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Hiking Shoes That Look Like Sneakers

Other Versions Of The Salomon X Ultra 3 Low

How to clean your hiking shoes | Salomon How to

Weve covered the mens version of the X Ultra 3 GTX Low for this review, but the line comes in a number of variations. Within the low-top options, theres a non-waterproof X Ultra 3 Aero, which ditches the Gore-Tex membrane and swaps the upper material to a more open mesh design. The result is greatly improved breathability and a 1-ounce savings per pair . Further, both the GTX and Aero models are offered with womens-specific fits and unique colorways.

X Ultra 3 Hiking Shoe Vs X Ultra 3 Mid Hiking Boot

As touched on above, Salomon makes an over-the-ankle boot variation of the X Ultra 3 that Ive been testing as well. In most ways, its simply a taller version of the low-top shoe, sharing the traction system, the light-but-tough upper material, and athletic feel. Changes include the extra support and protection that comes with the extended, padded collar, and Salomon has also swapped the Quicklace closure for traditional laces with the boot model. The total change in weight for my mens size 9s came to 7.4 ounces more for the pair. Those carrying a heavy load or hiking in areas where the extra ankle protection is needed will likely prefer the Mid , while the low-top is hard to beat for moving fast on the trail with its superlight feel. In the end, we think both are excellent options.

We Like The Danner Mountain 600s For Women And The Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx For Men

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These are the best hiking shoes and boots to shop for women:

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Fit Is The Most Important Factor In Selecting The Right Footwear

Choose footwear that matches your particular foot shape. Do you have wide feet? A high instep? Low volume feet? Many shoe stores will measure your feet and let you know the type youve got.

Once youve found a style that complements your foot shape, sizing is just as key. The salespeople I spoke with offered me a few pointers on fit. Find the pair that offers your toes about a half-inch of wiggle room. It helps to take the insole out of the shoe and stand on it. Heels should be snug to the back of the shoe wall, with just a little room for up-and-down movement. Walk around before hitting the trail and make sure your toes arent hitting the end on a downslope and that there arent any pressure points that will outlast a bit of break-in time.REI has some tips to help you get the best hiking shoe fit.

For day hiking and light backpacking, a hiking shoe can be just as sturdy as a hiking boot yet allow for more controlled movement on the trail.

How Much Should You Spend On A Hiking Shoe


The amount of money you should spend on a good hiking shoe is different for everybody. I would say it depends on your budget and how often you are going to use them.

If you do 1 day hike every year, its not really worth it to spend 300 on a pair of hiking boots.

If you are on a tight budget I would recommend buying a pair of hiking boots around 70 . I feel like you can find a very decent pair of cheap hiking boots for this amount of money. I might be wrong here, but I wouldnt really trust hiking boots that are cheaper than that . That said, you want to be careful with cheap hiking shoes, make sure to do proper research. Or just choose a pair from this article .

If you have a good experience with even cheaper boots, please let me know, Im very interested.

Note that I would recommend hiking boots over low top hiking shoes if you are on a tight budget. The reason for this is that hiking boots are generally more durable and will last a lot longer. In the long run, this means a lot of money saved. Especially when you only have to spend 70 to begin with.

There are obviously some advantages of a more expensive hiking shoe. A higher quality shoe will have a better grip, will be more durable, offer more protect, etc. However, I would say that these advantages do not justify the price if you are on a budget.

Also, your feet are your most valuable asset when you are hiking. If you can afford it, why not treat your feet as good as possible.

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Lightest: Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra

The Terrex Speed Ultras smooth ride is the result of using two materials in the midsole: a molded EVA layer on top and a layer of encapsulated PU on the bottom. The EVA provides cushion, the PU ensures a springy step and resists compression, and both of them together are ideal for moving fast and nimbly, and covering long distances through off-camber terrain. The mesh upper has proved plenty breathable on days in the high 80s, and seems to be durable so far. The Continental outsole grants dependable traction on dirt singletrack and medium-sized rocks, although I think the shallow, uniform V-shape lugs would lose a little grip in mud or on rock slabs. As long as Im not running on those, though, the Terrex Speed Ultra will be one of my go-to footwear choices. Eli Bernstein

Asics Mens Gel Venture 6 Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Weve included this as it is a best seller within the category, but its more of an outdoor running shoe than a dedicated hiking shoe. Nevertheless, if youre comfortable with that, then its from a quality brand and is a nice shoe with synthetic uppers and quality, strong leather sole. The rear has GEL cushioning, too, which is helpful when moving at speed. A removable sock liner might appeal to some, but we really think there are better choices on this list for hiking.

