modern options that are perfect for workdays, where synthetic sport style options are perfect for a walk outdoors. While youâre gearing up for your next venture, browse the collection of menâs jackets and vests to stay comfortable year-round.

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Mizuno Mens Wave Enigma 5

The Mizuno Mens Wave Enigma 5 Running Shoe is the best shoe in our list for heavy men. This shoe provides you with amazing shock absorption for a neutral shoe. The full-length wave provides great cushioning in the midsole so that every landing can be a smooth one. With superb support and a thick rubber sole, this shoe is a great option for heavy men.

With a mesh upper and synthetic materials, this shoe offers great mobility and breathability that definitely makes a major difference. If youre looking for a high quality running shoe for heavy men, youll definitely want to consider the Mizuno Mens Wave Enigma 5 if you are a neutral runner.

Best Running Shoes For Overweight Men


When we are looking at what makes the best running shoes for overweight men we are looking at three main criteria. Comfort, stability and durability.

Comfort is incredibly important in running shoes for overweight men as it will ensure that you can do mile after mile comfortably and appropriately cushioned this will also help to prevent injury.

Stability is the ability of the running shoes to remain stable and ensure that you is supported and stable over potentially varying terrain.

Durability is key in running shoes for overweight men as it is potentially likely that you will find yourself requiring new running shoes sooner than a lighter runner. Therefore, the more durable a pair of running shoes is, the longer that they will last you.

So lets do this here are the 9 best running shoes for overweight men

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

Jesus brought us sandals. Yeezus brings us sneakers.

The most unique shoe on our list, Yeezys are instantly recognizable from their slim silhouette and original color scheme. The sneaker features an orange stripe running along the outside lace area of the shoe that adds distinctness and flair. Fashioned from Adidas new Primeknit material, the shoes upper half molds perfectly into the sole to create a soft, supportive cloud. In terms of feel, the Primeknit combined with Adidas Boost technology is a tough duo to top for tall men with larger feet.

But is all that really worth the hefty price tag?

Well quote the name of Kanyes latest album as our answer: Ye.

Why Does This Matter

Buying shoes for big feet is hard enough. If you have wide feet, its even more of a challenge. I recently bought some new sneakers that are supposed to be wide, but theyre not releasing my foot at all. So Ive been wearing them around the house for a few days now, hoping that theyll stretch out a bit and start feeling better on my feet. So far no luck.

If you have big feet, youve probably experienced the pain that comes with wearing shoes that are too small. There are many different types of shoes out there, so its easy to find one that fits your needs. The only thing you have to worry about is whether or not it will fit your feet!

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The 7 Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Men

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The heavier you are, the more pressure you put on your knees, ankles, feet, and joints. You may not notice that pressure straight away, but with time, you will. Thats why you need to buy the best walking shoes for overweight men.

Finding the best walking shoes can be tricky for anyone since you need to look over a few essential factors like the padding, the material, or the stability. In addition, you want these shoes to last a long time, and you mustnt be buying a pair every month because they dont feel right.

When you wear the right pair of shoes, you also prevent problems like plantar fasciitis, supination, overpronation, and others you never heard about it. You might not even know you have these problems until the person selling you the shoe mentions it. When I worked in retail, it happened with so many customers I lost count.

So let me show you the best walking shoes for overweight men and explain why you should consider them.

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 20

Who Can Find The BEST Hype Sneakers For Under $500 At Nike Outlet Challenge

If youre a runner, then youve either heard of or have/had a pair of Brooks running shoes. They have some incredible offerings with all the features a serious runner could need.

The Adrenaline line is among their popular options, and a lot of runners find themselves opting for the GTS 20, especially those who overpronate while running, have plantar fasciitis , or flat feet. The guide rails keep your movement in the optimal direction.

Its also a lightweight and breathable shoe that has medium cushioning which provides a soft run but nothing too crazy. Although youll still feel like youre running on clouds with the advanced cushion technology.

You can run long distances with these shoes and are less likely to get the running hangover. The fit and comfort of this running shoe is unparalleled.


