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Where To Buy Brooks Sneakers

What Styles Do Brooks Shoes For Women Come In

HOW TO BUY *discounted* RUNNING SHOES | Nike, ASICS, Brooks, Hoka etc

Brooks women’s training shoes come in plenty of styles from cross training sneakers for women to trail running shoes for women. Some Brooks road running shoe styles include the Adrenaline GTS 21 sneakers, the Ghost 13, and the Revel 4 sneakers. Trail running styles include the Catamount sneakers, the Cascadia 15, and the Caldera 4. As for walking sneakers, there are the Addiction Walker sneakers, the Ariel ’20, and the Adrenaline GTS 20. There are even more styles to choose from, making it easy to find the shoe that is right for you and your tastes. The different shoe styles also have multiple color options to choose from, including more neutral or minimalist colors like black or white, or more fun and unique colors such as pink, green, or blue. There are also platform sneakers for women who prefer a higher sitting style.

Distance: How Far Will Your Brooks Shoes Go

Brooks running shoes are also classified according to distance. Depending on your goal, heres a quick guide on what type of shoe to wear:

5K/10K Race

– beginner: look for extra cushioning

– cushioned running shoes

– forefoot striker: look for added forefoot support

– heel striker: look for extra heel padding

– durable solid rubber outsole

– trail: look for a grippy outsole and extra foot protection

– cushioned shoes

– snug in the heel and midfoot

– roomy toe-box

See: list of Brooks daily running shoes

Types Of Arch Support In Brooks Running Shoes

In choosing the best Brooks running shoe, consider your arch type and the level of support you need. Aside from overall comfort, wearing the right shoe will also help prevent injuries. Heres the quick guide for you:

Brooks treats arch support seriously, offering a wide range of stability and motion control running shoes.

And if you never experienced issues with flat feet or overpronation, most likely you will be happy with a pair of neutral Brooks shoes.

Brooks uses GuideRails on its stability shoes . They act as supportive bumpers that prevent the foot from excessively rolling inwards without feeling intrusive.

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Other Countries Where They Make Brooks

We covered how Brooks makes its shoes in Vietnam, but what do they do in other countries? Lets have a look:

4 footwear factories, 7 apparel factories 31,339

We highlight the last one to show you the full picture of manufacturing for this brand as of 2021. Understanding where they make everything can help you figure out what type of product you would want to buy from them, if at all.

Buying Your Next Brooks Shoe

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoes Red buy and offers on Runnerinn

If youre curious to know more, feel free to look into our detailed buyers guide for Brooks running shoes.

Additionally, our detailed product pages will provide you with options on where to buy your chosen Brooks running shoe through our partner retailers and best offers.

The Brooks brand is also a popular choice in our other categories, such as sneakers, walking shoes, and track shoes.

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Are Any Brooks Shoes Made In The Usa

Very few, if any, Brooks shoes are made in the USA. While a few listings may say Made in USA or Imported, based on our research, its highly unlikely youll receive shoes that are made in the USA. One reason we believe that almost none of their shoes are made in the US comes from how since 2006, this is a subsidiary of Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway.

While Warren Buffett is known for great business sense and frugality, we wouldnt always say that that always translates to the best choices for American manufacturing its a corporation, and corporations are known for trying to maximize profits rather than create American jobs. We dont believe Berkshire Hathaway is willing to do that at the expense of profits, and we dont see Berkshire Hathaway as the breakaway company in this regard, nor does the evidence suggest it.

We also wouldnt expect to see this change in the future since the brand has expressed no interest in producing shoes in the United States. However, we did spot one area where you can buy American-made products from Brooks, and it isnt in their shoes.

Brooks partners with The Sock Factory in Hickory, North Carolina, to produce American-made socks through a third party. Even with the manufacturing in the US, we find the overall hiring of people here negligible, with only 60 American workers in 2021. Some of the American-made socks that you can buy from the brand include:

  • Brooks Run-in-Three-Pack Socks
  • Brooks Carbonite Socks

Reasons for Skepticism

Best Brooks Running Shoes 100+ Shoes Tested In 2022

With a “Run Happy” motto, Brooks believes that there is no good or bad running shoe. Each runner picks the right shoe for them based on their preferences and the running experience they want to achieve.

We have performed wear tests and lab tests on over 40 running shoes from Brooks to help you find the best one.

Our top picks come from five different categories to cover various runners needs.

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Are Brooks Running Shoes Made In China

Very few if any Brooks shoes are made in China anymore due to the threat of tariffs. In the past, one-third of all their shoes came from China, but we dont think they have a factory there any longer. We heard at one point that they wanted to keep 10 percent of their operations in China, but we think that they pulled out of China altogether. This was due to how the threat of a 45 percent tariff would drastically hurt their business. The threat of it made Vietnam a more worthwhile manufacturing partner.

How We Test Running Shoes

Brooks Glycerin 19 Review: Still one of the best cushioned running shoes?