Key Features sporting brand, running shoe, sock liner, tough cushioned sole

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La Sportiva Ultra Raptor Ii

Category All Mountain, Off Trail, Long DistancePrice $130

Drop 6mm Width Options Regular, European sizing

Why We Recommend Part of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Shoe line, the Bushido II is stable, grippy, and protective on rugged and technical terrain. The original Bushido was Trail Runner magazine Editors Choice Award and the second generation is even more versatile. Moderate cushioning balances feeling the ground and comfort. The stiff and supportive sole is stable on rough terrain but not suited for the road.

The Italian sizing can be narrow and doesnt always translate so expect to size up by a half or full size.

There is also the La Sportiva Bushido II GTX with waterproof Gore-tex for women and men.

Keen Targhee Iii Mid Waterproof Mens Hiking Boots

Rax Hiking Shoes

For all-terrain adventures, these Keen mens hiking boots will help you traverse nearly any trail. They feature a long-lasting leather exterior and a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. The anti-microbial mesh lining makes this footwear odor-resistant and breathable, too.

The mid-profile boots offer plenty of ankle support as well as a rubber sole with multi-directional lugs that offer great traction and security on even the most roughest ground. Rounding out the sturdy construction is the internal shank and heel counter for added stability.


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The Best Hiking Shoes For Sustainability

British brand inov-8 has been leading the way recently with the durability of its shoes â and specifically the toughness of their graphene-based outsoles â but this hiking shoe indicates theyâre making positive steps in the direction of sustainability too. Made from 90% recycled materials â mainly previously discarded plastic bottles â the Roclite Recycled 310s have a pleasingly light environmental footprint. Even the laces are recycled, and the midsole features foam thatâs 10% algae biomass keeps your centre of gravity nice and low.

However, they are not especially supportive or well-armed for providing foot protection â thereâs no waterproof membrane , and while there is a rand of sorts around the mostly mesh upper, itâs not going to put up much of a fight against sharp stones and sticks. Thereâs no Graphene in the studs of these shoes, but the 6mm lugs on the natural gum outsole are very grippy, and the design doesnât collect too much mud when youâre on mucky trails. The Metaflex feature means they move dynamically with your feet, providing decent levels of trail feedback and making them slipper-level comfortable. The look and colors used is all quite understated, but this fits well with the excellent eco-conscious approach of these shoes.

Salomon Crossamphibian Swift Trail Running Shoe

The Crossamphibian Swift Trail Running Shoe from Salomon is the slip-proof and breathable companion that you need for a beachside or rainy-day run. The combination of an EVA midsole and sensifit lacing system provide a comfortable custom fit. Plus, the collapsible heel lets you alternate between a slip-on shoe and a closed shoe. The shoe is made from a quick-drying and lightweight synthetic fabric with a mesh-upper. This allows for air-flow and water drainage without allowing debris to enter. Most importantly, the premium wet traction contra grip also provides enough grip to keep you out of the water while stand up paddle boarding or hiking on slippery surfaces.

Considering Salomans reputation for producing high-quality outdoor gear, not to mention the 2-year warranty which comes with the Crossamphibian Swift Trail Running Shoe, we think that this mens hiking water shoe comes with a very reasonable price tag.


  • Doesnt run true to size

Find the latest price on:

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Hiking Shoes Vs Sneakers Or Runners

In four words support, grip, traction, comfort.

There is an argument that trail runners are as good as hiking shoes. There is a convergence between hiking shoes and trail runners. In dry weather with little chance of rocks or in any way damaging my toes I believe that trail runners are a good choice. For long multiday hikes of more than a few days, I prefer the support of hiking shoes.

Sneakers or Runners are great for an easy day in relatively flat tracks. Sneakers are not built to support your foot, ankle and lower leg when climbing up or descending steep tracks. This will result in stiffer legs and sore ankles at the end of the day. Sneakers are not built to protect your toes during descents. The last issue I have with sneakers is that the sole is not good enough for the grip needed away from man-made surfaces and at the same time you will very quickly start to feel all the tiny stones as you hike along beautiful tracks.

How We Evaluated These Hiking Shoes

Look at this KEEN Gargoyle &  Wild Orchid Koven Leather Hiking Shoe ...

To recommend the best hiking shoes, I considered different styles of hiking, hiker preferences, and the distances and terrain people might encounter on trails around the country. Theres a shoe here thats suitable for whatever terrain you might be faced with, be it steep, rugged, and rocky or flat and sandy. Some models below are best for long days in the mountains, and others are fast-and-light shoes meant for quick jaunts around your local hills. What they all have in common is out-of-the-box comfort. For each model, the weight listed, per half pair, is a mens size 9.

