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How To Be Eligible For Silver Sneakers

Is The Silver Sneakers Program Covered Under Medicare

20 Minute Total Body Workout | SilverSneakers

Silver Sneakers is covered by many Medicare Advantage plans and is also covered by some Medicare Supplement plans.

Once you are Medicare-eligible, you have two options:

While Original Medicare doesnt cover Silver Sneakers or any fitness programs, you may be able to get access to this benefit if you are also enrolled in Medigap plans that cover the Silver Sneakers program.

Fortunately, most Medicare Advantage plans include Silver Sneakers membership. By offering fitness programs, the private insurers that provide Medicare Advantage plans can lower their healthcare costs, given the health benefits associated with improved fitness of members. That is one reason why they can offer zero-premium Part C plans.

If you delayed your Part B enrollment for valid reasons like continuing employment, what is your Silver Sneaker alternative? Inquire about getting the Silver Sneakers program through job-sponsored group retirement plans.

How Is Silversneakers Different From Mutually Well

SilverSneakers is a senior-focused fitness program included in many Medicare Advantage plans and even some Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

SilverSneakers includes a basic gym membership at thousands of participating gyms and fitness centers, most of which also feature group fitness classes and programs designed specifically for older adults, such as yoga, water aerobics, walking clubs and more.

Some Medicare plans dont offer SilverSneakers membership as a benefit but instead offer health and fitness benefits through programs such as Mutually Well or Silver & Fit.

Guide To The Silversneakers Program

Your physical health is a primary concern at any age, but it becomes especially important as you transition into your elderly years where health concerns, doctors visits, and prescriptions can pile up. All of these factors can inhibit your ability to stay active, but its as important as ever to remain physically active and engaged as you age.

SilverSneakers does not sell sneakers, nor does it provide you with sneakers to use.

In fact, your doctors will likely encourage you to be more active, because exercise and healthy eating can help as part of the treatment plans for many of the most common conditions found in elderly people.

These conditions include:

As a way of encouraging physical activity in the elderly, the program called SilverSneakers was created in the early 1990s. Well now discuss this free program and its benefits in addition to how you can qualify and enroll in it.


SilverSneakers is a fitness program that focuses on getting elderly people out of their homes and into the gym and their community.

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Deal With Your Own Feelings But Not In Front Of The Children

For most people, the statements I love you and Im really uncomfortable about this can both be true at the same time, Huebner says. But you dont have to share that discomfort with your grandchild. Youre not a bad person for feeling that way your pain and discomfort are coming from a place of care and concern. But you do have a choice about what you do with those feelings.

If youre struggling to accept your grandchild, find someone to talk to about it your partner or a close friend, a counselor, or an advocacy group like The Trevor Project .

Silver Sneakers Video: Great At Home Exercises

Silver Sneakers Eligibility Requirements for Medicare

Its not just about the SilverSneakers classes gyms offer. Its about how they train you on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While they offer programs like Silver Sneakers Yoga, Silver Sneakers Classic, Silver Sneakers Circuit, BOOM and many more, they offer an entire line of videos to help you learn the best way to exercise.

As a senior citizen its important to maintain your cardiovascular and joint health as you get older.

Below are some of the most popular Silver Sneakers videos you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Silver Sneakers YOGA, One of the Best Senior Fitness Programs.

Silver Sneakers Outdoor Total Body Workout: Great Fitness Programs for Women

Silver Sneakers Hip Exercises: Bodyweight exercises to strengthen your hips

Silver Sneakers Quick Core Workout at Home

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What If My Gym Does Not Accept Silver Sneakers

If your gym does not accept Silver Sneakers, you may be able to use your membership at another location. Silver Sneakers offers a variety of membership options that allow you to use your membership at participating gyms and fitness centers across the country. For more information on these membership options, visit the Silver Sneakers website or contact a participating gym in your area. Sometimes you can speak with the management at that fitness center to see if they would be interested in joining the network. Also, you could ask if they provide a discounted rate to seniors who are on medicare.

So if you would like to look into which carriers in your area give you Silver Sneakers as well as great coverage. Please give us a call and we would be glad to look that up for you.

Do Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Silversneakers

Medicare Supplement plans are designed to help pay out-of-pocket costs with Part A and Part B . If something isnt covered by Original Medicare, it usually isnt covered by a Medicare Supplement plan. Medicare rules prohibit Medigap plans from offering extra benefits, but gym memberships such as SilverSneakers are the rare exception to the rule.

In some states, the major Medicare Supplement insurers such as Humana, BlueCross Blue Shield, AARP include SilverSneakers membership with some Medigap plans. These instances are few and far between though, as most Medigap plans do not include SilverSneakers, especially those offered by smaller insurance companies.

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Question #: What Is Silversneakers

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ thats included with many Medicare Plans.

SilverSneakers members can:

  • Take fun exercise classes designed for seniors of all fitness levels and led by trained instructors.
  • Go to thousands of gyms, community centers, and other participating fitness locations across the nation.
  • Find a friendly, supportive community in person and online.

The goal? To help you stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. Regular physical activity keeps your heart, brain, bones, muscles, and joints healthy.

