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Gucci Ace Platform Sneakers Black

Are Gucci Sneakers Comfortable

Gucci Ace Sneaker 2 year review- should you buy them?

They are sneakers, so they are comfortable. Are they the most comfortable sneaker Ive ever worn? No. Thats my Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers, which literally feel like clouds when you are wearing them.

These sneakers are genuine leather and do have to be broken in a bit. I will be honest, they were a tad uncomfortable at first because the tongue is quite stiff. They had to be worn and broken in a bit.

Now, I wear them extended periods of time and do find them comfortable! But that super stiff tongue drove me nuts for a little bit and I questioned my sanity in purchasing these.

This is another reason why I recommend wearing the Ace sneakers with socks it just gives another nice layer of cushion to these shoes.

Which Style To Buy

I had been eyeing the Ace sneakers for a quite a while, but I was never totally sure of which style I liked best. There are currently 24 different SKUs in the womens Gucci Ace collection online. My favorites are the embellished, embroidered and classic styles. I decided to go with the embellished Ace sneakers because theyre so unique! I love the feminine pearls paired with the edgy studs which resonates with my edgy/feminine vibe.

How Does Sizing Run

For women, the Ace sneaker runs 1/2 size large so be sure to size down by 1/2. I made the mistake of buying my regular size and I ended up having to return them to buy a US 5.5 / UK 35.5. Going down 1/2 size ended up being the perfect fit!

However, if you are shopping for the mens Ace sneaker, they run true to size. Phil has the classic Ace sneakers and he went with his normal size and they fit great.

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My Honest Review Of The Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers

Within the last couple years, I have quickly become a sneaker kind-of-gal. I’ve always had a few pairs of sneakers that I would wear on the weekends, but it wasn’t until recently that I really began loving sneakers and wanting to wear them with not only jeans & t-shirts, but dresses & skirts. It was around the time I bought my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers that I began to realize just how great sneakers were, and that they would soon become a part of my every day wardrobe. Within the last year I’ve purchased a handful of sneakers that I rotate between and truly wear almost every single day. I’ve shared my love and reviews of Veja and Golden Goose, and now today I’m sharing my love for Gucci.

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What Does The Slash

Gucci Ace Leather Platform Sneakers in Black

The slash-through price near the selling price on our site reflects either the price reported by the manufacturer or vendor to Gilt, or in some instances is based on a comparative survey of the price of the same or a similar item that, in the reasonable judgment of our experienced buyers, may be sold at representative retailers or department stores in relevant markets.

You may wish to use the slash-through price as a guide in your evaluation of our prices. As listed prices often fluctuate, the slash-through price quoted may not always represent the actual price listed by retailers or department stores every day or in every community. For our items that are sold in a set, for example, in cookware and cutlery, the slash-through price may reflect the aggregate of the above applicable prices for each item included in the set.

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Where To Shop For Gucci Shoes In South Africa

Most Gucci SA stores are strategically positioned across the country. Below is a list of Gucci stores in South Africa that you can visit and ask for the prices.

Sandton City store

You can get almost anything luxurious and artistic in Johannesburg for a reasonable price, especially around Diamond Walk and Nelson Mandela Square, where Gucci stores are located.

Look for Gucci ladies shoes in Johannesburg at the Sandton City store. You are guaranteed an array of authentic Gucci shoes here, and you will also find affordable Gucci shoes prices in Sandton for the limited vintage editions.

Pretoria store

You can look for Gucci shoes prices at Pretoria’s Luxuity fashion store. The shop sells high-end footwear and clothing brands at the Menlyn Maine Central Square.

Cape Town store

Gucci doles out exotic fashion statements in clothes, bags, hats, shoes, etc. You can buy them in Cape Town at Gucci V & A Waterfront store or Luxuity Cape Quarter.

Gucci South Africa online shopping stores

Anyone who wants to buy the Gucci brand’s products should purchase from sellers or Gucci stores within their countries. The brand does not offer direct online deliveries from their factory to individuals.

If you cannot physically buy from a Gucci store, there are several online shops you can order from. Moreover, you can pay on delivery or before but be cautious of online scammers and fraudsters. Below are some reputable online stores that sell Gucci shoes in South Africa:

Free Shipping And Free Returns

+Free Shipping every day, no minimum purchase required. Offer valid at and in Saks Fifth Avenue stores only. Valid on shipments to US addresses only. Not valid on Hawaii or international shipments. Offer may be used when shipping to multiple addresses. Offer not valid on Rush, Next Business Day or Saturday delivery orders. Not valid in Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH stores and For Drop Ship items, offer only applies to items eligible for standard shipping. No adjustments to prior purchases. This offer is non-transferable. Saks’ return policy still applies to items returned under this offer. Items may not be available in Puerto Rico.

