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Best Sneakers For Hiit Training

What Is A Hiit Training Shoe

Nike SuperRep Go Review / Best HIIT training shoe???

Firstly, well take a look at what HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training is a style of workout that is short, fast and usually combines strength training and cardio work. Itll get your heart rate up, fast, and can aid with building strength or weight loss.

It typically involves any combination of running, jumping in all directions, squatting, lunging burpees, kettlebells, mountain climbers and much more.

HIIT training shoes are designed to cushion the foot on landings, but also provide stability under the heel for strength work, and remain lightweight and breathable in a warm studio or gym. Oh and your typical HIIT fan will probably want to them to look great too! A real jack of all trades is required

The Best Gym Shoes For Every Type Of Workout

Whether you crave CrossFit, hoist heavy weights or bounce around, there’s a sneaker here for you.

When it comes down to it, so to speak, shoes can make or break your gym or home workout experience. And no matter your style, this list has an option for you. While it can be tempting to use the same pair of sneakers for all your walking, running, jogging and gym-going, its ideal to have a pair of shoes that you use just for workouts.

Beyond extending the life of your running shoes, swapping out that pair for a gym pair does a lot for your workouts. Shoes designed for that purpose are closer to the ground, lending more support to your muscles and joints, giving you better stability during unilateral moves and providing a reliable platform for lifting heavy weights.

Note: when purchasing true running shoes, people often leave space in the toe box for toe splay. It makes sense and can improve your running form and performance. But with gym shoes, its best to avoid unnecessary space in the toe box. You want support for your feet during unilateral moves, so go with a snug fit and one of these winners.

Ryka Fempower Daring Training Shoe

You can sport the sneakers from this popular Veja x Rick Owens collab all the way from the track to the grocery storeand youll be sure to get a slew of compliments on the way. Theyre super light and flexible, with a stretchy sock-like upper material that keeps your heel from sliding out of place. While these Runners arent cheap, they combine fashion and function for anyone looking for a multipurpose, minimalist cross-trainer .

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Runs Small And Not For Wide Feet

The shoe runs smaller to size. I wear a size 10 but this shoe left my feet feeling snug and cramped in the toebox. Although the material was flexible, it was too narrow to call comfortable. The heel is spot on with the height of most of my ankle socks.

If you are within the realm of a normal to narrow foot, I wouldnt anticipate any fit issues, but I would recommend a wider fit.

Best For Hiit: Reebok Womens Hiit Training Shoes

Nike Free TR8 Women

This pair is specifically designed for HIIT. Reebok is well know for making great triaining shoes for HIIT and this will get you through the repetitive beating of your foot. It has mesh upper and has comfortable feel from their lightweight cushioning.

Who is this for?

An intermediate to advanced HIIT women whos looking for durability and protection. If you do HIIT on a regular base, this pair of training shoes is for you.


  • Great for girls with bunions
  • Comfortable for long training
  • Good for girls in need of arch support


  • Not as smooth to put on
  • Some complain that it rubs against Achilles
  • Still insert in the beginning stage

User Experience

Most people who gave feedbacks on this shoes express how it is very difficult to find a suitable shoes for themselves. Girls with bunion problems and wide feet appreciates how well this shoes fit and it last a long training time without discomfort.


It is a bit hard to find training shoes that are specifically designed for HIIT. This pair made by Reebok is probably one of the best ones out there. No shoes are perfect but this pair of shoes can be close to being perfect for HIIT.

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What To Look For In The Best Workout Shoes

When shopping for the best workout shoes, consider whether you have any concerns like high arches, wide feet or bad knees. Although any shoe is not a panacea, the right shoe can help minimize pain. Theres also a ton of anecdotal experience out there on the best gym shoes from top brands, like Nikes top running shoes and Adidas best running shoes for marathon training. Tried and true is the way to go here.

If you have flat feet, go for a wider-lasted workout shoe, which will give your foot room to move instead of feeling pinched, says pedorthist Michael Fishkin of Northern Illinois Foot & Ankle Specialists. And anyone with bunions should look for gym shoes that have arch support and plenty of stability, says Dr. Glenn Davison, owner of Advanced Podiatry in New York City and New Jersey and a fellow in the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

For ankle support, look for high-top shoes with extra stability. If youre trying to be gentle to your feet, choose orthopedic sneakers with firm, stable cushioning these can be some of the most comfortable sneakers for women and most comfortable shoes for men around, too.

Supporting your feet also means supporting your health. For those who need them, there are shoes for diabetics that promote circulation and prevent irritation. And if youre searching for the best walking or running shoes for plantar fasciitis, youll find no shortage of styles with supportive arches and that keep your foot in a neutral position.

Shop Nike Training Shoes

What Type of Clothing Should You Wear for HIIT?

High-intensity training requires supportive, durable, sweat-wicking workout wear. The types of exercise performed during HIIT involves plenty of multi-directional movement side-to-side, up and down, bouncing, jolting and jumping. You need activewear and training shoes designed to handle the types of exercises performed. Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear for HIIT.

