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Sell Sneakers For Cash Nyc

Buying Every Sneaker At DESIGNER Sneaker Stores…
Selling Sneakers for Cash in New York City has never been easier!
Ask our many thousands of clients and they’ll tell you what’s up.

We’ve bought it all, from the highest end designer sneakers to the flyest sneakers on the court. Yeezys, Jordans, Off-White, Nike VaporMax, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Ysl, Chanel, Gucci, Louboutin, Louis Vuitton are all welcome here. Whether you’ve got a pair or a collection don’t hesitate to check us out by following the simple process below:

Give us a Call

Let us know what you are looking to sell and what quantity, we will provide you with an appointment to come in.

Visit and Authenticate

We only buy products that are authentic, our staff will authenticate your products in a few mins and provide you with a quote.

Get Paid in Cash or Check!

We will then pay you in cash or check, it really is that simple, 1,2,3!

How To Sell Used Shoes Online By Launch Your Own Blog

It is always better to launch your own sales and marketing channel to sell your old shoes. And nothing can be more rewarding than taking everything into your own hand, from creating sales to shipping.

So, if you want absolute monetary success, you must launch your own blog.

I was also confused seven years back when I had just $100 in my pocket but had the dream to create something on my own. So, I invested that little amount in launching this blog.

And now, Im steadily making more than $7k/month on average just from this blog alone. If you are looking for detailed insight into my recent earnings, Ive shared all those details in my latest monthly income report.

You just need three things to kickstart your journey as a blogger. First, you need a domain name and a server to host it. And then, you need a WordPress theme to make your blog go live.

While the most dedicated server will cost you at least $10/month or more, you can now get a dedicated package for just $2.95/month from Bluehost, that too, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

If you get this affordable hosting package from Bluehost, you dont even need to worry about the domain name, as this package comes with a free domain name.

And once you are done with these two, you can simply install a relevant WordPress theme for free. But, if you face any issues while setting it up, you can follow our complete guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes.

Looking For More Side Hustle Help

The award-winning Side Hustle Show is aTop 10 Entrepreneurship podcast

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Best Places To Sell Shoes For Cash

by Lauren Bennett Last Updated October 29, 2020

Where can I sell my shoes for cash near me?

How many unworn/unused shoes do you have in your closet gathering dust?

Wanna turn them into cash?

Selling your stuff, including shoes, both online, and locally in a store near you, is actually not that difficult.

Its super easy to do, and it can be quite profitable.

But where can I sell my shoes for cash you ask?

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Well, weve saved you the time and effort of scouring the internet and hunting for places offline to sell your shoes.

Below we offer a mix of online places and offline places where you can get money for your unwanted footwear.

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What To Look For When Buying Used Sneakers

Philadelphia Shoe Outlet

There are several key indicators that a used pair of sneakers still has enough life to be resold. Before you can start reselling sneakers for high amounts, the actual condition of the shoes matter. Dont be the scummy reseller who sells shoes that talk because the soles are falling off.

When buying used sneakers, the first thing to check is the sole of the shoes. Make sure they are firmly attached to the basis of the shoe. If you see any cracks or tears in the rubber or see that the sole is falling off, leave the shoes on the shelf.

Next, make sure to check the condition of the upper materials. Stains and dirt marks can be removed if there are only a few of them, but holes in the mesh or lining cant be fixed. If a used sneaker has any kind of holes or tears on the upper mesh then its best to avoid it.

Lastly, check the insoles. Make sure the insoles of the sneaker arent brown or too dirty. They will likely have some kind of sweat stain and thats alright, but make sure its not too bad. If youre brave you can also do a smell test to see if it smells like cigarettes but thats not necessary if you have shoe refresher spray at home.

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Is Everything On Stockx Real

Fakes on StockX are a real problem. Although officials claim that they have an accuracy of 99% in detecting fakes or faulty goods, it is no secret that buyers have been unpleasantly surprised on a number of occasions.

In fact, Nike has recently sued the reselling platform for minting NFTs and misusing its trademark. A few days ago, the Swoosh upped the ante and also claimed that they ordered and received 4 counterfeit Nike sneakers from StockX.

Buyers have also received fakes on a number of occasions which has steadily impacted the trust users have in the platform. YouTube and Reddit pages are filled with horror stories of receiving fake sneakers from StockX when theyve had to pay sky-high resale prices for their desired shoes.

Thankfully, in the vast majority of cases, the sneakers are authentic but we can show you how to spot fake sneakers in case youre one of the unlucky few.