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Gucci Ace Sizing And Fit

If you Googled Gucci Ace Sneakers Review, the first thing you probably want to know about is sizing and fit.

These Gucci shoes DO run big. Sometimes up to a full size. I ended up sizing down half a size in these than my normal size.

There are loads of reviews you can check out as well. But the general consensus is that you should size down at least half a size if not more.

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Can You Wear The Ace Sneakers With Socks

2021 Gucci Ace Sneaker with bees blackrep unboxing review

I do. I live in Arizona and just dont prefer to run around in hot, steamy sneakers without socks on. And, it makes these shoes more comfortable, too.

Do try a few different levels of thickness until you find what you like most. I have worn them without socks as well, but only for a quick 5-minute wear here and there.

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Where To Wear Them

I wore mine to the airport recently which I was pretty nervous about because I feel like shoes can get pretty beat up in an airpot with all that luggage swinging around. They actually ended up being a great choice because theyre incredibly comfortable, keep my feet warm enough on a plane and still look chic! I typically wear mine if Im going out somewhere or when Im traveling especially if Im going to do a lot of walking.

How To Care For White Sneakers

White sneakers sound like a nightmare to keep clean. But, its surprisingly not hard!

The leather on the shoe wipes off dirt extremely easily. You can use something like Water Wipes or simply wet a paper towel, rag and any scuffs lift right off.

They come with an extra pair of shoelaces you can swap in if yours become dirty.

The bottoms of the shoes are harder to keep clean I personally dont mind if theyre a tad more worn here because I am wearing them! And plenty of people are paying for shoes that have a worn-out look already.

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What’s The Price Of Gucci Shoes

On average, Gucci sneakers price in South Africa starts from R11,000. Prices of these authentic branded footwear are US dollars. Therefore, you must convert the figures to South African Rands to know Gucci shoes prices in Mzansi. This article has done the forex exchange conversion for you.

Men’s Gucci shoes price list

Since there is a wide range of Gucci shoes in the market, you can buy whichever you want, depending on your taste and budget. Below are the prices of some men’s Gucci takkies and loafers:

  • Gucci Leather Snake Ace sneakers White goes for R14,000
  • Menâs Gucci Tennis 1977 Slip-on sneakers sell for around R11,802
  • Menâs Off the Grid Gucci Tennis 1977 is around R13,171
  • Menâs Gucci Tennis 1977 high-top sneakers are about R13,506
  • Menâs Bee Print Ace sneakers will go for about R12,651
  • Gucci Jordaan leather loafers cost R14,500
  • Gucci GG Supreme driving shoes sell for R11,000
  • Men’s loafers with Horsebit cost R15,000

Female Gucci shoes prices in South Africa

Gucci ladies shoes in Johannesburg might be slightly cheaper than those in other parts of South Africa. Sellers consider transportation costs and other factors when setting prices because they also need to make profits. Below are the prices of some ladies Gucci shoes in Mzansi:

Gucci Tracksuit Price In South Africa

GUCCI Calfskin Embroidered Womens Ace Platform Sneakers 40.5 Black 625976

Gucci tracksuits are the best. These attires are fashionable, classy, and long-lasting. Below are the prices for Gucci tracksuits in SA:

  • GG stretch jersey neoprene zip jacket – R45,785
  • GG jacquard convertible pants – R41,545
  • Cotton jersey jogging pants – R29,675
  • Cotton jersey zip jacket – R39,002
  • Bunny print jersey jogging pants – R23,740
  • Bunny print jersey zip jacket – R28,827

Gucci shoes prices in South Africa might change with time due to fluctuating international forex exchange rates. The shoes might be expensive but worth every penny.

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Do you want to shop for your clothesonline and do not want to leave the comfort of your home or office? recently shared some online clothing stores where you can conveniently shop.

Online shops like Zaful SA, Zana, Superbalist, and Label Collections are some of the stores you might want to consider. Check out the post to learn more about them.

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How Do You Keep Them Clean/clean Them

  • As of now I haven’t had to do anything. They really haven’t gotten dirty, other than showing daily wear. However, like most sneakers, if they do get any marks on them, I will just wipe down with a damp cloth. I wouldn’t recommend putting in the washing machine as you could ruin the shape and the colors could bleed

Gucci Ace Sneakers Review

When it comes to these Gucci sneakers, it was love at first sight.

The Gucci Ace sneakers come in a few renditions I own the Gucci Ace Bee sneakers there is also a version withpearls and studs on it, an Ace embroidered sneaker and a platform sneaker version. And, if you prefer more of aplain white sneaker, they have those too.

Love Mickey Mouse, stars, crystals or hearts? They have those too! You can browse all of the different styles here.

