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Cigna Medicare Supplement Silver Sneakers

Medicare Insurance Plans With Silver Sneakers

Is Plan G The Best Medicare Supplement Plan? The Pros and Cons of Plan G

Many of our clients ask about the free Silver Sneakers gym membership and how to qualify when shopping for supplemental insurance plans. It can save members a lot of money.

Some insurance companies offer this valuable benefit, but many do not. And availability will depend on where you live. We help our clients compare the Medicare insurance policies offering this perk while crunching the numbers to make sure they arent overpaying for their coverage.

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Which Medicare Advantage Plans Have Silversneakers

While some companies are more notorious for offering fitness benefits, our agents can usually find solutions to any preference.

Many Advantage plans provide gym benefits to their members, although not every plan or service area offers this benefit.

Some of the major carriers that provide SilverSneakers are:

  • Aetna

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Why Do Medicare Plans Offer A Silversneakers Benefit

Many insurance companies have started offering unique benefits and incentives to those who are working to improve their health through fitness and diet.

For example, the Attain by Aetna program is built around customizing your activity goals, such as how many steps you take or how many laps you swim. The weekly challenges are issued through the Apple Watch, and the points you earn by completing the challenges can be used to actually pay for said Apple Watch.

You also have life insurance companies like John Hancock, who have put together a âVitality Program,â which gives policyholders the chance to reduce premiums by up to 15% for living a healthy life. You can earn rewards like Amazon discounts, an Apple Watch, a Fitbit device, and even a Vitality Healthy Food benefit with up to $600 in annual savings on healthy food purchases.

Many insurance companies recognize the value of encouraging their policyholders to stay on top of their health. The SilverSneakers® program is just one more way for insurance companies to help their members stay healthy for longer.

Healthier members mean lower medical bills, which ultimately saves the insurance company money in the long run. Thatâs the idea, anyway.

Their program has also had a âsignificant impactâ on social isolation and loneliness.

Best of all, SilverSneakers® reports that group exercise class attendees have $2,144 lower average healthcare costs than matched non-enrollees after only a single year in the program .

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What Does Membership Include And Exclude

Membership offers classes designed for seniors, from chair-supported yoga to high-intensity interval workouts.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests adults get 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week, plus two days of muscle-strengthening activity.4 You can meet that with a few SilverSneakers classes.

You can work out at any SilverSneakers-affiliated facility in the U.S.

You can also access over 120 online guided workouts at These videos include:

  • Cardio.
  • Fall prevention.
  • SilverSneakers EnerChi.

You can install a mobile fitness app called SilverSneakers Go that lets you find locations, schedule activities, and track your progress. The app also offers access to a video library of guided workouts. For walking programs, you can give the app permission to track your route and save your activity to your activity log.

You get a basic membership at any participating location in the SilverSneakers network. But you are not limited to using one site. Facilities, amenities, and classes vary by location. In general, membership provides access to:

  • Fewer hospital admissions.

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Find Silver& fit Locations Near You

Medicare Supplement Plans that offer Silver sneakers in 2021

Silver& Fit has a network of more than 14,000 participating fitness centers nationwide. Classes, amenities, and fitness centers vary by location and benefit plan.

There are four main types of facilities you can choose when you select your membership:

  • Full Coed
  • Exercise Centers

These locations can include your local gyms, YMCAs, and wellness centers.

To find several locations near you, visit the Silver& Fit website, and click on the Fitness Centers tab at the top of the page. Youll be taken to a fitness center locator tool that you can use to find several participating centers.

If the fitness facility is not a part of the Silver& Fit network, members should call the

Silver& Fit toll-free Member Services hotline at 1-877-764-2746 for more options or to see if they can nominate the facility to become a Silver& Fit location.

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What If My Plan Doesnt Include Silversneakers

Its in everyones best interests for insurance plans to offer fitness benefits. According to the National Institutes of Health, exercise protects against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and can even help prevent some forms of cancer. It also improves mental health and contributes to a better quality of life. For these reasons, its not surprising that a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study showed almost one-half of all U.S. workplaces include fitness benefits in their health plans.

SilverSneakers is a subsidiary of Tivity Health, the company behind Nutrisystem, Prime Fitness, and Wisely Well brands. Although its the largest company offering Medicare fitness programs, it competes against programs such as Active & Fit Direct and Silver & Fit.

Insurers that want to offer fitness benefits choose the program that makes the most sense for their members. Some insurance companies develop their own fitness networks. For instance, UnitedHealthcare recently scaled back its participation in SilverSneakers in favor of Renew Active, a new fitness program created exclusively for UHC Medicare Advantage members.

If your Medicare plan doesnt offer SilverSneakers, it may offer one of the other fitness programs. You may even get fitness benefits with your life insurance policy: For example, John Hancocks Vitality Program rewards policyholders who participate in an active lifestyle.

