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Mens Sneakers That Look Like Dress Shoes

Looking For Formal Or Casual Dress Shoes

Best Men’s Dress Shoe Brands Under $300 Reviewed

Dress shoes have been around for a very long time – and for a good reason. The timeless elegance of a pair of Oxfords or the more casual look of a boot offers many exciting possibilities for creating the perfect style for you. Whether the invitation calls for formal attire or an everyday look, we got something just for you.

Our selection of dress shoes is available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. From classic black and brown to various colors, we bring you the very best mens dress shoes like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, loafers, hybrids and boots.

You can find high-quality mens dress shoes suited for all the different seasons of the year. During the colder seasons, you can still keep your preferred style going. We have warm and comfortable shoes and boots that let you maintain timeless elegance. For when the weather turns and the warmer seasons arrive, our range of mens slip-on dress shoes and loafers will provide you with light and easy-going footwear.

Become Familiar With Key Dress Shoe Styles For Men

Oxford shoes are often synonymous with formal dress shoes for men. They offer a special elegance ideal for the finest of events. The same goes for our Derby shoes, which share many similarities with a pair of Oxfords. You can typically tell the two apart by looking at the lacing. Oxford shoes are defined by their closed lacing, while Derby shoes have open lacing. The closed lacing also makes the Oxford shoes look even more slick and elegant whereas the Derby becomes an all-fitter.

You can add a bit extra texture and detail with brogue dress shoes – a great option for less formal wear. You can identify brogue shoes by the different patterns of small punch-holes which are applied along the shoe seams on various dress shoe styles such as Oxford or Derby shoes. Wingtip is a popular choice for brogue shoes.

Do you want to learn more about the different styles of mens dress shoes? Then check out our guide on different dress shoe styles for men.

Best Mens Sneaker/dress Shoe Hybrid How To Look Awesome In Dress Sneakers

Why is everyone staring at your feet? Dress sneakers with a suit are stylish now, right?

Right, but you may still have some questions.

Are these the wrong kind of sneakers?

Am I styling them wrong?

Can I really wear them with a suit?

Why didn’t I do more research?

Fear not, gentlemen. If you’re thinking of taking the dress sneaker plunge, I’ve got the info you need.

Dress sneakers are outrageously popular right now, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to mix the comfort and casual charm of sneakers with the power and distinction of dress shoes?

The trouble is, they’re a very new phenomenon, so most men don’t know the rules.

Today we’re going to talk about what makes a sneaker a dress sneaker so you won’t pick the WRONG sneaks. Then I’ll give you clear tips and specific outfit ideas so you’ll know how to pair them with a suit or smart-casual attire.

This article is brought to you by Ace Marks the cult brand behind the most funded shoe Kickstarter in history. They’re cutting out the middleman to bring you $400 luxury dress sneakers for more like $200.

Ace Marks sneakers are handcrafted in Italy by a family of 4th generation master craftsmen from the same full grain calfskin found in top quality dress shoes. and use code SNEAKERS for a special discount.

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Adidas Sambas Were Spotted In Movies

These casual sneakers first emerged in the 1950s but they saw an uptick in popularity among British and American youth when actor Ewan McGregor wore them in the 1996 film, Trainspotting, a movie about a heroin addict who is trying to get clean.

The Samba design of the sneaker is still popular today.

The 10 Best Dress Sneakers For Men In 2022

The Best Mens Dress Sneakers &  Tennis Shoes

Published: December 15, 2020Updated: May 28, 2022Next Level Gents may earn a commission on purchases made from affiliate links on this page.

Dress sneakers are shoes that dont have raised heels and are made with a rubber sole. Theyre typically made of leather or suede.

We receive a commission when you buy through affiliate links on this page.

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Generally, theyre made of leather. However, suede shoes are an option, if youre going for more of a casual look.

The purpose of these sneakers is to wear them with a more casual suit, or with smart-casual attire. They look great with chinos, casual trousers, and twill pants.

When youre picking out a pair of dress sneakers, look for one thats sleek, low-top, minimal, comfortable, and a neutral color.

Its also best to pair them with no-show socks, which provide cushioning without being bulky. They also help keep your feet dry. For the best no-show socks that dont slip off, Boardroom Socks is an excellent brand.

Regarding branding, keep it as minimal as possible. You want the shoe to work seamlessly with your outfit, instead of drawing attention directly to a logo.