We pick the best Brooks running shoes based on our proprietary CoreScore – a rating from 0 to 100.

This seemingly simple ranking system is backed up by hundreds of hours of testing. Here is what stays behind the curtains:

  • Our independent shoe testing lab literally cuts each shoe into pieces to measure every imaginable aspect including softness, breathability, durability, etc.
  • A team of running shoe fanatics runs 30-50 miles weekly to test every Brooks shoe in a variety of conditions.
  • Thousands of external user and expert reviews are taken into account for a more comprehensive overview.
  • We purchase all Brooks shoes with our own funds to minimize bias.

The cream of the crop makes it here.

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Learn More About Brooks Running Shoes For Women


Learn More About Brooks® Women’s Running Shoes

Brooks® women’s running shoes are specially engineered for every mile. This industry-leading brand offers shoes that blend fit, traction and support.

Brooks® women’s running shoes feature the latest in footwear technology, including environmentally friendly midsoles, adjustable saddle constructions and moisture-managing sock liners. And you can make your mark on your race with a variety of colors, styles and profiles.

Select from neutral, stability and motion-control Brooks® running shoes.

Learn more about what makes Brooks® running shoes so special. Read the incredible journey of this footwear brand from the CEO himself, Jim Weber, in his book “Running With Purpose”.

Expert Advice

Go the distance with running shoes that keep you comfortable and energized. Find the Brooks® shoe that matches your individual gait cycle:

  • Motion-Control Brooks® Running Shoes: This footwear is ideal for runners who exhibit severe overpronation. Stiffer heels and straighter lasts help prevent exaggerated rolls of the ankle.
  • Stability Brooks® Running Shoes: Great for runners with neutral to moderate overpronation. A firm shoe construction helps correct exaggerated inward rolls of the ankle.
  • Neutral Brooks® Running Shoes: This shoe matches runners with high arches or exhibit supination, or an exaggerated outward roll of the foot. Midsole cushioning helps provide extra shock absorption.

Featured Categories

How Do I Buy A Gift Card

An EGC is the perfect gift for that special runner in your life who needs some new, top of the line running shoes and/or apparel.

To purchase a Brooks EGC:

  • Go to our eGiftCard page:
  • Fill out required fields
  • Click View Bag and Checkout
  • Proceed through the Checkout as normal
  • Once the order has been placed for the EGC, the designated recipient will receive an email with a Card Number and a separate 4 digit PIN. Both numbers are required for the EGC to be redeemed on your runners next order.

    If your runner has trouble redeeming the EGC or if the email containing the EGC information was never received, please give as a call at 1-855-427-6657 and our Runner Experience Team would be happy to help you!

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    Road Or Trail Choose The Right Brooks Shoe

    As the name suggests, road and trail running shoes are made for different surfaces. But aside from the outsole design, heres what else makes these shoes more suitable for certain conditions:

    Note: The ratings are based on how these shoe categories perform in general. This does not apply to a specific model that exists.

    What Kind Of Products Does Brooks Shoes Offer


    We see Brooks Shoes offer its products in three main categories that include:

    • Beginner and professional runners

    All of their shoes must meet up to specific standards, including environmental standards for athletes of all levels.

    Here is a cool video that shows how Brooks shoes are engineered and designed.

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    Brooks Shoes: Made In Vietnam

    Over the years, production has shifted away from China even without regard to the tariffs, as Vietnam has become the emerging player in the clothing and shoe manufacturing industry. Companies can get even better deals here than they could in China. The Brooks Ghost 12s are made in Vietnam. There are 11 factories in Vietnam , which demonstrates the level of production taking place there.

    The brand partners with third-party manufacturers to produce its shoes, and they have four factories in Ho Chi Minh City in the south. Despite that, we find that most of their factories sit in the north and the northeast.

    Looking at shoe production as a whole from all companies in Vietnam, we found that much of the production comes from Ho Chi Minh City.

    With Brooks Shoes, however, you had some production in the north and northeast. Also, to paint a picture of US manufacturing versus the manufacturing in Vietnam, the factory in the United States only hires 60 employees. Contrasted with the number of employees in Vietnam, they hire 31,339 total workers. Now, keep in mind that these are all third-party factories. That means that we dont know how much they use them, but we can rest assured that much of the production happens here.

    None of this means that you cant find Brooks products made elsewhere, but we would say that the bulk of its products come from this country. Furthermore, Weber has also said that he planned to continue expanding manufacturing in this region over the long term.

    Meet Your Athletic Needs In Style

    The lineup of mens running shoes from Brooks has plenty of options to support your grind. Whether youre hitting the gym or training for your next 5K, these Brooks running shoes wont disappoint. Features like 100% DNA LOFT cushioning ensure a comfy ride. This combo of EVA foam, air, and rubber offers a plush, durable feel every time you lace up. Brooks shoes with GuideRails technology help the foot and knee work better together. This extra support reduces unwanted excess movement. It also allows you to move with more comfort and less pain.