Youre Our First Priorityevery Time

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. And while our site doesnt feature every company or financial product available on the market, were proud that the guidance we offer, the information we provide and the tools we create are objective, independent, straightforward and free.

So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products we review and write about , but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.Here is a list of our partners.

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Which Gyms Are Included

There are over 14,000 gyms that accept the SilverSneakers program., such as Snap Fitness, 24-hour fitness, AnytimeFitness, Planet Fitness, and the YMCA.

The official website for Silver Sneakers can help you find a gym near you. Though many gyms participate in the Silver Sneakers program, you can find some parts of the country where it is less active. Make sure to compare your options before you sign up.

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Lumico Life Insurance Company

Get Fit on the Side

Lumico has more than 50 years experience handling life insurance. But in 2018, they started a Medicare Supplement division, and we are excited about being able to offer them. Their parent company is Swiss Re, which is a global organization in the financial services realm.

What we like about Lumico:

  • They have some of the lowest rates in the country right now. If you are looking for a small, low priced company, then Lumico may be right for you.

  • Their application process is very easy. Just call us to get started .

  • They offer household discounts .

  • They are financially secure , which is good to know when dealing with a smaller company.

  • Apply Today, Pay Tomorrow.Lumico Life Insurance Company does not require up-front payment on their Medicare Supplement policies if you are applying for a future start date. For instance, if you are turning 65 in August, and applying for a Medicare Supplement in May – you will pay your first payment in August.

  • You can pick any convenient monthly payment date. While many companies give you limited options for your payment date .

  • Any negatives?

    Any time a new company comes to the Medicare Supplement market, we proceed with a little caution as we can not see a track record of rates. We believe that Lumico will be a good long-term option – and if you are interested in one of the lowest priced companies, then they may be a good fit for you.

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    Thrivent Financial For Lutherans

    Thrivent’s motto is to “Be Wise with Money.” Thrivent is a not-for-profit financial services company, and they have a lot of different products which they offer . While they are one of our smaller companies, they are the highest rated small company that we offer.

    What we like about Thrivent Financial for Lutherans:

  • They have an A++ rating with AM Best. This rating is the highest out of all of the medicare supplement companies that we offer.

  • They have an easy application process.

  • They have a “general administrative rule” that they will not increase rates within your first 12 months with them.

  • They offer a household discount .

  • They are a good company – keeping their members first.

  • They do not charge a policy fee – so you are not charged anything extra for your initial premium.

  • Any negatives?

    • They are not one of the “big four” companies.

    • They do not offer the SilverSneakers benefit.

    • Their rates tend to be a bit higher in some states, and really low in others. Connect with us and we’ll let you know if they have good pricing in your area or not.

    Based on their A++ rating, we think that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans should be one of the options you seriously consider when you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement plan. Call us any time to talk about Thrivent or any of our other carriers – 1-855-887-5050.

    Union Security Insurance Company

    Union Security Insurance Company is now offering Medicare Supplement plans in several states. They are part of a larger insurance family . One of their mottos is small business feel with big company support.

    Their enrollment platform is one of the best in the industry, allowing us to help you complete an application in minutes. When you decide to enroll into a Union Security Medicare Supplement plan, the process will be hassle-free.

    What we like about Union Security Insurance Company:

  • They offer a generous household discount .

  • The Union Security Medicare Supplement application is very easy to use, allowing for a quick and easy enrollment – it can be done 100% over the phone.

  • Their rates are very competitive in select states. Call us for a Union Security Medicare Supplement quote.

  • They are part of Assurant .

  • Apply Today, Pay Tomorrow.Union Security Medicare Supplement applications do not require up-front payment on their Medicare Supplement policies if you are applying for a future start date. For instance, if you are turning 65 in August, and applying for a Medicare Supplement in May – you will pay your first payment in August.

  • Any Negatives?

    • Because they are new to the Medicare Supplement market having started in 2019, we do not yet have any experience with them to share, other than that so far, we like working with them. But this in and of itself can be considered a negative – that we don’t yet have a track record to look at.

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    Which Insurance Plans Include Silver Sneakers

    If you are looking forward to starting a steady, exciting, and rewarding exercise program, Silver Sneakers may be a suitable option for you. Getting active and setting up an exercise regime is important to keeping good health and leading a well-balanced lifestyle. Some insurance plans even offer coverage for the Silver Sneakers program. If youre wondering how to enjoy the benefits of the extensive program and what your insurance offers, keep reading.

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    Silversneakers Vs Other Fitness Programs

    Does Cigna Insurance Have Silver Sneakers

    While there are a few other fitness programs out there through different carriers, SilverSneakers has and continues to be the most popular. Most of the other programs do require you to pay additional fees. If you have access to a fitness program, you should take full advantage of it. This will assist in your living a longer and more full life.

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    Does Aetna Supplemental Insurance Cover Silver Sneakers

    Looking for does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers? Get direct access to does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers through official links provided below.