One of the best parts of having a solid pair of simple sneakers is that you can wear them in any season. As long as it isnt snowing or pouring down rain, theyre an excellent choice.

The following are the 10 best dress sneakers for your wardrobe:

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Yoko Ono Was Photographed Wearing A Pair Of White Keds Sneakers

Although Keds were released in 1916, throughout the 50s and 60s the shoes had a new wave of popularity as celebrities were spotted wearing them both in movies and in real life.

In the 1952 film Clash by Night, Marilyn Monroe wore a pair of Keds. And in the 1967 film Two for the Road, Audrey Hepburn was also wearing a pair of the flat, canvas shoes. Plus, in 1969, Yoko Ono was photographed wearing white Keds at her wedding to John Lennon.

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Most Comfortable Loafers: Trotters

Comfortable pointed toe flats can be hard to find. Inevitably, the cute ones squish your toes in the front!

Once I discovered Trotters, I was hooked.

These give a really nice menswear vibe to my girlier outfits while still being polished enough to wear to work. I usually pair them with a blouse and ankle pants, and the pointy toe helps make your legs look longer.

I find these loafers super comfortable to wear, even for long periods, as theyve got some padding in the insole. They come in black, off white, pink, suede and printed versions.

I also really love these woven flats and think theyd look perfect in the summer!

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Dressy Sneakers Aka Sneakers To Go With Dress Pants

A reader recently asked me, I want sneakers that I can wear with dress pants. Okay, so it wasnt so much a question as a statement. I replied, I can totally help you. I will write a blog post dedicated to the dressy sneaker. First though, let me preface this post by saying that a dress shoe looks best with slacks and dress pants. Thats just a fact. But the dressy sneakers below are a Vanessa-approved cheat. The good news?! All these shoes also look amazeballs with chinos and jeans. Youre happy, I know.

I love the off white color of this Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker. It pairs well with light-colored jeans and tan to beige pants. It also looks great with pastels. I just dont know how many of you will wear this fabulous pastel suit.

Most Comfortable Flats For Travel: Tory Burch

10 Dress Shoes Ranked (Formal To Casual)

With over 1,000+ reviews, its safe to say its not just me that loves the Tory Burch travel flats! The leather is incredibly soft, the fit is quite comfortable, and these flats work great as a driving shoe or walking shoe.

Ive worn them as part of my casual airport outfit with stretchy jeans and a jacket as well as part of my everyday work uniform with a blouse and skirt. I order my usual size, give them about a day to break in, and over time they mold to perfectly cushion my feet.

The best part is Tory Burch makes them in a rainbow of colors and finishes. I particularly like this blush pink ballet flat with the subtle matching pink Tory logo, although there are gold and silver hardware finishes if you prefer more of a statement!

Each pair is very well made, so theyll last you a good couple years.

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C Cropped Dress Pants With Combat Boots

Slim cropped dress pants will really show off and accentuate your combat boots.

And what to wear with the combat boots and cropped pants combo? Wear all black everything, or have fun with contrast by pairing white combat boots with your cropped pants.

Monochromatic looks are always fun, so try out some dark brown combat boots with cropped beige pants, a neutral tee and blazer.

With cropped wider leg dress pant styles, the combat boots will add just the right touch of hard-hitting vibes. Layer a polished blazer over a silk tank for a smart outfit. Check out my post all about the how to wear combat boots for more styling tips.

What Defines A Men’s Dress Shoe

Mens dress shoes are typically meant for formal occasions or a smart-casual look, though many also wear them daily. You can find many variations of dress shoes at ECCO including Oxford, Derby, Loafer, Monkstrap, and Brogue. Oxford shoes are recognized by their closed lacing system, while Derbies, for example, have open lacing. Our mens dress shoes are most often made from different types of premium leather, such as full-grain leather, patent leather, nubuck leather, and suede.

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Nike Blazer Low 77 Vintage


The famous Nike Blazer sneakers may be pushing the limits of what can be considered dress sneakers, but as more workplaces adopt looser and more casual dress codes, we think these white sneakers will be work-appropriate for the vast majority of guys. We featured the high-top version of these shoes in our guide to the best white sneakers of the year, but the low top version is actually better for the office. If your Nike Killshot 2 leather sneakers need to be replaced, trade them in for these classic Blazer sneakers. Theyll pair perfectly with jeans, chinos and slacks.