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New Balance Fresh Foam More V3

The New Balance Fresh Foam More v3 are a real contender on this list of best running shoes for overweight men. Incredibly priced for the quality, they are worthy of serious consideration.

With max cushioning and support, these are a complete running shoe especially for overweight men. They also feature a wider platform to provide support across the whole of the foot, something definitely worth considering as you pound out the miles.

Are Running Shoes More Expensive For Big Guys

As mentioned, being husky or overweight does not necessarily mean that you will also have big feet. However, if you are one of those everything is bigger type of guys, you dont really have to worry about shoes being more expensive.

Unless your shoe size is especially largetypically anything above size 13where manufacturers have to use more material or specially make your shoe, then the price should be the same compared to smaller sizes.

However, it is worth noting that the best shoes for big guys are on the pricey side compared to more average running shoes. Any shoes that use additional midsole foam or advanced technology to ensure a smoother ride will usually be more expensive, and these are common features of the best running shoes for overweight men.

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Store Your Shoes In An Open Space

After a game, many players throw their sneakers into their backpacks and forget about it until their next session. Ill come clean, and even Ive done this occasionally while on my way back from the gym. And speaking from experience, this is the worst thing you could do to a pair of 200 dollar shoes. Over time, Ive learned that the best way to store your shoes is to keep them in an open room or an outdoor space. Basketball shoes for centers usually carry a lot more material and components and thus require the available airflow does them that much more good. This dries the sweat out of your shoes and keeps them somewhat fresh. And if you want minty fresh footwear, a little bit of shoe deodorizer does wonder.

The Other Basic Factors Are:


Breathability:Even while youll need support, youll also want to choose breathable running shoes. A mesh top and panels down the sides of the shoes to allow heated air to escape are desirable characteristics. This prevents smells from forming and moisture from harming the inside of the shoes.

Padding:Those with higher arches will require more padding than those with low or neutral curves. To help support your higher curves, look for running shoes that include foam or gel layers in the midsole. This may also help if you have painful feet after your run.

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New Balance Us 90 V4 Sneakers For Overweight Walkers

New Balance Mens

Most importantly, fat guys should keep their feet extremely comfortable while walking if they want to prevent themselves from additional feet-related issues in life. These shoes by New Balance are an excellent choice for this purpose.

  • Above all, the 50% Pigskin and 50% Mesh material makes the shoes strong and durable and protects them from all types of harsh outer conditions.
  • Like any other best quality shoes, these also come with a rubber sole to provide you better support and a firmer grip on the floor with your heavyweight.
  • Additionally, the shoes heels come with an ethylene-vinyl acetate core that adds extra comfort, strength, and durability in the shoes.
  • Then, the dual-density collar foam is famous for providing your feet with supreme comfort.


If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can bear your heavyweight and yet provides you extreme level of comfort while you are walking, running, standing, and even working for an extended period, these running shoes by New Balance is the solution.


You may not believe how much these shoes can add comfort to your life. Even when you are overweight, these shoes are extremely fit to support your weight and increase comfort in your walking and running activities.


Looking for amazingly comfortable shoes which are also good looking and impressive in performance, consider these shoes for ultimate satisfaction.


Saucony Cohesion 13 Walking Shoe

Saucony is a North American manufacturer of footwear and apparel created in 1898.

The company offers a variety of shoes, such as running, racing, trail running, and walking. Each of these types of shoes utilizes specific technology relevant to the kind of targeted activity.

Shoes are also made by focusing on the runners foot size, type of running, arch type, pronation, and running location.

What I Like AboutSaucony Cohesion 13

Rubber Sole The outsole is durable rubber, including grooves that give good grip and flexibility.

Good Cushioning For Short Walks This shoe has excellent cushioning for short walks. If you are thinking of walking over 6 miles every day, you may choose another pair from this list.

Suitable For Different Tracks It doesnt matter where you walk. These shoes are suitable for asphalt, grass, wet cobbles, or dusty tracks.