    Follow these easy steps:

    • Step 1. Go to does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers page via official link below.
    • Step 2. Find the official insurance at the bottom of the website.
    • Step 3. If you still cant access does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers please leave a message below .

    To learn more about Aetna Medicare Advantage plans in your area that offer SilverSneakers membership, or to enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, speak with a licensed insurance agent. You can reach one by calling 1-877-890-1409 1-877-890-1409 TTY Users: 711 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Not every Medicare Advantage plan whether through Aetna, or a different private Medicare-approved insurance company offers SilverSneakers. An Aetna Medicare Advantage plans SilverSneakers membership may also include the FLEX program, which is a network of senior fitness classes such as line dance, Latin-style dance, walking groups, and more.

    Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cover Gym Memberships

    Staying in shape is important at any age, but its especially important when you start to age. One easy way to accomplish this is to go to the gym. But this can get expensive, especially if you dont use it a lot. Does Original Medicare or Medigap coverage include gym memberships? Well reveal the answer below.

    Does Original Medicare Cover Gym Memberships?

    Unfortunately, gym memberships are not on the list of covered expenses under Original Medicare. It wont cover fitness program fees or gym memberships. This means you pay 100% of the costs associated with it if you plan to get a gym or fitness program membership. However, you may be able to get help with some of the costs if you have a specific Medicare Supplement policy.

    How Medicare May Cover Gym Memberships

    Plan G may cover certain gym memberships, but Plan G plans have been scaling back on covering gym memberships due to lack of use.

    However, people who have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans can have access to gym membership coverage under a specific program. To date, United Healthcare, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, Gateway, Coventry, and WellCare all participate in a senior-specific gym membership program called Silver Sneakers in most states. United Healthcare is scaling back their coverage in certain states due to non-use, but its still available in some places.

    The SilverSneakers Program

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    Which Medicare Plans Include Silversneakers

    Fitness is an essential part of staying healthy. Staying fit as you age will help ensure you are healthier longer and live a vibrant life.

    When retiring, we transition to a paycheck to live off social security. Cutting costs become necessary, and gym memberships are one of the first things to go.

    Thankfully some options are low or no cost, which allows you to maintain your physical health. Medicare beneficiaries may have access to fitness benefits through their Medicare plan.

    What Does It Include

    SilverSneakers: Strength & Balance ðªï¸?

    You get access to over 15,000 gyms across the nation. Not only can you get into the gym, you are able to take classes that promote a healthy lifestyle. Also, many gyms offer programs and social opportunities for their members. As a note that you dont have to got a gym to take the classes. Many community centers and other places are available to you. And there are additional programs that allow you to save toward a family members college scholarship!

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    Question #: I Lost My Silversneakers Card How Do I Get A New One

    If youre already a SilverSneakers member, you can get your digital membership card instantly here.

    To make things even easier, download the SilverSneakers GO app . Youll be able to:

    • Access your digital membership card anytime.
    • Find SilverSneakers locations and classes near you.
    • Discover, schedule, and track your workouts.

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    What Does Silversneakers Membership Include

    The available amenities and fitness activities can vary by location. But some of the options that may be accessible to SilverSneakers members include:

    • Group exercises
    • Organized classes such as yoga, tai chi and many more
    • Equipment for cardiovascular and strength training
    • Education about health and nutrition
    • Social activities and events
    • Sports teams and leagues exclusively for seniors

    Plus, youll have access to facility amenities such as saunas, hot tubs, pools, basketball courts and more.

    If theres no SilverSneakers location near you, you may be eligible for a home exercise kit. The kit includes a workout DVD and any associated equipment you might need.

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    Find Silver Sneakers Gym Locations Near Me

    Posted: Jul 22, 2021 · Silver Sneakers AARP Plans Silver Sneakers Humana United Healthcare Silver Sneakers Wellcare And many more. Contact your Medicare Advantage Plan provider to see if you meet Silver Sneakers Eligibility requirements. Stay Fit with gyms that accept Silver Sneakers. Remaining active is one of the best things Seniors can do to stay healthy. It â¦

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    Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits Focus On Your Well

    Does Cigna Insurance Have Silver Sneakers

    Most Medicare Advantage plans from Aetna offer a wide range of benefits in addition to SilverSneakers membership. These benefits are designed to help take care of your total health.

    Many Aetna Medicare Advantage plans also include:

    • Prescription drug coverage
    • Dental, vision and hearing benefits
    • Non-emergency transportation coverage for things like doctors office visits or trips to the pharmacy
    • Home meal delivery services after a hospital stay
    • Over-the-counter benefit that allows you to get certain items like vitamins and cold medicine at no additional cost
    • Prescription home delivery for plans that include prescription drug coverage
    • 24/7 nurse hotline
    • No-added-cost annual flu shots

    Plan availability and features can vary by service area. Be sure to ask a licensed insurance agent or check your plans Evidence of Coverage to see what benefits are offered with your plan.

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