Will I Receive A 1099

A seller may receive a 1099-K when certain sales and transaction thresholds through third-party settlement organizations are met. If you are not based in the United States, do not cash out in USD, or do not meet the threshold requirements set forth below, you may not receive a 1099-K.

Our third-party settlement organizations will mail out a 1099-K to you if your gross total reportable transactions exceed $600 USD for the calendar year. Please note this threshold is a change from prior years.

Effective January 1, 2022, new IRS regulations have significantly changed the reporting thresholds for third-party settlement organizations associated with Form 1099-K from $20,000 USD gross payments and 200 transactions in a calendar year to a threshold of $600 USD in aggregate payments with no minimum transaction requirement.

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Where To Find Used Shoes

First, look in your own home! The average person has 12 pairs of shoes in their closet, most people have more. Once you find out how much your gently used shoes sell for on eBay, you will be motivated to list them! Next check thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, consignment stores, and church rummage sales. Make sure to check the soles for excessive wear or holes.

Check the collar of the shoe, the part that goes around the ankle, for holes and wear. If selling shoes that a senior citizen would wear, make sure the sole is not worn down or slippery. You wouldnt want your buyer to slip and fall and get hurt. To see the eBay market value of anything, follow these steps:

  • Search for the item you want to find a price for
  • When the results are returned, look on the left margin for the filters
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose sold listings
  • Next, choose preowned for the condition
  • Use other filters including color, size, and brand to find comps that closely resemble the shoe you have
  • Use the sort button on the top right to sort in highest to lowest to see the best case scenario to the worst
  • Remember to always check completed listings when doing price research on eBay. An active listing is not a good comp because anyone can ask whatever they want for an item, but that does not mean they will get the selling price. Sold listings show the history of sales, what actually buyers really paid.

    Sell Your Shoes Online The Smart Way

    Guess Cheap VS Expensive Shoes, I’ll Buy Challenge

    There are so many great ways to sell shoes online that its hard to choose one, right?

    You can always try one or two at a time and see which one works best for you.

    In my opinion, consignment shops are the best. They are stores that sell secondhand items on behalf of the original owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price. Consignment stores give you a great opportunity to sell your used shoes and make money.

    Thats right!

    You wont make a ton of money, but its pretty good for shoes you probably would have donated anyway.

    If you dont live in a big city and there is no consignment shop around, there is nothing to be worried about. You can still sell your stack of old shoes and other used items for top dollar online.

    All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone.

    Good luck with selling shoes online and making some extra cash.

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    Trends & Limited Edition

    Some shoes are in high demand depending on the season or the collection theyre a part of. This is why a lot of people make money flipping brands like Supreme or more exclusive brands.

    Buying to resell is usually the most lucrative when you focus your energy on the stuff thats trendy and will move quickly.

    Used Trainers / Sneakers For Sale On Atw

    All Things Worn is the #1 marketplace & community for Buying Used Trainers / Sneakers securely and anonymously. We have 1000s of Sellers from all over the world, listing items on a daily basis, ready to be dispatched to you, today.

    Whats more, All Things Worn makes the process of buying and selling Used Trainers / Sneakers seamless, easy, secure, and anonymous thereby providing you with peace of mind, and great value for money. We guarantee youll be back to visit us, over and over again.

    Sign Up Now, and become part of our growing community of Buyers and Sellers!

    These have gone through hell this week 6 hours of excesize a day !!!they have aVERY VERY

    25.00 GBP 341

    Well worn all year of 2020 & some of 2019

    50.00 USD 500

    Small sized very worn shoes. Worn for very hot hikes and walks. Worn during hot sweaty shifts in

    50.00 GBP 681

    Well loved slip on sneakers worn on & off all summer without socks Worn out

    30.00 USD 300

    These shoes although still in good shape have been around the block so to say. I have worn

    50.00 USD 500

    These are my most loved and worn shoes for every day They used to be white but

    40.00 GBP 545

    These shoes have been my work shoes for the last year of standing on my feet for 8-10

    40.00 USD 400

    well worn new balance running shoes well loved and kinda stinkyig _.Xvirgo._

    50.00 USD 500

    Work shoes, worn for 13 hours a day job requires me on my feet option to

    40.00 GBP 545

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    Sneaker Reselling Tips From The Pros

    Now that Google has made every thrift shop attendant into a sneaker aficionado, youre highly unlikely to find a pair of vintage Air Jordans in your local charity shop bargain bin. That means, for the novice reseller, new releases are your best bet.

    Every other week theres a pair of shoes coming out which you can make £30-£50 on, Morrison says. Or you can buy several pairs, sit on them for a few months, and theyll probably be worth even more. If you want to make real money, though, youll have to put the effort in.

