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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Sneakers

Nike Air 180 Pump High

2006 Fresh Prince Jordan 5 Grape Restoration by Vick Almighty


Worn by David Robinson at the start of the decade, the Air 180 Pump is a controversial shoe in retrospect, as it represented one of the few times that Nike looked to mimic a competitors technology, taking cues from the hugely popular Reebok Pumps of the late 80s. Will didnt seem to mind either way, as he mostly wore the emerald-accented sneakers as loosely as possible, with jeans, patchwork leather jackets and the tongue fully flared out.

Air Jordan 5 ‘fresh Prince’

For Will Smith’s 50th birthday in September 2018, he teamed up with Jordan Brand to launch a limited edition Air Jordan 5. Why the Air Jordan 5? It’s the model from the intro and therefore the sneaker that was part of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ from start to finish. And on such a special occasion, the actor became a YouTube star.

You wouldn’t believe it, but he really does make an unboxing video here. And with the hair he had back then, you could still put him in the role of William ‘Will’ Smith today, because his look has hardly changed at all.

The Fresh Prince And His Sneakers

While the Banks family dresses rather smartly and seriously, Will has casual clothes and, above all, eye-catching sneakers. And not a few of them at that. If we had to work through the list, we’d be here forever, so we have picked out a few top finds. So look forward to a little storytime and maybe we can convince you of one or another model.

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Here’s How To Get The Air Jordan 5 Retro Bel

Inspired by Will Smith’s signature style in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air television series, the upcoming Jordan 5 retro “Alternate Bel-Air” / Ghost Green sneakers are slated to drop tomorrow, August 15th. If you want to get your hands on a pair, we have all of the info you’ll need to make it happen right here.

The Jordan 5 “Alternate Bel-Air” release is an update to the original Jordan 5 Bel-Air design from 2013. As you can see, the vibrant neon green, purple, and blue colors combine with wild geometric patterns to give the shoes a look that’s straight out of the ’90s. Naturally, the Jordan 5 “Bel-Air” is going to be wildly popular at launch, which is happening on . At that time, you’ll be able to find them via the following retailers for $190 in men’s sizes. Youth sizes will also be available at lower price points:

Naturally, if the sneakers sell out in your size, you can always grab a pair at resellers if you’re willing to pay the premium . Additional images of the shoes are available in the gallery below.

On a related note, a dramatic reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is in development with Will Smith serving as executive producer along with original producers Quincy Jones, Benny Medina, and series creators Andy and Susan Borowitz. Fans have had mixed reactions about the news.

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Complete List Of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Jordans

Nike Lace 5 Retro Nrg Fresh Princ

The sneaker guide to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Jordans is a foxy one, literally. Watching 148 episodes of 90s video quality and zooming into these pixels wasnt easy. Not to Mention stumbling across all those Nikes, Uptempos, Adidas, and the occasional Reebok. The following 9 Jordans kicked off the style concept of the entire show. Whose full cast zoomed right before May in tribute to Uncle Phil. We aint crying

The following list includes the 9 Jordans aired on the show along with their featured episodes. We also threw in the latest Retro release of every model, retail and resale value included, to keep you in the loop!

E19 I, Whoops, There It Is/E21 I, Stank Hole in One/E24 I, Done Part 2Latest Retro : Jordan 11 Retro ColumbiaRetail: $125Resale:$200-400 $300-500 The best finish last. MJ wore the OG during his MVP performance in NBA All-Star 1996 in San Antonio. Watch the MJ bits of the game here!

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Qixi Campaigns From Luxury And Fashion Brands

Bel-Air creator and director Morgan Cooper reimagined the series set in modern day through a short film he released on YouTube in 2019. The video, which was structured as a show trailer, went viral and caught the eye of Smith and other producers. Banks father alerted the actor to news of the reboot this past summer, and Banks agent sent him sides for the role of Will a few weeks later, kicking off several rounds of auditions. People have told me my whole life I resemble Will and his energy, Banks says. I was, like, OK, lets do it. Lets get it.

Smith was the one to deliver the good news to Banks, over Zoom, in August. Its easy to spot the synergy between the two actors. Both grew up in Philly and speak with an exuberant cadence that makes people want to listen. Banks credits the original series for showing people who look like me and where Im from on screen. And doing their thing and laughing and loving and crying and feeling all the emotions, he says. Expanding the conversation on what Black looks like on camera.

I was so excited to be a part of the project and to reintroduce these iconic, groundbreaking characters to everyone again, Banks says. Fresh Prince literally raised me. My family had the six season box set, and that would be on all the time, he adds. Its been such a defining factor for me as an artist and as a human. Will Smith has been my biggest inspiration. My family has Will Smith Christmas sweaters you know what Im saying?

The Fresh Prince Of Bel

Now this is a story all about how, the TV sneaker scene got flipped, turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how Will Smith brought fresh kicks to a town called Bel-Air. SORRY! I couldn’t help myself. With rumours circulating that an official Will Smith x Jordan Brand colab commemorating the Fresh Prince’s epic on-screen sneaker collection is on the way, I subjected myself to an ungodly Netflix binge, screening all 148 episodes of the beloved sitcom back-to-back to scout the most memorable wears. From towering basketball behemoths to slick bubble-bound runners, these are our top picks for Will Smith’s best footwear moments on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Enjoy!