  • Outsole can wear out quickly

Key Specs

  • Waterproof: Optional
  • Weight : 10.5 oz

Altras reputation for providing comfort during extended hikes has cemented the brand as one of the most popular in the hiking community. Designed to encourage a more natural stride from its zero-drop construction and wide toe box, the Lone Peak features a plush 25-millimeter stack height that doesnt feel excessive but still provides plenty of protection. Its nice to see the newest model is more durable than previous versions, which saw some upper blowouts in the forefoot.

PM: When do you prefer to wear hiking shoes instead of boots?

PM: When is it time to upgrade from a pair of regular sneakers to shoes designed specifically for the trail?

PM: Do you prefer your hiking shoes to have a waterproof membrane or not? Why?

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Aft Affinest Minimalist Hiking Shoe

If you are looking for a quick-dry hiking shoe that has some traction and will be able to bear all the rugged terrain especially when youre starting out, AFT shoes comes in at a very affordable price.

It is a good to have a back-up shoe for casual hikes on any wet terrain, and these pairs come in handy!

It has 11 drainage holes to ensure easy water flow out of the shoes quickly that keeps your feet dry.

Northside Mens Peyton Hiking Shoe

If you want a comfortable, lightweight and reliable pair of hiking shoes, we highly recommend picking up something from Northside. The American brand specializes in boots, sandals, hiking shoes and more for the great outdoors, and we recently tested out a pair of low-profile hikers on a trip to Zion National Park.

These Peyton hiking shoes are made with a super comfy sock-style upper, with a built-in moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry. A padded insole and compression-molded EVA midsole ensure protection and cushioning, while the rubber outsole gives you traction on all landscapes and in all conditions. The grippy shoes kept us stable and sure-footed while hiking muddy trails, darting through sand dunes, and climbing steep rocks. Everything wipes down easily for easy maintenance, and the sneaker-style design makes these easy to wear to a bar or restaurant after your hike too.


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Best Sandal: Chaco Mega Z Cloud Sandal

Also available at

Why We Love it: The cushiony sole provides a level of comfort unexpected from a sandal.

What to Consider: You’ll still need another pair of boots or other hiking shoes if you plan on hiking in cool weather..

Prepare to rock the classic “Chaco tan” because you won’t want to take these adventure sandals off. The cushiony Cloud sole is the feature highlight, creating extra comfort for your active pursuits. You’ll feel stable navigating trails with the grippy rubber outsole and tailored fit with adjustable straps. No break-in required, these sandals are ready for any venture you can conjure, whether it’s a day hike or kayak session or a combination of both. Those straps won’t dig in and give you blisters when your feet get wet, either, so this set is comfortable, lightweight, and grippy. You’ll find several colors and patterns to choose from as well.

Sizes: 6-11 | Materials: Rubber, Luvseat polyurethane, polyester jacquard webbing | Weight per pair: 11 ounces

Vivobarefoot Ultra Iii Bloom

Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoes Review


If youre looking for an eco-friendly water shoe which performs over a variety of terrains then the Vivobarefoot Ultra III Bloom is what you need. These vegan-friendly shoes are the adult version of the Ultra Bloom Kids below, and are made of the same BLOOM foam that contains algae removed from waterways. The soles provide excellent traction, even when transitioning from wet to dry surfaces, without adding extra thickness underfoot. The result is that you feel like youre not wearing shoes at all!

Unlike the kids version, these river shoes are secured to your feet with a quick release toggle system making them feel even more secure around the natural form of your feet.


  • Available in Mens and Womens versions


  • Not supportive enough for some hikers
  • High Price tag

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The Best Hiking Shoes For Comfort

The Danner Trail 2650 GTX looks and in some ways acts like one of the best trail running shoes, but is surprisingly robust for hiking in wet weather and over uneven, rocky terrain. This sock-like style of shoe is designed with a heel tab to pull them on while the laces serve just for a little tightening. They can take a little effort to pull on if you have high arches, but once theyâre on they feel fantastic with a snug, comfortable fit, lots of flex and three layers of removable, breathable cushioning.

With uppers made from durable leather, abrasion resistant and a Gore-Tex membrane plus chunky Vibram Megarip soles, these shoes are sturdy and suitable for long hikes and give loads of stability on rough trails.

These hiking shoes are high priced, but they are built to last.

Brand new from Keen, the NXIS Evo feature a fantastic and clever heel-lock system, which integrates with the laces to provide a really secure grip right around the entire heel and forefoot area, providing complete confidence on even the most technical trails, because your feet do not more around at all within the shoe. Except, that is, when the laces come undone, which has happened on test a few times â user error? Maybe, but the thick, round laces used, while tough, to tend to work their way undone.

405g / 14oz / 337g / 12oz Half-day sojourns into the foothills

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