    Womens Brooks shoes merge fashion and function in styles and sizes specially designed for womens feet. The brands road running silhouettes will have you covered for every run and workout. Brooks track shoes are made for hitting the pavement. No matter how hard or tough the surface, your feet will stay cushioned in these Brooks running shoes. Functional elements on the inside and outsole keep the spring in your step and provide a soft underfoot. Going for a jog in the great outdoors? Brooks trail running shoes are where its at. These sneakers will support you on any terrain with extra traction and stability.

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    Stay In The Race With Brooks Running Shoes

    Brooks began as a small factory in Philly, making ballet slippers and bathing shoes, then baseball cleats. Today, the Seattle-based company is best known for producing reliable, high-quality running shoes. The established brand is a favorite among athletes for its durable, comfortable shoes. Brooks is also committed to sustainable consumption, producing many of its sneakers from recyclable and renewable materials. Everyone from beginners to experienced runners can enjoy the offerings of this top athletic brand. No matter your vibe, theres a silhouette for you. Where do I find Brooks shoes near me? Were glad you asked. Look no further than Foot Lockers fresh c ollection of Brooks running shoes for top-of-the-line fits. Choose your next pickup from a range of colors an d silhouettes for men and women.

    How We Chose The Best Brooks Running Shoes

    Brooks Glycerin 19 Review: Still One Of The Best Cushioned Running Shoes?

    To pick the best Brooks running shoes, we combed through our Brooks shoe reviews, best-sellers lists and fit id data to find the shoes we think will work for most people in most situations. We also leaned on our expertise in the running industry to make recommendations.

    You can shop Brooks running shoes with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping and returns on all running shoes, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

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    Notable Brooks Running Shoe Models

    Whether youre looking for a running shoe for the road or trails, there is a Brooks model thats sure to match your preferences.

    The Brooks Glycerin is one of the brands pioneer shoe series, now close to two decades since inception. Throughout its many versions, the Glycerin successfully appeals to road runners, especially those who like longer miles.

    Another Brooks seasoned series is the Ghost, and possibly their most popular both in mens and womens versions. This versatile model makes use of the notable BioMoGo midsole tech, which offers a signature cushioning and the capacity to handle long distances and daily workouts.

    Severe overpronators need not be left out, because Brooks gives them the Adrenaline GTS collection. This motion control running shoe remains trusted for 20 years because of its consistent performance and reliable stability features.

    And if you want to traverse the outdoors, the Cascadia series is one of the best in trail running shoes because of its lightweight structure but with heavy-duty benefits.

    Take Your Run Farther In Brooks Sneakers For Women

    Brooks has been a staple in running shoes for many years, with performance-ready designs and features that take you farther every time you step into your shoes. With Brooks’ rise in the running world, the brand has grown to develop multiple shoe types and styles to meet all of your running footwear needs.

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    What Features Do Brooks Shoes For Women Have

    Brooks women’s training shoes each have their styles and thus their own features that make each of them stand out. The shoes feature various different arch support types with medium, flat, and high arches supported in different shoes for perfect support. Different shoe styles may also feature different support technology with either GuideRails or the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. GuideRails is a stability system built into Brooks sneakers that helps your feet find their natural path, and the Progressive Diagonal Bar is a tri-density midsole that gives you pronation control and creates a smooth transition when you start your run. Brooks women’s road running shoes also feature midsole, outsole, and upper technology that varies on shoe type and can create different running experiences.

    Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Brooks.

    Shoe Feel And Experience

    Buy Brooks 1127 Mens Ghost 7 Silver Running Cross Training Shoes 11 ...

    Brooks categorized their running shoes into four categories – Cushion, Energy, Connect, and Speed. These categories deliver different experiences or feel when you put them on.

    Brooks shoe collections based on the Experience type:

    “Speed”: Brooks Hyperion Elite , Brooks Hyperion Tempo , Brooks Launch , Brooks Catamount

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    Who Owns Brooks Shoes

    Berkshire Hathaway has owned Brooks shoes since 2006 when their subsidiary Fruit of the Loom bought it, which is the same company that famous investor Warren Buffett owns. They even released a limited edition Warren Buffett shoe: a graphic of Warren Buffett on the sole and the label of Berkshire Hathaway on the backcheck out the Ghost 13s Berkshire Hathaway Edition if interested.

    The regular Ghost also happens to be the best-selling model for the Brooks brand. Berkshire Hathaway paid $598.3 million for the label.

    Originally, Brooks was under the brand Russell Athletics, but Berkshire Hathaway turned Brooks into its own subsidiary in 2012. One of the great things about Berkshire is that they usually own companies for the long term, which means that you wont see the products degrade in quality. Companies that own them over a shorter time may simply want to capitalize on the popular label without regard for the quality before selling it.

    Final Thoughts

    That does it for this article, we hope we answered the question of where are Brooks running shoes made and cleared up any misconceptions. I personally love their shoes but wish more were made in the USA.

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