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How To Wash Rothys Sneakers

Tip : Clean Your Rothys With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Rothys Wash Instructions for Your Shoes and Insoles

Okay, lets face it- sometimes shoes get REALLY stinky. Like, oh God, am I going to have to throw away this $100 pair of shoes?? level stinky. Please, please PLEASE do not throw out those gorgeous Rothys! They can still be saved.

For this trick, youll take out the insoles and place them in a small tupperware, dish, or plate. Cover the insoles with baking soda and let it set. After about an hour, fill a small spray bottle with vinegar.

Lightly spray the baking soda-covered insoles with the vinegar. Small bubbles should appear. Repeat until bubbles no longer form, which should take a few coats of vinegar. This should remove the majority of lingering odors, even the long-lasting ones.

Once you are done, pick up the insoles and remove as much baking soda as possible. Most of it will just fall off, but you may have to shake or tap the insoles together to get the majority of it off.

Next, run your Rothys through a regular laundry cycle. This should take away any leftover vinegar smell, and leave your Rothys smelling fresh and clean.

How Do I Hand Wash My White Rothys Shoes

It sounds like youre looking for ideas on how to clean white shoes.

Though there are many methods, I recommend placing a paper towel soaked in apple cider vinegar inside the shoe. Gently rub into any stains and let sit overnight before scrubbing out the wet spots. Cleaning shoes in this way will not damage them since they can easily be scrubbed off with a brush or sponge without ruining their shape.

Simply repeat these steps until the spot disappears, then rinse and air-dry your shoes before wearing them again.

Rothys Promotions & Discounts

There is currently no Rothys coupon available, but the site is offering free international shipping for a limited time! Here are some other deals the brand offers:

Rothys refer-a-friend program allows you to not only refer these products to one of your friends but also give them $20 off their first order. Not to worry theres something in it for you, too. Once your friend makes their first purchase, you are also given $20 off your next order.

Rothys is well aware of the sacrifices teachers make on a day-to-day basis and they know just how much time they spend on their feet.

So, as a token of appreciation for all the impactful work of resilient teachers out there, Rothys has kindly offered to give any eligible teacher within the United States an extra 20% off their order. Teachers can verify their eligibility and generate their personalized Rothys discount code.

For a Rothys promo code and information on a Rothys sale, check back on their site regularly.

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How Does Rothys Shoes Sizing Work Should I Size Up Or Down For Rothys

Rothys claims their shoes are true to size, which I think is mostly right with some caveats for different styles. It also helps that they offer half sizes in most Rothys styles for a better fit.

In terms of my personal experience with Rothys flats sizing, Im usually between a size 9.5 and a 10 .

I tried Rothys flats in a size 9.5 first and found them to be too small so I exchanged them for a size 10, which was the perfect fit.

And from reading a bunch of other Rothys reviews for a variety of different styles for both women and men, it seems like Rothys shoes can run a ½ size too small for a good chunk of customers.

So if youre unsure of which size to get or youre in between sizes, Id recommend sizing a ½ size up. If you have wide feet, you should also order a half size up for most styles.

Otherwise, what I usually like to do is order two sizes at once, try them both on at home, and then send back the one that doesnt fit as well.

With Rothys quick and easy return policy, this is super convenient to do .

What Is Rothysreturn Policy


Rothys understands the woes associated with trying to gauge the right shoe size over the internet. So, theyve compensated by offering a fairly comprehensive Rothys return policy just in case youre not thrilled with your shoes or if youd like to go with another size.

Rothys will accept any exchange or return of unworn shoes purchased within the last 30 days. Of course, they are perfectly fine with you trying the shoes on as long as its done so within the clean confines of your home.

If youre a US customer you can exchange or return unworn shoes either through a Happy Returns bar, mail, or via Rothys San Francisco store. Processing time varies depending on your method of choice.

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What Is Rothysshipping Policy

Rothys offers a free shipping option, which generally takes about 5-9 business days for orders within the United States. If you want faster shipping by way of UPS Expedited or UPS Express , you can opt-in for an extra $25 or $35 respectively.

International orders will generally take anywhere from 5-10 business days to arrive.. As it stands, there is no expedited international shipping alternative.

Rothys Review : Are They Worth The Cost

My full Rothys review! This is everything you should know before purchasing a pair of shoes from this popular brand.

Similar to Birdies shoes, Rothys was another brand that kept popping up for me on my Instagram ads.

As a longtime Tieks enthusiast, I was intrigued by a company that produced lightweight flats that were washable and more sustainable than Tieks.

I sat on that intrigue for a good couple of years before I finally bought a pair of Rothys earlier this year to test them out for myself.