1. Go for Sweat-Wicking Pieces

Working at a high-intensity means one thing for most people: sweat. Dont be afraid of sweating its a sign youre working hard. But sweat can interfere with your performance if it isnt managed properly by your activewear.

Materials like cotton that trap sweat will prevent airflow and retain moisture in the skin. This affects your bodys ability to effectively thermoregulate. Youll feel hot and heavy, which can slow you down. Opt for sweat-wicking materials to keep cool and comfortable. Nike Dri-FIT technology transfers sweat away from the skin and onto its surface, so it can evaporate.

2. Choose Skintight Vs. Loose-Fitting

For certain workouts, loose-fitting clothing may be preferred. However, for HIIT, go for tight clothing. Tighter-fitting, flexible fabrics allow for a full range of motion and comfortability, and are better suited to high-intensity exercise.

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Best Upgrade Gym Shoes

The breathable woven upper of these shoes is reinforced with a foot-hugging sock liner and stretchy attached tongue, while the handy pull tab at the back makes them easy to don and doff. The 8mm drop is slightly more than some other shoes on this list but amply supports squats, reverse lunges, mountain climbers and even spider planks, especially in conjunction with the springy Propelium midsole. So what really makes this shoe worthy of the step-up badge? A rather subjective quality: the well-crafted yet seamless style simply pops, wears well outside the gym and is available in more than a dozen colors.

Everlane The Forever Platform Sneaker

Best Workout Shoes for Women | Gym, Running, HIIT | Nike, Adidas | Ad

Speaking of chunky sneakers, meet the Fila Electrove. You might have seen these on Instagram, TikTok, or just about anywhere this summer. The design is reminiscent of dad sneakers circa Y2K, for a sporty and fashionable look. That all being said, these Filas still manage to be utilitarian. This is definitely a supportive, responsive shoe, one tester wrote. Not too cushiony, but my feet felt comfortable standing in them for long periods of time. Win-win.

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Best Ua Shoes For Hiit Training And Classes

The best UA training shoes for HIIT workouts and classes will vary based on what you want out of your shoe. All of the models below are solid for HIIT training and they each provide a different fit and feel. I wanted to provide a wider range of options for this category since HIIT training and classes can vary greatly.

Good For Outdoor Fitness

Reebok Nano X1 TR Adventure

If the last couple of years has taught gymgoers anything, it’s that we may not always have the luxury of a kitted-out indoor studio to train in. As well as dealing with the bad weather that often comes with exercising outdoors, it also means wearing shoes that are better suited to natural surfaces. The Nano X1 TR Adventure takes its cues from the popular Nano line-up a range designed for indoor functional fitness and adapts it for the more demanding needs of the outside world. The shoe still features Reebok’s responsive Floatride midsole cushioning but also includes a lugged outsole to stop you from slipping around on wet and muddy surfaces, and a durable ripstop upper.

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The Best Cross Training Shoes You Can Buy Right Now

The best cross training shoes just got better. The Metcon 5 was a gamechanger, and the Metcon 6 build on the previous models success. However, the Metcon 7 remains the best of not just Nikes best workout shoe lines, but the best gym shoe, period.

It offers some genuine advancements: Its lighter, and the complete React midsole ensures the shoe is soft and comfortable, yet springy and responsive. Combined with the structure of the shoe itself and the Hyperlift in the heel, its great to feel supported when doing plyometrics and sprint training.

What the users say

Lots of people love the Metcon 7 on the Nike website, with 4.5 stars and praise heaped on the rope guards from serious CrossFit enthusiasts, and comfort, stability, and support from other casual enthusiasts. Some die-hards arent a fan of the fact that the Hyperlift is now baked into the shoe rather than an optional insert, throwing more weight onto the ball of the foot, but its more about your own personal style and what you prefer when exercising. To anyone but the most discerning of fitness fans, the Metcon 7 is a near-perfect workout shoe.

The NoBull Trainer shoe has emerged from the all-star pack thanks to an understated design, genius bit of marketing, and impressive simplicity. It remains a fantastic do-it-all shoe despite the pared-down design, for those whose workouts are wide and varied. They can handle cardio, lifting, jumping, climbing, and everything in between.

What the users say

Best Gym Shoes For Running

Top 7 Best Shoes for HIIT Workouts 2019 Reviewed  Lehshoes

Looking for a bit more spring in your step out on the road? The latest in Hoka’s Mach series is its liveliest yet. Blending two different foams a soft, light one on top supported by a rubberized one beneath provides a winning combo of cushy comfort and energy-boosting bounce. A refined collar eases Achilles pressure, while Hoka’s classic rockered profiles keeps the miles rolling by.

Considering how well it makes running shoes, it is no surprise that On’s gym-specific offering is a pretty capable runner as well. Weighing in at just under 8.5 ounces, the Cloud X boasts a tough but breathable mesh upper, a superfoam outsole and raised sidewalls that bolster multidirectional movement and just enough bounce to keep you ripping through short distances.