What I Dont Like AboutSaucony Cohesion 13

Lack Of Technology This shoe is great if you are starting your walking journey and are on a budget but doesnt have a lot of technology on its insoles and soles like the other ones on this list.

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How To Start Walking When Youre Overweight

If you are overweight and intend to start any new exercise regime then you should first consult your doctor. This is especially so if you are very overweight or if you are over 40 years old.

If you have the all clear then its quite likely that your doctor suggested walking has an exercise to help you lose weight and lose belly fat.

The most important thing for you to do is not to overdo it on the first day. In fact over the first week. You should make your exercise gentle and measured, walking a little longer each day for a gradual buildup.

It is likely that your respiratory system, circulatory system, and other body systems are not functioning optimally otherwise you wouldnt be overweight right?

Therefore you need to give your systems a chance to cope with the new you.

Make sure you have a decent pair of shoes that fit you properly, match your activity and help correct any gait issues you may have.

You will probably not be used to looking at nature around you and may find the whole deal rather boring at first.

I promise this will change but in the meantime, you might like to check out the following articles.

Perhaps they will give you some ideas to keep your interest high and encourage you to keep on walking.

I hope the last three words dont have your mind thinking about Scotch!

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In Summary: The Best Running Shoes For Overweight Men

The BEST Running Shoes 2021 | Feat Nike, ASICS, adidas, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony

Overweight men have some specific needs when it comes to running shoes. Lightweight uppers, highly cushioned midsoles, and ample support are three areaswhile important for most types of runnersare of utmost concern for big fellas.

To this effect, the Hoka Gaviota 3 tops our list for best running shoe for overweight men. Its high-tech and responsive midsole has everything you want to see for making strides as easy as possible for big guys. However, if you want to take cushioning to the next level, the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run is a strong choice, while the Asics Gel-Kayano 28 offers top-notch stability.

Whatever your primary consideration, dont let your size get in the way and use this guide to find a shoe and get running today!

Tucker Lane

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Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Review

Brooks Walker is an excellent walking shoe made of 100% leather and is a comfortable pair for walking. Premium quality material increases its durability.

It is one of the best-selling walking shoes in the market. Brooks Walker offers the feel and fit of a running shoe. The midsole of the shoe provides support to the arch of the feet. So you can confidently take every step. Most of the existing customers claim that wearing this model has relieved leg and foot pain.

Brooks Walker is stylish and steady. Walker is a stability walking shoe, specially built for people with pronation issues and flat feet. The insole is well cushioned and cannot be easily removed to replace it with a medical orthotic.

The medial arch has a Diagonal Rollbar that supports the pronation as a result, you enjoy your natural walk heel-to-toe. The insole has shock-absorbing features that make your walk enjoyable.

What We Liked

  • Made with Full-Grain leather increasing durability
  • Offers support to the heels and arch
  • It is available is Wide and Narrow size
  • Walker has a shock-absorbing insole

What We Didnt Like

  • The shoe is not entirely breathable as the shoe upper is made of leather
  • As the sneaker is made of 100% leather, it is a bit heavy

Amount Of Overweight People: Best Shoes For Overweight Men

Probably now every person have a body mass in all over the world and everyone is willing to lose weight and the common exercising mostly uses to lose weight is walking and more than 50% have overweight as compared to their heights. The results seem healthy weight. Excess weight puts pressure on your feet and lower limbs which may put you in critical condition.

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Find The Proper Width

One of the largest problems big guys have with running shoes is that most options are too narrow.

First off, this is a significant comfort problem that can also hinder the ability of your feet to get used to running. If you want your feet to adjust to additional miles you have to let them move as naturally as possible .

Running shoes that are too narrow provide an unstable platform, restrict the blood flow to your feet, and prevent your feet from spreading/splaying properly when they hit the ground.

A wide running shoe will provide additional volume but, if you have high arches or flat feet you may need to consider a high-volume shoe so you dont have pressure on the sides of your feed and on top.

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