In this detailed Rothys review, youll get the full rundown of what I love about my Rothys flats and what I dont after my first-hand experience of wearing them all over the Bay Area.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

  • Rothys Review: So, are Rothys Worth the Cost?
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    How Do I Handwash My Rothys

    If you prefer hand wash your Rothys, it is also a super-easy process. The selection of detergent will remain the same as will be the temperature of the water. Take a small tub and put some water with room temperature in it. Now add some mild detergent and soak your shoes in the mixture of detergent and water. Dont forget to separate the insoles from the shoes for quicker and better cleaning.

    After a while, take a brush with soft bristles and clean out any residues or mud from the shoes. Take special care of the joining area between upper and sole. Toes also need some extra attention as well as the inside of toes. If you dont have an appropriate brush, use an old towel or washing cloth. You may also use a sponge to gently rub out the dust and other built-ups from the shoes.

    Rinse out the shoes with cold water and put them for drying. The drying process is the same whether you wash your shoes Remember that cold water means room temperature as cold water can make your Rothys extra stiff and hard along with making them shapeless.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Rothys Odor

    How To Wash White Sneakers So They Look New ~ Rothys, Nikes & The Laundress

    Deodorizing your Rothys is always a good idea since you keep them wearing in dusty, sweaty areas. This step is particularly necessary if you are an athlete or have too sweaty feet. Sometimes when in a hurry, this deodorizing can be the best alternate of washing procedure.

    Take a small amount of baking soda and sprinkle it inside your shoes. Leave the shoes preferably in an open area overnight. You may add fresh mint or lavender essential oil with baking soda for a more refreshing experience. Tea tree oil is also a good option if you sweat a lot and want protection against fungus or bacteria in your feet.

    Cleaning in the bits

    While dining or during a party, if some drink or gravy gives your Rothys a stain, there is no need to wash the entire shoe. You may put some liquid soap on the stain using a cotton ball or toothbrush. Wait for a while and clean out the soap using a damp cloth. Leave the shoes for drying and you are good to go. We suggest you put a paper towel or rough cotton cloth inside the shoe to keep it from getting wet.

    Consider Replacement

    Ending Words

    In short, clean shoes are very important for our overall appearance and Rothys are very easy to clean and maintain. Just follow a few cautions and you can wash them up at home without any special tools or efforts. Just be gentle, use mild soaps and detergents. Also, keep your Rothys away from heat and you are ready to enjoy a walk down the town or a lazy stroll in the nearby park.

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    How To Get Rid Of The Smell From Rothys Sneakers

    Its always best to wash your shoes in order to get rid of the smell.

    However, if you are looking forward to a hack or a fix for smelly shoes without washing them, you may follow the simple home remedy below.

    In order, to get rid of bad odor from your rothys you will need the below items.

    • Baking Soda

    Once you have the above ingredients ready, simply follow the below process to kill the odor.

    Step 1: Sprinkle some Baking Soda Inside

    The first step is to sprinkle some baking soda on the inside as well as the outside parts and let them sit overnight.

    Step 2: Stuff the Newspaper

    Next, stuff the shoes with newspaper.

    You can even add a couple of drops of essential oil to the newspaper to get better results.

    The Combination of Baking soda and stuffed newspaper with essential oil helps to absorb the pungent odor.

    Step 3: Leave them overnight

    The prep work is now completed, simply leave the shoes in this state overnight.

    Step 4: Wipe with Wipes OR Distilled White Vinegar

    The last step is to get rid of the baking soda powder, in order to do so, first pat the shoes so that the powder comes off easily.

    And finally, wipe the shoes with either wipe OR prepare a homemade solution using distilled white vinegar and water and then use that solution to wipe the shoes using a cloth.

    Sustainability Of Rothys Shoes

    We mentioned this earlier but all of their shoes are made from recycled water bottles. The first step of the production process involves chipping them into tiny flakes. From there, they are pressed into pellets with high pressure. These pellets are then made into spools of thread and knit into shoes. For more information, you can visit their official website here.

    Soles: Made from carbon-free, recycle rubber and TPU

    Insoles: Consist of recycled foam that contains bio-based castor oil

    Adhesives: Vegan and non-toxic created with low environmental impact

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    Tip : Cleaning Stained Rothys Insoles

    Are your insoles looking a little worse for the wear? If you have light colored insoles, youre going to notice that your insoles start looking VERY well used VERY quickly.

    If youve read my post about how to clean up hand me down kids shoes, you know that one of my favorite tools is OxiClean Laundry Spray. It works just as well with your expensive Rothys flats as it does with your kids sneakers.

    Rinse your insoles with hot water, and then spray with the OxiClean spray. Let them sit for about 10 minutes, and then rinse again with hot water. You may need to scrape gently with a laundry brush or even just your fingernail to work the water and spray into the stains.

    When the stains are mostly removed, throw them into the wash for a regular cycle and allow to air dry.


    So there you have it, our no-fail, tried and tested techniques for how to clean your Rothys . With a little prevention and some easy treatments, you can make your expensive Rothys last much longer and keep them as fresh as the day you bought them.