    There are at least a handful of shoes throughout the year which will immediately go for 5-10 times the retail value of the shoe, and quite a lot more which will go for a 3-5 times markup. Those are usually the ones where you have to enter raffles, or camp out for the weekend. If you get your hands on them, though, its like winning a lottery ticket.


    Sam Kersh, aka @sneakersocialite, is one of Instagrams OG sneaker resellers, with over 150,000 followers so his advice is worth listening to. You can find rare sneakers in all sorts of ways: general releases, resellers, suppliers in the industry and friends events, he says. As for how he makes his living, its all about using the tools already at your disposal: I mostly use Instagram, eBay, and Facebook groups to sell stock, he says.


    Where To Avoid Buying Cheap Shoes From

    Proper fit for shoes

    Avoid buying cheap shoes from Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp and Craigslist. Any of these kinds of meetup or local deal sites should be avoided when sourcing cheap or cheap shoes.

    There are two reasons for avoiding these types of platforms.

    • You dont want to meetup with sellers in-person.
    • You dont know if higher-end shoes are authentic.

    You could be walking into a planned robbery or buying a fake pair of shoes.

    If you do decide to do a local deal, meet somewhere safe like a police station or at a local coffee shop.

    While you could be buying inauthentic shoes from Goodwill, at least youre only paying $6 for them. If the buyer finds they are fake then you can just send them their refund and youll only lose $6. However, local deals will likely cost you more than just $6 and its not worth the gamble on a pair of shoes that could be fake.

    In general, I advise new sneaker resellers to avoid local deals.

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    Whats The Best Way To Resell Your Sneakers A Definitive Guide

    Big money can be made if you land the right sneaker or sell a ton of pairs. But whats the best way to flip your inventory?

    There are many ways to resell your shoes. You can flip them hand-to-hand to people you know, drop them off at big consignment retailers such as Flight Club or Stadium Goods, list them on eBay, or sell them through websites such as StockX and apps like GOAT.

    But you need to be mindful of a lot when youre reselling your shoes. What are the fees? How long will it take to sell the sneakers or get paid? How will you get paid? How much effort do you need to put in on your end? Will anyone save you if you get scammed?

    To break it down, here is a roundup of the most popular sites, stores, and ways to resell your shoes. We want you to be informed, so weve taken the who, what, where, when, and whys into consideration and presented it here so you can make up your own mind. Here are the pros and cons:

    Bad App To Use As A Buyer

    It is extremely annoying that customer service takes so long to get back to you on an active order, especially when Im spending $2500. I received an email saying what I bought were replicas, I had every intention of buying what I knew were in the pictures, asked customer service if the seller sent the sneakers in the pictures, with no reply for 48 hours and they automatically cancel my order and refund me my payment without me being able to have knowledge on whats going on or my own input because I knew what I was buying. The variation of the sneakers I wanted arnt even listed on this app and theyre being deemed as replicas most likely. As a buyer I am highly upset on how this transpired and I would not recommend doing business with this app. I will post updates if this is resolved. Now I have to wait 5 days for a refund when I was waiting for a response for customer service to proceed with the orderI finally get a reply 3 days later, and customer service is saying they do not provide details that outline why the sneakers are relicas. I ordered Zen yeezy promo samples, which arnt even listed on the stupid app. These promo samples are being deemed fake most likely because this company does not have the knowledge of the sneaker or the seller didnt ship the pair in the pictures. I find something VERY suspicious going on here when Im trying to order a rare unknown sneaker. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM AS A BUYER OR A SELLER!!

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    Why You Should Buy Used Sneakers

    As long as Hype Stew has been in business, there is one piece of advice given to anyone looking to buy high end sneakers, buy used. The amount of money you save is incredible and if you follow these steps you’ll grab a pair so clean that nobody will ever know the difference. With these tips you’ll be able to build a collection full of heat for pennies on the dollar.Below we go through some tips to make sure you get the shoe you want without breaking the bank!

    Make Sure Your Shoes Are Authentic

    Authenticating your shoes is a subject we’ve tackled before. Click the picture above for our 9 tips to legit check your sneakers. This offers insight into how professionals perform authenticity checks on high end shoes. These are the same methods that all your favorite companies use to authenticate their shoes. Buying used can be risky if you don’t know how to authenticate, you don’t want to shell out money for a knock off.

    Authentic Jordan 4 Sneakers with Cracked Midsole Paint

    Check for Critical Defects with the Sneakers

    Learn to Clean Shoes Like A Professional

    Disinfect Sneakers Before Wearing

    Buy From Trusted Sites

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