Air Jordan 5 ‘Black/Metallic Silver’

Air Jordan 5 ‘White/Black/Fire Red’

Nike Air Ultra Force High

Whenever the Fresh Prince wore sneakers throughout the series’ six-year run, they were almost always basketball designs, but it was rare that we would ever actually see him hit the court. One exception was in the season one episode ‘Courting Disaster’, when Will joined Bel-Air Academy’s basketball team and quickly became the squad’s star player. Smith laced up in Air Ultra Force High for the occasion: the pump-less and Visible Airless counterpart to the colossal Air Command Force. Smith completely dominated on court , leaving viewers to question: ‘is it the shoes?’

Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’

Nike Air Max 180 ‘Bright Ceramic’

Nike Air 180 Pump High

Nike Air Speed Turf Max

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A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince Of Bel

Now this is a story all about how/this kid got flipped-turned upside down/and take a few minutes just sit right there/as we take you through the sneaker guide of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

When it comes to sneakers, most people are checking to see whats hot in the streets right now. Sometimes its nice to get a little nostalgic and no show was more on point with style in the early ’90s then The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When the project kicked off in 1990, Will Smith was already established as a music artist thanks to everyones favorite summer anthem, and proved his personality and wit as well. Naturally acting was the next move, and with backing from Quincy Jones he was ready to cross over to iconic status which he had cemented by the time the show last aired on May 20, 1996 and he moved on to blockbuster films. After sifting through 56 hours of footage, we have a complete guide of what our man Will rocked throughout the series definitely worth peeping or you can hit us with this. Click on the gallery to see A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Airs Sneakers.

Nike Air Speed Turf Max

DJ Jazzy Jeff Tells Legendary Fresh Prince Sneaker Stories | Full Size Run


Perhaps not as iconic as the handful of Air Jordan and Air Max models listed below it, the Speed Turf stakes a claim as the unmistakable black and white cross trainer worn by Will during one of season sixs most memorable scenes. Though Nike may have intended for the flowing fin design to be worn by blazing NFL running backs that year, it was Will The Thrills performance in a $10,000 Las Vegas dance competition alongside Carlton that helped make the Speed Turf a mid-90s crossover hit that the brand continues to release two decades later.

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All The Sneakers Will Smith Wore In The Fresh Prince Of Bel

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a sitcom that aired from September 10, 1990, to May 20, 1996 and shaped me growing up. In the mid-to-late nineties, it was my favorite show on earth. The series stars Will Smith as a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who is sent to move in with his wealthy uncle and aunt in their Bel Air mansion after getting into a fight in his hometown.

But looking back at it now , youll quickly find out that Will Smith was one of the original hype beasts. Not only his clothes, but mainly his sneakers, that would make many of todays kids jealous.

Here are the sneakers Will Smith wore in the series, collected byRevive My Sneakers:

Nike Air Force 1 High


Several years before Rasheed Wallace would rightfully be credited with putting the spotlight back on the Air Force 1 High by wearing them in NBA games throughout the 2000s, Will could be seen in a clean white and royal blue pair of AF1 Highs long after their original 1982 release, one of the rare times wed see him in retro shoes on the show.

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Wont Be Satisfied Till You Own That List

With Michael Jordan as court king and Willie boy as television prince, the Jordan brand aint playin when it comes to bold advertisement. But it sure worked. Keep posted with TSB to not miss any new Jordans set for this year. If youre all about owning The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Jordans collection, stay updated for the AJ5 Grape Retro dropping this summer. Along with the best Jordan 1 colorways of the year! With The Shit bot, youll be able to cop the Jordans of your wide-eyed dreams!


Nike Air Force High 93

Air Jordan Fresh Prince of Bel


The Air Jordan 5 is the sneaker most associated with the show, but the often forgotten Air Force High from 1993 just might be Wills actual favorite sneaker to wear. With crisscrossing straps and a collar panel reminiscent of the Air Jordan 8 from the same year, Will could be seen in the Force Highs on 12 different episodes, whether working shifts at the Peacock Stop, lounging at home or while out on dates.

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Will Smith Adidas Unveil Fresh Prince Of Bel

Philly fans have been treated well in the shoe industry in the last few weeks. From Phillies-inspired sneakers to Wawa Air Maxes, and now three shoes based on Will Smiths hit show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Recently Will Smith and Adidas unveiled three shoes whose designs are based on Will Smiths Bel-Air Academy uniform. The first shoe has a more simplistic design while the second goes all out with the pattern of Smiths suit in the show. The schools logos are displayed over the laces and the tongue of the shoe and look incredible. Differing from the first two designs, the third shoe is black and yellow based off the Bel-Air basketball teams uniforms.