    Looking for more tips and tricks? Head here next-

    Can You Put Rothys Flats In The Washing Machine

    My first pair of Rothys sneakers! Soo comfortable  hope they stay this ...

    It is recommended that you air dry your Rothys after each use.

    However, if for some reason you need to go down the machine washing route , please remove the footbeds from the soles before cleaning your shoes in the washing machine on a gentle cycle .

    If they get damaged in the washer or spinning machine of a dryer they cannot be replaced and will result in a ruined shoe forever.

    So my opinion is just dont do machine washing at all if you can avoid it! Keeping these little strips attached to your shoes when drying is so worth it!

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    Is Rothys Easy To Clean

    Rothys are super easy to wash and do not require any special prep work.

    You simply need to remove the insole from the shoe, and then put them in the washing machine, on cold water, in a delicate setting, if you are machine washing them.

    If you choose to hand wash, use a mild laundry detergent to gently clean the stains.

    We will discuss the step-by-step process of washing the shoes in detail, more on that later in this article.

    Are Rothys Actually Comfortable

    According to many customer testimonials as well as the brand, Rothys are extremely comfortable and can be worn for years. Many have reported that they have worn their Rothys for long walks, work, and vacations without any pain from their shoes.

    One of the other big selling points of the brand is that their sizing is accurate, which gives the wearer very little discomfort right from the start.

    Plus, due to the nature of the materials, you can expect your Rothys to mold to the shape of your foot over time to get that weightless, barefoot feel.

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    Who Is Rothys For

    Rothys creates shoes for men, women, and children with a dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

    All of the shoes offered by this brand are made with eco-friendly materials and zero waste. So, for those looking to decrease their environmental footprint, these shoes are for you!

    To be more specific, Rothys are meant to be worn with streetwear, but they are also great for the cottage, going out to dinner, or running errands.

    But, most customer reviews mention how these shoes are best for walking and for work since they are comfortable enough to wear all day.

    How Long Do Shoes Last When To Replace Your Shoes

    How to wash Vivaia shoes.

    Shoes are a necessary part of our everyday lives. They come in various styles and with many different uses from comfortable sneakers made for everyday use, to dressy flats for a night on the town the list goes on and on. When shoes are worn everyday, they get more sun exposure than those worn on special occasions or only a few days of the week.

    Lets face it, most people are creatures of habit, and theres one pair of shoes that always seem to find our feet.Thats natural. The problem with this is that our favorite pair of shoes are worn so often that they tear up quickly or need replacing. Theres only so much you can do by taking them to a cobbler, which is why people often wonder when is the best time for them to replace their shoes.

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    How Long Do Rothys Last

    Rothys shoes are durable and they last anywhere between 1 to 3 years depending on how frequently you wear them.

    You can expect them to last for quite a long time if you wear them less than 3 times weekly.

    Remember, The shoes are made of recycled materials, this helps them to last for many years with proper care.

    Are Rothys Waterproof

    Unfortunately, this brand does not carry any waterproof shoes. This may be alarming to some since the brand states that their shoes are machine washable.

    But Rothys provides clear washing instructions that say you can leave your shoes out to air dry and they will maintain their shape and integrity.

    Keep an eye out for a new line of waterproof Rothys in the future. Until then, your Rothys shoes are unfortunately not puddle-ready.

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    How To Wash Rothys

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    Rothys are environmentally-friendly shoes constructed from recycled water bottles. Theyre fashionable, functional, and come in dozens of patterns and colors. If you’ve been wearing your Rothys for a while and they’re starting to look a little dusty, it might be time to wash them. It might seem odd, but you really can wash these shoes in the washing machine to get them looking new again!

    Rothys Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think

    How To Wash Rothys? Washing Instrustions With Complete Care

    The brands site doesnt feature customer reviews, so this Rothys shoes review features research on what verified customers have to say about their pairs. Ads featured on social media prompted a Business Insiderreviews Rothys flats.

    Connie Chen, a reporter for Insider Picks, to feature The Flat. Even more impressive, Malarie Gokey, an Insider Picks senior editor, chose The Loafer.

    This site has also published an article that weighed the best flat shoe brands on the market, grading RothysThe Flat as The Best Sustainable Flats out of 15 tested brands. This is what this article had to say:

    On top of being versatile, lightweight, and machine-washable, the Rothys Flat is sustainably made and comes in a pointed-toe silhouette. Its the ideal shoe for the conscious consumer.

    The Toptravelfashiongirl blog raved in a Rothys review that they were perfect for travel. Cosmopolitan contributor, Alisa Wolfson also described them in her Rothys shoes review as actually THE BEST.

    Rothys shoes reviews by verified customers can also be found on the Better Business Burea site.

    One Rothys shoes review said: Love my Rothys! I own over 25 pairs and have gotten everyone in my life hooked on them Ive been wearing my chelseas non-stop these days now that the weather is cooler.

    Another customer said in their Rothys shoes review that they were the most comfortable flats and worth every penny.

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