White sneakers are still a strong style trend, and one Im happy to jump on board with thanks to busy mom life stuff. Its cute, casual, easy to style and nice to be able to be comfortable, and on-trend!

Designer footwear has also been a huge trend for quite a while, thanks to the popularity of Golden Goose sneakers.

But something about the Gucci Ace just drove me wild I love that they theyre bold, make a statement and instantly up the fashion game to any outfit.

I can throw on any old jeans and a tee, but with the Ace sneakers it feels like Im adding that something special.

Yes, theyre quite an investment, but most designer splurges are! So you really do need to think about how youll wear them, how often and when to decide if they are worth it to you.

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Are These Still Worth It In 2021

There is a funny misconception out there that some things are trendy only for a short amount of time. A pair of sneakers is certainly not a fad, as this is a shoe style that will always be in style. So I do believe them to still be a worthwhile investment for 2020 and beyond.

When youre weighing designer fashion purchases, think about cost per wear, re-sale value and how trendy the piece is.

Yes, these sneakers are trendy. But theyre also sneakers. And thats something we use on a daily basis.

Are The Gucci Ace Sneakers Worth It

Gucci Ace Sneakers Review

Lets talk about the elephant in the room: these bad boys are expensive. Especially for a sneaker.

It was very hard for me to wrap my brain around spending so much money on a sneaker.

However, I am so glad I did! Something I always take into account is cost per wear, and if you wear these sneakers 1/3 of the year , they break down to about $5 per wear. That, my friends, I can justify!

Designer sneakers are on-trend right now, thanks to the explosion of Golden Goose sneakers. And, unfortunately, I just cant get behind paying $500+ for a pair of worn-in dirty sneakers.

These are shiny, white and pretty, and if they get a little dirty while wearing them, thats ok. But, at least I did it myself!

And I wear them All. The Time.

From running errands to picking my kids up from school to casual weekend events, theyre so much more useful than I thought they would be because they are, and feel like, a fashion sneaker.

Rather than throw on wedges to a baseball game to look a bit cuter, I can grab a fashion sneaker.

And instead of feeling or looking frumpy running errands, I can step into a pair of fashion sneakers.

These definitely arent for everyone, but if you love fashion, designer fashion especially, they really integrate into your wardrobe nicely and somehow have become an essential piece to upgrade any casual look.

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Unboxing My Gucci Ace Sneakers

I purchased my sneakers at my local Nordstrom, but you can also find them at Gucci.

They come in the original designer packaging that includes the Gucci sneaker box, dust bags for each shoe and an extra pair of white shoelaces.

Ill probably never use the dust bags, but theyre a nice to have and useful if you are traveling.

How To Style The Gucci Ace Sneakers

This is my favorite part about this review and this sneakerthey go with SO many outfits!

I like to wear these with jeans and a tank/tee, casual dresses and leggings, too.

All-black is one of my favorite ways to style these sneakers as I love the little pop it gives any outfit.

Ive also been known to casually throw on black leggings and a black top to go do school pickup, and this is an easy way to just look a little more put together.

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How To Keep Them Clean

Surprisingly, they are not as hard to keep clean as I expected given theyre a white sneaker. The leather isnt super porous which means they dont absorb stains as easily. The leather is slightly stiff yet soft so it doesnt crease easily thats one of my pet peeves about white sneakers! Creases are usually a dead giveaway of worn out sneakers. To keep them in the best condition, I use natural baby wipes on them and even a Magic Eraser if theres a visible scuff.

Are They Still A Good Purchase In 2019

Gucci Leather New Ace Platform Bee Sneakers in Black

Its no secret that the hot designer brand status continually shifts season-to-season. That said, I do think Gucci has staying power as it has for decades. The Ace sneaker is actually a revival of the 1970s classic tennis shoe style so you can be sure this sneaker style will stick around for years to come.

xo, Maria

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Are They Worth The Cost

The embellished Ace sneakers retail for $670 which is steep! Its tough to say if any pair of designer shoes is worth the cost because shoes dont really have the same inherent resale value as bags or leather goods. If I compare them to my coveted Christian Louboutin So Kates, they do seem to be a better value on a price per wear basis because theres just so many opportunities to wear sneakers vs. high heels. They are in the same price range as Golden Goose sneakers and I would say Gucci Ace sneakers may be a better option if you are looking to really elevate your wardrobe. If you are looking for a more casual, less flashy option Golden Goose sneakers would be a better choice.

Gucci Ace Sneakers Review: Are They Really Worth It

Ok, friends, I did a thing. I splurged on a pair of gorgeous Gucci Ace sneakers!

Naturally, Im here with a review and to be upfront and honest about whether or not they are worth it, and everything else you need to know.

More of a video person? Check out my YouTube review below and dont forget to subscribe for more!

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