The catch? The shoes are Donovan Mitchells signature, D.O.N Issue 3s. Why Will Smith couldnt team up with anyone else? I dont know. Smith is a part-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers Damian Lillard has a signature shoe with Adidas, perfect marketing/recruitment opportunity right there.

Overall the two simplistic designs are alight but the second shoe with the heavy patterns are pretty sick. Compared to the other Philly shoes Id rank them below the Phillies Question Lows but ahead of the Wawa sneakers. If you want to purchase your own pair, the shoes are on sale for $120 on the Adidas website.

Mandatory Credit: Bel-Air Athletics

Complete Sneaker Guide To The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Jordans

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a classic comedy series from the 90s featuring Will Smith and Air Jordan. To sum it up: the best dude in the best sneakers going on and off for 148 episodes. Were talking The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Jordans! So, what triggered it in 2020? Does the Air Jordan 5 Top 3 dropping on June 13 drop a hint? By combining the 3 AJ5 OGs, all worn on the show, we had to look back. Also, HBO Max arrives through WarnerMedia on May 27! Guaranteed to stream classics like Friends and FPOB and tons more. Got em memory chains all over!

Best Tribute to the Fresh Prince Yet!

Wondering about the best tribute to the Fresh Prince himself over the years? . When a laceless Retro of the 1990 AJ5 Grape dropped in honor of Will Smiths 50th birthday. Along with 23 pairs of its friends-and-family version in gold! Reselling for up to $4,450 this year on StockX! Which fans competed for along with the chance to spend a day with the birthday boy himself!

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Nike Acg Baltoro Boot

Throughout TheFresh Prince, especially in the first season, Will didnt hesitate when it came to rocking loud colors. But perhaps whats most impressive is that his shoes always matched his fit. In one episode, he wore a purple, teal, magenta and orange T-shirt that he paired perfectly with Nike ACG Baltoro boots. A 1990 ad details how the boots were designed for hiking, but Will displayed their casual utility.

Will Smith in the Nike Air Maestro in white, black and royal, and John Witherspoon in episode 21.

Nike Air Quantum Force

‘Bel-Air’ Star Jabari Banks On Stepping Into Will Smith’s Shoes


The Quantum Force proved to be Wills go-to silhouette during the first season of Fresh Prince. He wore the sneakers in countless scenes, after debuting them with a track jacket and patterned sweatpants in Mistaken Identity, a thoughtful episode on racial profiling by police. Throughout the season, Will alternated between two colorways red/white and black/white while rocking the kicks in both high- and low-top versions.

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Nike Drops New Edition Of Jordan 5 Alternate Bel Air Ghost Green

In anticipation of the Fresh Prince remake, Nike dropped a new editionof its Jordan 5 Alternate Bel Air Ghost Green model. It comes with whiteuppers and various coloured accents in the neon colours so typical for the90s.

In honour of Will Smiths 50th birthday in September 2018, Nike reissuedthe Jordan 5 Retro Grape Fresh Prince, which made its debut on the showalready in the fifth episode. Inspired by the style of the Air Jordan 5,Smith wore the shoe without laces. For the new edition, the laces aremissing and the lace hoes are sealed as an homage to the sitcom. The AirJordan lettering is inspired by the series’ logo.

The Air Jordan 5 OG was one of the most popular models in the 90s andSmith wore the Black Metallic ones already in the very first episode.Though the Black Metallic sneakers from 1990 are almost impossible to findtoday, Nike released the Air Jordan 5 OG Metallic Sneaker at various times,in 2000, 2007, 2011 and 2016.

The Jordan 7 OG Colorway Hare became world famous through Nikes 1991commercial, which shows Bugs Bunny donning a pair of Jordans before teamingup with Michael Jordan to challenge a rivaling basketball team. Smith worethe sneakers in the 54th episode of the show.

Nike Ultra Force High


A forgotten model at a time when Nikes high-tops went high-tech, the Ultra Force High is best known for being worn by Will during his Bel-Air Academy basketball season. The yellow No. 14 jersey has long outlived the sneakers, almost single-handedly creating the demand for fictional character jerseys from movies and shows even decades later. The swirling design of the Ultra Force, with a tonal swoosh lost in the shuffle, never quite caught the same love, though they did contribute to 40-point wins and the shows best hoop scenes.

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Why Is ‘the Fresh Prince Of Bel

In addition to its entertainment value, which is truly at the top of the list, the series also repeatedly deals with socio-critical topics such as discrimination, fatherlessness, poverty and the philosophies of black civil rights. So besides all the funny moments, there are also many scenes that make you think.

Within 6 seasons, everything revolves around the wealthy Banks family, which Will, as a new addition to the family, turns upside down by bringing his street style flair into the family. With his charm, he not only wraps the women around his finger, but also manages to spread a little looseness in the family.

But enough about the series, the content should be familiar to everyone, and if you haven’t seen the series yet, then shame on you! Go on, go watch it! How successful the series was at that time is also shown by the celebrities who appeared in it. Guest appearances were made by well-known names such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Naomi Campbell, Hugh Hefner, Boyz II Men, Tyra Banks and many more.

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