If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis, safe exercise can help you feel better. Plus, staying social is vital to good health.

According to SilverSneakers members, it works. In fact, 94 percent of members rate their health as excellent, very good, or good. And 88 percent say SilverSneakers has improved their quality of life.

What Is Silversneakers And Which Insurance Plans Include It

SilverSneakers EnerChi Express | SilverSneakers Work Out Your Way Challenge

Find out if plans in your area include this fitness program.

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Health experts know the benefits of regular physical activity. So do insurance companies, which is why so many Medicare plans offer the SilverSneakers fitness program. If you have a plan with the SilverSneakers benefit, you can work out, take fitness classes, and even get advice from a personal trainer for free.

Whats most important is finding a Medicare plan that includes fitness benefits and meets your other health needs and personal goals. Heres what you need to know about which insurance plans include SilverSneakers or other fitness benefits.

You can only get SilverSneakers if youre enrolled in a participating Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan. SilverSneakers is a private fitness program only available to people with Medicare. Its not part of your Original Medicare coverage.

Currently, the following major insurance companies offer plans with the SilverSneakers fitness benefit:

  • AARP
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • WellCare

Smaller companies in your area may be offering plans with SilverSneakers, so dont be discouraged if your preferred plan provider isnt on the list. Use the Medicare Plan Finder tool to see whats available. You can also call a Medicare broker for information on local plans.

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How Does Silver Sneakers Work

Silver Sneakers eligibility is based around if you are a member in one of their more than 60 participating Medicare Advantage plans across the United States. If you are a member in a participating Medicare Advantage plan you are eligible for a free Silver Sneakers gym membership. Its that easy.

How it works is simple, too.

  • Meet Silver Sneakers eligibility requirements by enrolling in a participating Medicare plan
  • Enter your information on the Silver Sneakers website.
  • Get a copy of your Silver Sneakers card
  • Google Silver Sneakers near me
  • Take your card to the Silver Sneakers gym of your choice
  • Join your favorite exercise program such as cardio or other active aerobics.
  • Can anyone join SilverSneakers?

    Silver Sneakers eligibility requirements are solely based around those who enroll in Silver Sneaker partnered Medicare plans. This is one of the benefits of using a Medicare Advantage plan over a Medicare Supplement as most Medicare Supplements do not include Silver Sneakers.

    Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits Focus On Your Well

    Most Medicare Advantage plans from Aetna offer a wide range of benefits in addition to SilverSneakers membership. These benefits are designed to help take care of your total health.

    Many Aetna Medicare Advantage plans also include:

    • Prescription drug coverage
    • Dental, vision and hearing benefits
    • Non-emergency transportation coverage for things like doctors office visits or trips to the pharmacy
    • Home meal delivery services after a hospital stay
    • Over-the-counter benefit that allows you to get certain items like vitamins and cold medicine at no additional cost
    • Prescription home delivery for plans that include prescription drug coverage
    • 24/7 nurse hotline
    • No-added-cost annual flu shots

    Plan availability and features can vary by service area. Be sure to ask a licensed insurance agent or check your plans Evidence of Coverage to see what benefits are offered with your plan.

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    Heres Everything You Need To Know About This Health And Fitness Program Designed For Older Adults

    Wouldnt it be great if you could take fitness classes designed specifically for seniors and led by supportive instructors?

    What if you could take those classes online from the comfort of your home? And get a no-cost gym membership for older adults?

    If that sounds like the perfect program to help you get and stay fit in your golden years, we have awesome news for you.

    If SilverSneakers is included in your Medicare Plan, you can have all of thatat no additional cost to you.

    To help you learn more and take advantage of SilverSneakers, we put together this handy guide to answer your questions.

    Is Silver Sneakers Free With Medicare

    silver sneakers eligibility #Sneakers

    Silver Sneakers is a private health and fitness membership program designed for seniors. Its available at no cost to those enrolled in a participating Medicare Advantage plan. There are over 16,000 participating Silver Sneaker gym facilities and 70 different types of health and fitness classes available nationwide.

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    Which Plans Include Silver Sneakers

    As indicated, some of the Medigap and Medicare Advantage marketers include Sneakers in your coverage when you sign up through them. The list of participating marketers is constantly changing but here are a few:

    • United Healthcare Medicare supplement through AARP

    You can review the current list of marketers by usingthis link.

    As best we can tell you cannot sign up direct with Silver Sneakers for a membership.

    Which Parts Of Medicare Cover Silversneakers

    Original Medicare does not cover gym memberships or fitness programs. Since SilverSneakers falls under this category, original Medicare doesnt cover it.

    However, gym memberships and fitness programs, including SilverSneakers, are often covered as an additional benefit in Medicare Part C plans.

    Private insurance companies approved by Medicare offer these plans.

    Part C plans include the benefits covered by Parts A and B. They also typically have additional benefits like dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

    Some Medigap policies will also cover gym memberships and fitness programs. Like Part C plans, private insurance companies offer Medigap plans. Medigap plans help to cover costs that original Medicare doesnt.