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How We Test The Best Workout Shoes

There are as many different types of workouts as there are stars in the sky have you heard about Happy Intensifying Interval Training yet? and we don’t think there is any one workout shoe that works well for all of them.

Although, in most cases, manufacturers will tell you which workout their shoes are best suited for, it doesn’t mean those shoes can’t be used for other purposes, something we’re always keen to find out.

Some of the essential criteria we check are step-in comfort, ergonomics, padding, cushioning, technology involved, design, aesthetics, and, of course, workout performance.

Of course, your feet are shaped differently from ours, so when we say particular shoes feel snug on our wide feet, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel the tightness yourself, so bear this in mind when reading our verdicts.

Nike Zoomx Superrep Surge Training Shoes


people who love to switch up their training

Need an all-round gym shoe? The Nike ZoomX will do you proud. The Nike ZoomX foam provides shock absorption and cushioning, but is light enough to ensure a lightweight shoe. Mesh uppers keeps things breathable .

A rubber outsole is grippy enough to help with multi-directional movement, while flexible grooves in the sole are handy for stability if youre lifting. Frankly, whatever your workout – HIIT, strength training, treadmill, circuit training, rowing – this shoe will keep your feet comfortable and safe. A winner.

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Best Shoes For Hiit Mens Reviewed 2021

Are you looking for the Best Shoes for HIIT men then you are in the right place. Here I have reviewed the top 12 best Shoes for HIIT Men, Shoes for Workouts, Cross Training Shoes. I hope this guide will help you to find the Best Shoes for HIIT. So lets get started!!

High-intensity interval training is the verve behind the latest fitness workout routines. Such as CrossFit, Beachbodys insanity, or Tabata. Distinguished by its bouts of high-intensity activities between cycling, weightlifting, and swimming with following recovery sessions.

Shoes for HIIT Men Workouts are for the people looking to get fit the fast way. Athletes preparing for competitions, to burn calories, or to improve core strength.

The high-intensity bursts allow you to thrust yourself to the limits for brief intervals. The routines hybridize resistance training with cardiovascular training to develop demanding workout patterns that help you stimulate muscles in every possible way.

In turn, revving your metabolism during and after those bursts of energy. Essentially meaning that youre still burning up your calories hours after doing the exercise.

Who Shouldnt Buy The Hylete Circuit 2

Ask Cassie B: Best Sneakers For HIIT Workouts
  • People who do a lot of rope climbs, as there are other shoes on the market that may provide more grip.
  • Anyone who is more price conscious.
  • Runners who want a cross training shoe that offers a softer feel while jogging and sprinting and dont care much about lifting heavy weight.

The redesigned heel, interchangeable inserts, excellent traction all add up to create a unique shoe in the cross training space. HYLETE has done something that sets them apart. The interchangeable soles can be a game changer for athletes who train using different modalities, but dont necessarily want to invest in three pairs of shoes to use throughout a given week.

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Best Footwear For Mainly Weightlifting & Strength Training

If your gym haven is the weights room, your priorities are going to be stability, grip and power to optimise lifts.

Some lifters prefer to go barefoot and allow the foot to provide natural stability, other people prefer a shoe that delivers a firm, flat grip on the ground for a stable base and to prevent slipping and sliding. If youre doing a lot of Olympic-style lifts, look for weight lifting shoes with the following features:

  • Raised, high density heels, allowing better ankle mobility for a deeper squat and an upright torso for optimum power.
  • Hard, dense soles which maximise your ability to drive force into the ground for powerful lifts
  • Stay away from cushioned soles that compress
  • Seriously supportive uppers

One option is to go for zero drop natural shoes which have firm soles, supportive uppers and a wide forefoot to allow the foot to splay for stability.

Dedicated weight lifting shoes are less mobile and theres also less shock absorption, meaning that these models wont cross over to other gym activities. But if clean and jerks and snatches are your big thing, then its well worth investing in a proper pair.

Providing stability, support and safety, the inov-8 FASTLIFT 360 is the perfect weightlifting shoe.


Lift In Comfort With The Metcon 7

I have said it before of Nikes, these shoes feel great on the feet. With this version of the Metcon, Nike has also added React foam that ups the comfort to keep your feet feeling comfortable while lifting, or killing it on the treadmill.

In addition to that, grooves in the sole let your forefoot bend naturally giving you a better reaction all around with these. Your feet will definitely thank you for slipping on these bad boys.

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Can You Use Walking Or Running Shoes For Cross

Generally speaking, you should avoid this. Walking is a unidirectional activity, meaning it moves in one direction, whereas, most cross-training activities are multidirectional. Walking shoes just dont have the support and stability needed for most cross-training movements.

Wentzien adds, Cross-trainers also tend to be a little firmer when it comes to cushioning and shock absorption, as running shoe foam compresses over time when repeatedly absorbing weight. Cross-trainers, on the other hand, are able to withstand the weight absorption that cross-training requires without compromising stability or longevity.

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