How To Wear Dress Shoes

These 19 Sneakers Look Just Like Dress Shoes

Assuming youre looking for tips on how to wear dress shoes:

Dress shoes are a necessary evil for many of us. They complete a look and can help convey confidence, but they can also be incredibly uncomfortable.

The good news is that there are ways to make dress shoes more comfortable.

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose the right size. This seems obvious, but its worth repeating. Make sure your dress shoes fit well and arent too tight or too loose.
  • Go for comfort over style. When possible, prioritize comfort over style. There are plenty of stylish and comfortable dress shoes out there, so dont sacrifice your feet for the sake of fashion.
  • Break them in gradually. If you have a big event coming up and need to break in new dress shoes, do it gradually instead of all at once. Wear them around the house for short periods of time before taking them out for a spin.
  • Invest in insoles. If you find that you can never quite get comfortable in dress shoes, try investing in insoles or arch supports. These can help take some of the pressure off your feet and make wearing dress shoes more bearable.

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Allen Edmonds Strand Oxford Mens Dress Sneakers


We have Allen Edmonds on here twice, because they really get what guys need when theyre on the hunt for a mens dress shoe or mens dress sneakers. Weve previously named the suede version of these shoes one of the best sneakers for winter, but for the summer, were feeling the classic leather version of these popular shoes. Allen Edmonds based this sneaker on their dress shoe of the same name. Theyre Oxford dress shoes with the soul of sneakers.

Q: How Do You Pair A Suit With Sneakers

A: Before you pull a suit out of your wardrobe and grab your sneakers, there are a few things you should consider so that you look stylish and composed instead of looking silly and out of place.

Shoe Color – Neutral colors, black or white shoes are the way to go. Stay away from bright colors.

Shoe Shape – Stick to low silhouettes. Low tops look more like shoes, so these sneakers are easier to pair with a suit. High tops are also acceptable, but they are trickier to wear with suits.

The Suit – The combination of sneakers and a suit look better with some of the more modern, slimmer fitting suits. The pants of the suit should be tapered and slim-fitting and sit right on your ankle. This look doesn’t lend well to full-length pants so if your pants are longer, roll them up just a touch. The jacket is also important look for narrow lapels and jackets that sit on the waist.

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The 9 Best Sneakers That Look Like Dress Shoes

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

In my opinion, no one should ever have to compromise comfort in the name of fashion. Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out on the town, the best sneakers that look like dress shoes keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time. In order to find the ideal pair for you, you’ll want to marry the right look with the right features.

The best dressy sneakers will likely resemble a flat, a wedge, or a loafer, but it should still have all of the features that make a shoe especially comfortable this includes a nonslip sole, breathable, flexible materials, and a padded insole. Unlike your average sneaker, some won’t have laces , but some may replace the laces with buckles, straps, or zippers that way, the shoe still fits securely and is easy to put on and take off.

Almost everything else is up to your own personal preferences. Are you looking for a pair that’s more fashionable or professional? Do you prefer suede, canvas, or leather? What color will best match your work wardrobe? These nine sneakers span a wide range of styles, but they’ve all got one thing in common: They’re cute and comfortable.

Which Is The Best Dress Sneaker For You

GQ Recommends Must-Have Shoes (5 Styles) | GQ

Go for M. Gemis The Lucente for an optimum bang-for-buck sneaker.

The New Republic Kurts win for affordability and immediate comfort. Meanwhile, the Royale is a retro sneaker thats almost fully sustainable.

For different styles, the Low 1 comes in classy colors, while TAFTs vibrant The Jack pushes the fashion limits. I also love the KOIO Triple Whites distinct perforation.

For more style round-ups and reviews, subscribe to The Adult Man YouTube channel.

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Considerations Before Buying Mens Sneakers That Look Like Shoes: Things To Keep In Mind

What do you think is the most suitable mens sneakers that look like shoes according to your needs? You will find all the information you need here, so please take a look around. The wide range of options that are available may make it difficult for one to make the right choice due to the many options available.

I hope that this post will provide you with more information about mens sneakers that look like shoes so that you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it. We have thought about the needs and desires of each segment of our customer base in order to be able to assist you in choosing the right product based on your needs and desires. The purchase of this product is very convenient and easy to do!

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