    SilverSneakers members have access to the included benefits free of charge. Youll have to pay for anything that isnt covered in the SilverSneakers program.

    If youre unsure about whats included at a specific gym, be sure to ask.

    Additionally, its important to note that the specific amenities and classes available to you can vary by gym. You may have to search for a participating gym that meets your specific fitness needs.

    SilverSneakers is a fitness program specifically geared toward older adults. It includes:

    • access to gym facilities

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    What Does The Silver Sneakers Program Cover

    A Silver Sneakers program membership allows you to:

    • Access a network of gyms and fitness centers
    • Utilize the gyms fitness equipment, walking tracks, and other facilities
    • Follow online on-demand workout videos
    • Join the Silver Sneakers community to attend health education seminars and other benefits

    First, search for nearby gyms that participate in the Silver Sneakers program.

    Then, sign up at the Silver Sneakers website. You will receive a membership card with your ID number. Use this ID to enroll at your chosen gym or join online classes.

    How Do I Get Silver Sneakers

    12 Minute Workout for Beginners | SilverSneakers

    If you arent sure, just ask your agent while considering your options. Sometimes we cannot disclose all perks offered by an insurance company so as not to inadvertently steer clients one way or the other.

    Of course, Silver Sneakers is one of the biggest perks and some of our clients will choose a carrier based on this benefit alone. Its important to crunch the numbers, however. If you frequently use the gym and a membership will save you $60 a month, then it might be an easy decision. But if you dont use the gym often you might benefit from a lower cost Medicare plan that does not offer this benefit. We can help compare your best options.

    Here are a few FAQs that will help you:

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    What Does It Include

    You get access to over 15,000 gyms across the nation. Not only can you get into the gym, you are able to take classes that promote a healthy lifestyle. Also, many gyms offer programs and social opportunities for their members. As a note that you dont have to got a gym to take the classes. Many community centers and other places are available to you. And there are additional programs that allow you to save toward a family members college scholarship!

    What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Kaiser Silversneakers Membership

    The first requirement of a Kaiser Permanente SilverSneakers membership is being eligible for Medicare Advantage. That means being enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B.

    Once youre eligible for Medicare Advantage, you must then be eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Kaiser Permanente.

    Kaiser sells Medicare Advantage plans in the following areas

    • California
    • Virginia
    • Washington

    If you are eligible to enroll in Medicare Advantage and live in one of the areas serviced by Kaiser Permanente, you may be able to enroll in a plan with a SilverSneakers benefit. In some states, Kaiser Medicare plans may offer a similar type of fitness benefit program such as Silver & Fit.

    Connecting with a licensed Medicare insurance agent is a good way to navigate the process of finding and enrolling in a plan. If Kaiser does not sell Medicare Advantage plans in your area, an agent can help you find a similar plan sold by another carrier that does include SilverSneakers or a related fitness program.

    Remember, you may only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan at certain times of the year, such as during your Initial Enrollment Period , the Annual Enrollment Period or a Special Enrollment Period .

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    Who Is Eligible For The Silver Sneakers Program

    Residents of the United States age 65 or older are eligible for Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness memberships. The membership is included with more than 65 Medicare health plans and is available for purchase separately if not provided by a health insurer.

    An assessment during enrollment determines if a physicians approval is required before exercise is permitted through the program. As of 2015, there are approximately 13,000 participating locations nationwide. A list of locations, contact information and amenities is provided upon enrollment. The SilverSneakers website also provides a locator tool to identify nearby locations. Most locations offer exercise equipment, which can be utilized for an individual approach, in addition to group fitness classes that target aging adults.

    Find Silversneakers Locations Near You:


    To find SilverSneakers® locations near you, or click on the buttons below. You can search by class type, amenity , or even gender if you prefer a women-only gym. Some examples of locations that may support the program are hospital wellness centers, select Planet Fitness locations, and other local gyms.

    Note: YMCAs are part of the SilverSneakers® network in many states. However, YMCAs are NOT part of the SilverSneakers® network in Tennessee as of January 1, 2020.Chattanooga, TNChicago, ILHouston, TXKnoxville, TNLexington, KYLouisville, KYMemphis, TNNashville, TNNew Orleans, LASan Antonio, TXTucson, AZ

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    What Is The Silver Sneakers Program

    SilverSneakers is a fitness program designed for seniors to help them stay healthy and fit. The benefit can be found in many Medicare advantage or supplemental health plans, typically at no additional cost over the premium you already pay.

    The Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness® program offers fitness classes targeted to seniors in participating gyms, fitness studios or YMCAs.

    Currently more than 65 Medicare advantage plans nationwide offer SilverSneakers memberships at over 17,000 participating fitness locations as an additional benefit to their members. You may also participate in the program from the comfort of your home by joining online classes.

    Millions of Medicare beneficiaries use it as a fun way to stay or become fit and healthy thus improving their overall health and lowering their health care expenses. Most participating fitness locations offer a variety of equipment and classes, specifically targeted to older adults in order to increase flexibility and agility. The classes are designed for all fitness levels and held by certified and specialized trainers. Some offer chair support, outdoor activities or even workshops about health and nutrition.

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